Actor Spotlight: Martin Cummins (“Wayne”, Jason Takes Manhattan)

cumminsMartin is most known by horror genre fans as Wayne in Jason Takes Manhattan. Most fans don’t know that he is a very accomplished actor that has starred in numerous other movies and television shows. One of his most notable roles was Nick Boyle in the MGM series Poltergeist: The Legacy. Most of Martin’s roles originate in Canada as that is where he lives today.

Martin was born in British Columbia, Canada. He attended the Vancouver Actors Studio where he trained under Mel Tuck, a highly respected pioneer of Canadian theater. He is greatly involved in the local actors organizations.

Martin also wrote his semi-autobiographical film, We All Fall Down. He also produced and directed the independent film, and it was nominated for 3 Leo Awards. Most recently he appeared in one episode of the 2009 ABC series “Defying Gravity” as Dr Eric Sanderson. Martin continues to act in Canada. If you want to find out more about his acting roles, visit this fan made website that has a lot of great information on his career and life.

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8 Responses to “ Actor Spotlight: Martin Cummins (“Wayne”, Jason Takes Manhattan) ”

  1. I’ve always liked his character in the movie, for some reason I identify with him

  2. Wayne’s awesome, he’s my fav character from JTM.

  3. He was in Omen IV too. I’ve seen him in tonnes of stuff but then again, I’m Canadian.

  4. I liked him in the show Dark Angel with Jessica Alba

  5. I remember him in that too Christian. That was an awesome show and got cut short way too ealry.

  6. Yeah it was pretty cool, she looked way hotter with dark hair! Want to watch that show now

  7. Next to Julius, he was my favorite character from JTM.

  8. Who would have guessed the incredibly gorgeous hunk that was hiding beneath that huge hair and those awful clothes?

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