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The website for the movie has opened up at (don’t confuse it with our URL, sucka’s). Nothing really there right now, but gee isn’t it nice to have a high-res of that teaser poster art for my desktop wallpaper.

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  1. That would freak me out to much, to put that image as my desktop wallpaper. lol.
    Can’t wait for some more of the site to go up. I’d love some new teaser pictures.

  2. MORGAN your right. i added to my work desktop and some folks find it creepy…..yeah!

  3. Speaking of our website here, what is going on with the main page? The Friday stuff on the left side has been displaying “page cannot be displayed” or it is completely blank. Also, there are times I visit and the blog post section is blank. Dusk, I thought you were probably aware of it, but this has been going on for over a week. Just thought I would make you aware.

    Oh yea, I saw Dusk posting on the Friday the 13th the community website. Now that looks exactly like the old forum on this website and brought back many great memories!!

  4. word! i’ve been rocking that on my desktop for 2 days! of course my whole “man cave” is filled w/jason memorabilia! so its just a little hot sauce on my burrito.

  5. lol. I added the image as my desktop wallpaper a day or two as well. I had one that I had made using the poster initially.

  6. As was I Tony and I didn’t tell my feance about it. She turned on the computer late last night and just about had a heart attack, it was awesome! Needless to say I slept on the couch last night. :(

  7. Hey “Jason”, thanks for letting me know, I had no idea. I’ve now fixed the sidebar on the main page, I couldn’t find any blank blog pages though.

  8. Hoping we’ll see the real teaser trailer as soon as possible. That usually has a site of its own, and (or) is on the main page until there are more updates. I can wait for the full website, but stoked about the first teaser. :)

  9. Anyone remember the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake site? There was this really creepy song playing that set the mood perfectly for the film. It was also in the trailer.

    I would love it if there was something similar on the F13 page.

  10. That would rock if there was an exact mood to the website. I think we’ll be getting something very creepy in the upcoming weeks with the website, no doubt about it. I set the teaser image up as a wall paper but it does not cover the entire background I have to drag it in place, anyone know how I can size it up to where the whole image of the hockey mask is in the background? Thanks.

  11. So did Warner Brothers completely take over from New Line since it is now only a division in the company because it says Warner Brothers at the bottom of the site for me.

  12. john save the pic then on to control panel Appearance and Themes then change the desktop background upload the pic then click stretch then there ya go

  13. Thanks.

  14. I’m sure there will be some creepy music featured on the website once they finish with the contents

  15. The teaser trailer needs to go live on this bitch like today!!!

  16. its about time there was a web site dedicated to friday the 13th Oh wait

  17. Fi Fi Dadonka

  18. They need to rate this movie and give it the hardcore R rating we’ve been waiting for. It kind of annoys me that it says this film is not yet rated when they know exactly what the rating for the movie is going to be. Rated R for intense violence throughout, blood and gore, sexual themes, sexual situations, nudity and drug use. That should be fitting enough for what this movie will contain.

  19. John, that sounds about right, but you forgot strong language. You can count on that being included.

  20. Oh yeah I forgot about that one. It’s only a matter of time before it gets the hardcore R rating this movie deserves. One thing they should include in this movie is the death of the girl who decapitates Jason’s mom. I think that is very essential to have, therefore telling us the audience the reason for why Jason does the things that he does, in the flashback they mention they should show Jason hiding in the woods and watching his mom get killed by the surviving girl.

  21. John, they can’t officially advertise the film’s rating until the MPAA actually gives them one, and that won’t happen until a final edit is submitted. At least in this case, we know the porducers are committed to not cutting the film anymore than is absolutely necessary to avoid the NC-17.

  22. I’m all the more curious as to what was filmed that needed to be cut out to avoid the NC-17 rating. It would have been badass to see a rating like that in other horror movies and having them allowed to be played in theatres. Hopefully when the DVD comes out it will have all the good stuff, maybe make it a two disc DVD.

  23. Like everyone else above me can’t wait until they officially release the hard r rating… Like every one else I wish feb13 was tomorrow, but u gotta admit the anticipation is half of why it’s really exciting!!

