Horrorhound Mag Features Friday the 13th Retrospective

We have been hearing rumblings about Horrorhound Magazine creating a retrospective look into the Friday the 13th franchise. Since Horrorhound is known to create some truly excellent articles, we have been very excited to see what they had in store for the fans. Well, now Horrorbid.com has received a first look at the cover art for the July/August 2024 Horrorhound edition. The cover is awesome as it features an artist rendition of Jason from The Final Chapter and sports the title, “Friday the 13th: 30 Years Later – The Rise and Fall of Voorhees”.

Check out the cover below and for ordering information, visit the Horrorhound’s website. The new issue is not available for sale yet, but check their website and stores soon and don’t forget to pick up this very special issue!

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11 Responses to “ Horrorhound Mag Features Friday the 13th Retrospective ”

  1. HELLYEAH!!!…that looks bad ass right there, kudos to you HH mag.

  2. Much respect to that mag, as I’ve heard the good ole rural east Kentucky boys of deadpit.com praise they’re mag. In all honesty though, I haven’t bought a general retro horror mag or genre print publication (either my trusty old Fangoria issues or a Rue Morgue or short-lived Wicked sometimes) in YEARS (since honestly around ‘03) once I started spending at least three-plus days online out of the seven in a full week. However, I must admit that retro cover with that unmistakeable Ted White-esque old school Jason is ultra cool. Beyond sweetness there, baby. ;) It’s just that I prefer to get my genre news cheaply and online (read: okay, for on the cheap so sue me *lmao*), but even still I hope someone can scan those few pages and have it double click readable. Looks very tempting to buy, but as of late I’m admitedly VERY causcious of what all I spend my cash on, and I prefer mostly to save up and to now only buy the Blu-Rays remastered in high-definition themselves. Retro looks back and modern day set visits, told through a general genre film journalist eyes & words and the like aren’t as good as simply owning the films themselves and making my own opinion.

    Alas to each they’re own. And I have heard the mag rocks. Big thanks for that cover and featuring it! And at least that price tag in it’s top right hand cover is respectable, and beats the a little over $11 plus tax that modern day Fangoria charges last time I picked up a copy at a Walden’s Books at a near by shopping center (to just read through a copy for the hell of it(. So pathetic how that mag slowly went down the drain once the much more modern Tony Timpone years went on. Ah well.

  3. I have all Horror Hound mags in my collection and i have to say that Horror Hound is by far THE best horrormagazine on the market, can`t wait to hold the lastest issue in hands

  4. Thats cool artwork, wtg Horror Hound

  5. Unfortunately the stores in my area don’t carry Fangoria or the other horror magazines. It’s rare that even places like Border’s and Best Buy around here carry them. I remember back in the 80’s when I could find the latest issue of Fangoria at almost any store, even the mom n pop ones. I’ve never been one to order subscriptions, especially when I wasn’t old enough to have a credit card or have a job to send in a money order for one, but unfortunately the horror genre these days doesn’t get me excited enough to pay for one.

  6. Can’t wait to buy it. Looks like a great issue.

  7. I’ll just turn that into my new WP.

  8. That lookd realy cool, wish it would be sold over here in the UK!!!

  9. @SkaryMoviez,

    Indeed my friend: I’m actually (self-depricingly) also old enough (albiet just barely; I’m a much older member of Generation-Y) to remember when back issues of Fangoria and it’s short-lived sister mag GoreZone were much, much easier to find in general book stores’ magazine racks and also at least some super markets in larger towns and cities we moved to. And like you it wasn’t until recently that I got a debt card but as I’ve said, I’d rather just keep my back issues of Fango to sell off one day for something that I really, really want instead of buying more. I hate to say it but we all know deep-down inside that the web in many respects killed off large parts of the print world.

    I’m like the good ole’ boys from Deadpit.com when (on they’re YouTube page) they made the anti-Fangoria video about Timpone not being in they’re long-time-coming ‘Into the Pit’ documentary I gotta admit that the current steep price of Fangoria as well is simply way too much for me to ever care or wanna warrent picking up an issue ever again. I would also go as far as to say I think they might wanna think about lowering it if they wanna sell more copies in the future as over $11 (after taxes) is WAY too damn much to pay for any magazine, let alone a now barely even mediocre one (if even at that). Hope this doesn’t offend any current readers they have left; just my two cents from looking at some more current/modern issues last year at a Walden’s Books as I mentioned.

  10. Cat and SkaryMoviez,
    You two should just order it from their online store with the link I posted in the story above. The mag isn’t available yet, but when it is, just order it and have it shipped right to you. It should be a great read and you’ll have a nice little collector’s item there. ;)

  11. That just may be my 7th Jason tat!!!!

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