Mezco’s Cinema of Fear series 4 Jason review (VIDEO REVIEW ADDED)


 UPDATE: I know some readers prefer video reviews. So here it is in video form as well! Enjoy 

It’s been a while since Cinema of Fear series 3 hit the market and brought Jason fans a great figure sized version of Jason from Jason Goes to Hell. It was shortly after that release, we were given early pics of series 4 Jason that left collectors drooling at the thought of owning Jason in his Friday the 13th 3D guise. To tide us over, we were presented with a Cinema of Fear figure in February that wasn’t part of a larger series. This was to coincide with the release of the Friday the 13th relaunch film.  As great as it was, fans were still eager to get their hands on Jason 3.

The wait ends this month as Cinema of Fear series 4 has hit store shelves and online dealers nationwide (Surprisingly this time at Toys R us!)

Mezco has done another amazing  job with Jason Voorhees.  The packaging this time around is a noticeably different.  It’s smaller and not as well protected as previous series (which came completely covered in plastic). Though the figure looks great MOC, it’s how it looks out of the package that really makes this entry into the Cinema of Fear a must have!

The details on the 7 inch figure are just amazing. The paint application is spot on. Jason stands with his back arched just like in the film. He comes packaged with his trademark machete, an axe, the severed arm of biker gang leader Ali, as well as an alternate head with the axe chop from the finale of the film.

The mask on the primary head is removable, revealing a super ugly Jason. The sculpt is just a tad off in the nose, but for a 7 inch figure, it contains a striking resemblance to the look in the film. The axe chopped mask on the alternate head does not come off, however, the axe packaged with Jason fits into the wound perfectly.

Jason is articulated in the usual places. The shoulders contain a little maneuverability, and the shoulders twist in order to obtain various poses. The legs are stationary and posed in a motion that allows the figure to stand without trouble. The neck is ball jointed and allows a full range of motion and the waist is also ball jointed. The hands bend and twist at the wrist.

This may very well be the best of the Cinema of Fear figures to date. Mezco continues to do a great job and bringing us versions of Jason that other companies have failed to even try. If you have yet to get your hands on series 4 Jason, be sure to grab one now at Mezco’s official site or even Toys R Us! Cinema of Fear series 4 also features Dr. Freddy and Debbie Stevens (Roach Girl) from “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Be sure to check out our massive gallery of pics of Cinema of Fear series 4 Jason complete with detailed pics as well as comparison/display pics of other Jason figures in my collection.


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32 Responses to “ Mezco’s Cinema of Fear series 4 Jason review (VIDEO REVIEW ADDED) ”

  1. I saw this the other day on Mezco’s website, but the pics you put up, Tony, look awesome. You’re right. There is great detail!

  2. NEED!

  3. Just got 2 of them yesterday! its awesome! I might sugggest to everyone out there, like the part IV figure from Mezco this one will rise in price very soon. So if you can pick one or two up do it! and if you pick up two, i suggest leaving one in its original packaging.

  4. Damn, that’s very nicely detailed. I like how Mezco is able to include the small but awesome looking weaponry with each figure. I like how well they sculpted his face, it truly resembles what he really looks like without the hockey mask. I also like the fact you could switch heads and have the axe embedded into his skull. Very nicely done.

  5. nice photos!

  6. Did you reinact the entire movie with that figure? You had some awesome shots that were almost spot on from the movie. Very cool figure.

  7. lol. I tried on a few of em. I did do the deleted scene where the maskless Jason decapitates Chris at the end of the film in the dream sequence. ;)

  8. Yes a must have!! Lovely detail!!!!

  9. Tony, my vision of you is now clouded. It’s Ali, not Axl

  10. When did you do that?

  11. lol. Yeah. I changed that a couple of hours ago when reading over it. Not sure why I did that. Video review coming soon for anyone who doesn’t enjoy reading!

  12. Great pics, Tony! Like I said on the Mezco site, I really dig your collection!!

    Looking forward to finding the Pt3 Jason figure. It’s really driving me nuts that I haven’t been able to get my hands on him yet!

  13. what set/series is the jason whith the blue marks on his mask from???

  14. It’s a custom Roy Burns that I did myself.

    Video review has been added to the initial post. Dusk will get that embedded soon.

  15. I wouldn’t mind having him,need to make one bigger too!

  16. this figure looks pretty awesome…but let me just warn any of you, my experience with mezco figures has not been so good. they’re kind of cheaply made. the ones i have don’t stand as well as the mcfarlane ones, some are super fragile, etc.

    they always seem to get me because they have great ideas for figures and make things no one else will make, and most of them look really good. i just wish they were a little more sturdy.