  24. I hope when the DVD comes out, we’ll get a feature length documentary like the Devil’s Rejects disc.

  25. They said they were doing that. It was posted on here before, the DVD is going to be packed full of stuff, including the making of the film, the process it took for the make up artists to create Jason’s look behind the mask, the kills and all of that stuff, which means no CGI for the kills, that in itself would be awesome. We were cheated by the CGI kills in Freddy vs Jason, it was beyond ridiculous. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some nods to Tom Savini’s work from the original Friday the 13th and the Final Chapter. Corkscrew death and arrow through the throat is what I would like to see in this upcoming film.

  26. Hatchet also included all-practical effects, and those were awesome. The “jaw rip” scene alone is worth the price of the DVD.

  27. I agree, while Hatchet isn’t a great film the FX were flawless

  28. That’s because they were done by the man behind Friday the 13th Part 7, John Carl Beuchlar is considered an FX God in my book right next to Tom Savini. I loved the jaw ripping scene in Hatchet, there were a couple of other kills that I loved in that movie as well as the belt sander scene and what happened after that. Very priceless!

  29. Look through the interview section John and you’ll find one with John Carl Buechler

  30. Wow, can’t wait for the movie. The trailer looks pretty good.

  31. It better be R or Im going to be PG-Pissed lol

    Yeah the image is tight, I have it set as my wallpaper and myspace background lol..just took out the writing.

  32. Ruckus, its for sure an R rating, we all know that. The question is how “hard of an R” is it gonna be. Brad Fuller, one of the producers stated there is extreme violence and extreme sex and drug use. The challenge is cutting it just enough to get an R rating from the MPAA. They said it they didnt cut anything the board would give them an NC 17.. Long Live Friday the 13th!!!!

  33. Hopefully, the MPAA execs aren’t on their periods again when they decide to cut a F13 movie. We all remember the tragedy of New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan.

  34. i saw on on demand the director said there are some pretty hardcore sex scenes and some kills that are on edge which means the directors cut is gonna be sicc

  35. That would be a dream come true for us horror fans if by pure luck one of the MPAA execs is a hardcore fan of horror and decides to allow the hardcore violence and sex to be left in. I know it is wishful thinking but it’s something that I like to think about.

  36. This movie is going to worse then the halloween remake , i can tell already . how can you all say it looks good when all you seen is a 30 second trailer? plus we already know jason isnt going to be dead … thanks again michael bay for butchering another one of our favorite slashers , I hope the real jason kills you and your stupid human jason .

  37. Hey Brandor stupid human jason???? what???? Are u kidding me?? everyone on here knows thats when Friday the 13th was the best, in the earlier years!!

  38. Jason drowned in the lake , so he had to be dead in the early films.

  39. Jason is a funny paradox, isn’t he? If he hadn’t died, his mother hadn’t started killing people, and none of the films would take place. But if he hadn’t (somehow) survived, there would be no eleven sequels. I see him as a human being kept alive by some force of evil or something - until he becomes pure evil incarnate in Part 6.

    And I have to forget about the teaser for a while, go out and do something else. The more you stare at that website, the longer it feels like you’re waiting for it.

  40. I was always led to believe that everyone thought he drowned (including his mother) but really he made it to shore and ended up hiding in the woods. There was no body found in the lake. He ran away from the people who didn’t care about him and the kids who picked on him only to survive in the woods. It was from there that he saw his mothers head get chopped off and decided to finally take revenge on all who hurt him. Then he died for real in Part 4 and became zombie Jason in part 6. I could be way off but that’s what I always thought.

  41. I agree with the anti “stupid human Jason” comment. He was scarier when he was human for a couple reasons. One being that it seemed more real. Zombie Jason kinda took you out of it sometimes when one of those over the top unbelievable moments would happen like Jason punching that guys head off in part 8. He became an unstoppable Gladiator who you cheered for. Instead of feeling “oh no what’s going to happen to that girl?” you ended up yelling “yeah Jason, Kill that bitch!!!” and you wanted to see in what over the top way he was going to do it.

  42. Yea J Miggidy I pretty much agree with ur perception. I always thought the teenish early 20s jason from part 2 was perhaps the best. I love the creepy feeling of the skinny loner with the sack on his head running around…. still love the creepy feeling of part 2

  43. You have no idea how stoked I am about this movie.Can\\\’t wait to see it with my son.Like how they are kinda doin it a lil different .

