Create A Promo Video For Friday The 13th: The Website!

We received a lot of inquiries about a contest that would allow visitors a chance to create the ultimate promo video for Last week, Axeman82, submitted his fan made promo video for our website and he did a spectacular job. Well, now is your chance to use your video editing skills to create the definitive promotional video for this website. Much like our poster contest earlier in the year, the winner will have their video displayed on this website for promotional purposes as well as any other uses outside of this domain.

So, what you will need to do is follow the simple guidelines as listed below:
1. The video must be 5 minutes or less
2. Must include our logo in some shape or form.
3. Email the link of the video to with “Promo Video Contest” in the subject line.

Entries are due by Sunday August 1st. The following week the video will be voted on by our visitors and the winning video will debut on Monday August 9th. Your video will help promote our website during quite possibly the busiest week of the year for this website as Friday the 13th approaches along with the 30th Anniversary Reunion! Good luck to everyone and have fun. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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20 Responses to “ Create A Promo Video For Friday The 13th: The Website! ”

  1. The possibilities are endless here. Man, I will have to look into creating a badass video!

  2. Endless for sure. I need to sit down and focus.

  3. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Paul Holcroft. Paul Holcroft said: Create A Promo Video For Friday The 13th: The Website! [...]

  4. Man, I’m gonna do it!

  5. Lets see what you guys can do!

  6. Working on mine now

  7. [...] This is the video I’m entering into the Video Promo Contest. [...]

  8. Just in case my email doesn’t make it or goes to the SPAM folder, here’s my entry:


  9. I got your email. Great job on the video!

  10. Thanks. And even if I don’t win the contest you’re more than welcome to use it, better than it just going to waste.


    Here’s mine to in case it doesn’t make it through, i took a different direction with mine

  12. Brendan,
    That is an awesome video. Well done. :)

  13. Made it junior year for a video project :)

  14. oh and btw while I have your attention I’ve been trying to push my new Friday the 13th fan film onto this site, mind checking out the page!/pages/Friday-the-13th-Retribution/109347569115221?ref=ts

  15. I’ll try but ehh… I’m not good at editing I’ll try though
    just got to get all of the materials

  16. Here’s mine in case my email because devoured by spam.

  17. Great, Lester! We received your email as well.

  18. Here is my entry. Sent in email earlier tonight, sending this as backup since it’s last minute.


  19. I just found out about the contest about three hours ago. My emails kept failing for some reason, but I hope you’ll still accept this link.

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