  17. ha, that roy figure rules!! is that the body from the michael myers figure?

  18. I found them on amazon for 19.00

  19. Yeah. The body is a modified Michael Myers body on Roy. I painted the body, reworked the collar and molded the head.

    As for Mezco figures standing, I can’t say I’ve had any trouble getting them to stand whatsoever. The only figures I’ve had any trouble standing are the Stylized Jason and the 12 inch Roto Jason from part 7. The regular 7 inch figures stand perfectly.

  20. Got mine yesterday and spent the whole day playing with it. Man, this is such a great toy! I was surprised to find out how many poses were possible with this thing even though the overall feel of it is very hard and durable. I put mine in my slingshot and shot my neighbor’s son in the face with it from across the street. Haha. I don’t think he will be calling Jason “whack” anymore! Even though there is a lot of detail on this thing, I still liked the look of Part 7 more so I put my toy under a magnifying glass and added my own make-up effects if you know what I mean.

  21. The Roy figure in the group photos looks like the NECA Michael Myers figure with a custom head on it. That’s cool. One Cinema of Fear figure I would like to see soon is Tommy Jarvis.

  22. when does it come out i was just at toys r us and they didnt have it?

  23. They should already be hitting in various places. So keep checking.

  24. Ok, one of the other figures in this series is Cockroach girl from one of the Nightmare movies and they previously had a Nancy Thompson.
    Tony, have you heard any word of supporting characters from the F13 series?
    How awesome would it be to get an Alice with a frying pan and machete or a Tommy Jarvis from Pt. 6 with a length of chain with boulder and a shovel. Those would give the 7 inch line a hell of a boost.

  25. While nothing has been announced officially, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Mezco do this. They seem very open to the idea of putting out supporting characters in these series as evident in the previous releases featuring Nancy Thompson from Nightmare 1 in the bathtub and now with Debbie from Nightmare 4. Then there’s the screen grabs series that show characters depicted in certain scenes from the films. From Friday the 13th we’ve gotten Alice with Jason popping up from the water and Jason and Tommy Jarvis having an underwater struggle.

    I won’t lie. My top Cinema of Fear “WANT” right now would be an official Roy Burns. My second biggest want…Bald Corey Feldman. Make it happen Mezco!! They’ve already made Feldman once in the Goonies line. lol

  26. Hears what I would like to see:

    JTM: W/ Hot Rock, JJ’s guitar, Syringe, 3-Prong Spear, Julius Head

    Roy/Jason: w/ Flare, Cleaver, Tree strap, Spear, Machette

    Jason VII: w/ Spike, tree spear, trimmer, party favor, split mask

    Jason X:(reg. Jason) Machette, Surgical Machette, Chain, frozen face dipped in nitro glycerin

  27. A few other CoF series villains I’d like to see…

    Vilmer: w/ Remotes for leg, Hammer, Lighter/fluid, Shotgun, Knife

    Leatherface’s dad: w/ Bow-tie, broom, chili trophy, wad of money

    Freddy III: Dirty heroin needle fingers Freddy, with Tounge and Marionette Freddy

    SCREEN GRABBER FREDDY PART 3: “Prime Time” Freddy with girl hanging from t.v.

    Screen Grabber JASON PART 3: laying in barn with axe in mask

  28. And finally, MEZCOTOYZ needs to make “PET SEMETARY” figures

    Gage Creed: Scalpel, Kite, Church the cat, Dr. bag

    Gus gilbert: Drill gun, Zowie the dog, Hammer, gauze bandage

    Victor Pascow: Damaged head

  29. I wish cof would release the poltergeist series with yhe old man Ialso hope they release crazy Ralph

  30. i wish that mezco would release pamela voorhees and jason from new blood an screen grabs when
    kevin bacon gets stabbed through his neck in part 1

  31. I wish they’d make the action-figures from Roy Burns and Jason takes Manhattan and the ‘normal’jason from X….Part 3 belongs also in my collection, as soon as it hits the shelffs in Holland, but I really would like to see the missing figures, who are also very hard to get or not even been made yet…come on…

  32. Sybren,
    Check out this video from One’s Customs.

    Jason Takes Manhattan Figure

    He makes awesome Roy, JTM and Jason X figures. Send him a message from his Youtube page and maybe he can help you out. ;)

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