Region 2 DVD Release Promotion Poster

This is a pretty cool poster in that it shows all of the DVD covers together. However, I really am liking the hockey mask laying in the blood in the center of the poster. I hope more of the DVD covers that are released in the series follow this design at some point.


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8 Responses to “ Region 2 DVD Release Promotion Poster ”

  1. I like this poster!!!!!!!

  2. Very good!! does exacly what it says on the dvds

  3. I love the simple yet badass design. I needs me 1 a dem posters fur reelz.

  4. I like this poster. The mask looks a little bit like his mask from part 3.

  5. They should’ve used that for the cover of Part 3, but with a black background.

  6. On a related note, when the hell is Paramount going to get off their @$$es and release 4-6 on Blu-Ray? They still haven’t announced these!

  7. They’ll probably release them shortly after the deluxe edition dvds of 7 and 8.

  8. i hope so man…i’m just itching to see the rest of the series in hi-def.

    that poster is so awesome. i really wish they had used it for one of the dvds. i bought the import blu-rays for 2 & 3 because i couldn’t wait the extra couple months for the US releases…now the US ones are out and it’s a little disappointing to have these bland covers. i liked them at first, but i’d rather have something reminiscent of the original poster art. …actually i’d rather just have the original poster art, but it’s clear paramount doesn’t get it & never will.

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