New Blood Jason Goes Bump In The Night

We have seen a lot of fan and professional interpretations of Jason in bust form from Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. There is, however, one full size, larger than life bust that is just completely awesome! The bust that we speak of was created by Bump In The Night Studios and has been out of production for some time. That being said, a member of the Nightowl forums is selling his piece and reminded us at the website that there may be a certain number of fans that have never seen this mock-up of Jason before.

Take a look at the photos below and see the very fine detail put into Jason’s torso, chest and head areas. The hockey mask, by today’s standards, may not be the most accurate, but still looks good on the bust. If you really wanted to, you could just purchase a more accurate hock. If you’re looking to buy this, have $1,600 ready to transfer over to the owner!

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5 Responses to “ New Blood Jason Goes Bump In The Night ”

  1. Wow, that is completely awesome! That looks just like Jason in the movie. The price is way too much for me to swallow, though!

  2. Very kickass!!!!

  3. had one its crap
    the hock is recasted off of another well known mask maker
    the straps(do I even need to point out the HUGE straps)
    the paintjob BINT does is rushed the chest and spine is wrong the shirt is wrong there is no way its worth that price
    maybe $200 if the seller is lucky
    just a heads up
    dont want to see anyone pay that much for THAT

  4. I don’t think that this is going to sell as low as $200, but $1600 is a lot. Yea, the hock is not great, but the paint job is not the worst thing out there.

  5. Wow, $1600?? That is the price I would sell a complete life-sized wearable costume at, plus the mannequin, and it is accurate as possible. Ths is anything but accurate. The shirt weathering is crap, looks like someone just ran a knife straight down a few times. The chain links are too small and too long of a chain, hock is way off and the straps are too thick. The eye also looks nothing like part 7. However the mask and paint up looks cool as well as the ribs. The shirt also has no weathering to speak of as far as paints or colors of mud, dirt, grime etc. I would not pay more than $200 tops for this.

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