Custom Hock Stand Shows Off Vintage Jason

When Director Ron McLellen is taking a break from working on this fan film, “The Man In The Lake”, he likes to create custom Hockey masks stands to display his collection. Well, recently he created a stunning display stand for his hockey mask representing “The Final Chapter”. Check out the weapons that are attached to the wood stand and the custom Friday the 13th title displayed on the front. It’s a beautiful display and is perfect for anyone who wants to display there hockey masks.

Perhaps Ron would be willing to take commissions for creating these for fans who own hockey masks? In the mean time, check out Ron’s website, for all things horror.

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10 Responses to “ Custom Hock Stand Shows Off Vintage Jason ”

  1. That is awesome!

  2. Very good!! Love one off those myself!
    Lovely job!

  3. Thats kickass!!! I love it.

  4. Very cool Stuff

  5. Cool!! I would love to get another mask along with a fake weapon for a prop & a stand to put it on like that pic. :)

  6. That is very kewl, may have to get one of those at some point.

  7. That is cool…What is that on the right…a pine cone?

  8. Looks like it would be rather simple to make honestly.

  9. Fantastic!!, really cool!, I love that “wooden feel”… great!

  10. Ooooo…I so want it!!!!!

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