  44. Stupid human Jason? Brandor, do I have to remind you of the Uber Jason travesty?

  45. I cant wait
    I like the improvments
    and he is better when hes human
    but you have to understand its not the 80’s
    people arnt easily scared of what happens to the victum
    they love the bad guy

  46. A human Jason is far more effective and believable than a zombie Jason. I showed Friday the 13th Part 3 to a friend of mine when I was young and he was creeped out by it. He did not like it at all. He said it was creepy. Probably it had to do with the music score in that film, I thought it was very good. That was one of my favorite Friday the 13th sequels. I liked the atmosphere of the movie, the setting was very effective and creepy.

  47. Gee, I wonder what the film will be rated?! LOL, I seriously can’t wait for this film. I hope it lives up to everyones expectations.
    But, you can’t ask much, because it is a re-imagining of the first 4 movies. So, some things will be kept the same, but some things will change. Even though some of us fear change, I think they are capable of making us scared enough to enjoy the entire movie.

  48. The waiting for this movie to be released is perhaps the hardest part. I think it will be worth the wait. Six more months to go. Who knows, perhaps by next month the film will be rated R and we’ll see more stuff added to the website. One thing I hope they do is release a soundtrack to this movie of various rock bands like they did with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Freddy vs Jason.

  49. all’s I can say is that we all have calm down, relax, stop having the thoughts of how AWESOME this movie could be, stop watching youtube, stop coming here….. all what the hell, IT CAN’T GET HERE ANY F@$%#
    ING SOONER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  50. I agree, let’s just forget about it until several months, I’d say around December and check the website and see what they added, by then it should have its R rating and more stuff should be added to the website.

  51. Looks like marketing frenzy in full effect.just got this off ebay!!! get one of those dolls next!!!!

  52. hey guys im currently working on a homemade graphic novel linking the events between part 8 and jason goes to hell. anybody want in? haha i have a few pages done minus the lettering and im looking for a couple over the top murders. anybody got any ideas lemme know ill send u some examples of what i have drawn so far. i have a bunch of ideas but being part of this great site i know a lot of you probably have some unique death sequences youd like to see. once finished i plan i putting it in the fan submission section so if anyone’s interested send me an instant message at RoyBurnsBonanza or email me at im always on, hope to hear from you guys!!

  53. im also sad to say, after 10 years, my zombie jason trilogy VHS tapes have finally stopped working. time to get those DVDs with the horribly designed cases. sigh. i wish they used the VHS cover art for the DVDs its just so much better.

  54. Roy, if you don’t like the DVD covers, grab new ones from this site, or make your own. If you’re looking for some high-res versions of the original posters, I can recommend this site:

  55. thanks robin ill be sure to do that, the VHS covers are so great and they stuck with them until the part 5 DVD but changed the whole look for parts 5-8 and i cant fathom why. and if i can recommend to everyone they have a 3D print of part 3, uncut print of part one, and the part 6 workprint on Region 1 DVD for like 15 bucks each. i bought part 3D and its awesomeeee.

  56. my bad,heres the site.think they look cool.they said they will have like 5 diff styles by end of the week.

  57. hey Roy, not even that, why don’t u pick up the box set from crystal lake to manhattan. That is the best and only collection to date of the Fridays. Although it only has 1-8 cuz those ere the paramount years…. I have a feeling though eventually in the future hopefully paramount and new line will negotiate a pretty sweet box set of all of them to date… We can only hope!!

  58. That’s nice Roy, was wondering if Part 3 in 3D was available anywhere! (And didn’t even know there WAS a workprint of Part 6 - boy am I out of the loop..) Seems expensive and a lot of work to upgrade your TV just for that one though..and out of stock apparently, but thanks for the tip. And I agree with BigTdoe, the box set is definitely worth it if you don’t have any of the movies on DVD.

  59. Hey Roy, I seriously considered buying the F13 3D DVD, but I wasn’t sure how good the effects would be. How are they? More importantly, how would they be on a 12-inch standard TV?

  60. John Says - “One thing I hope they do is release a soundtrack to this movie of various rock bands like they did with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Freddy vs Jason.”

    Not to soundlike dick but that has to be one of the dumbest things i have heard. there should never be a soundtrack with rock bands for horror movies. Especially the bands they usually pick. thats what takes me out of it and kinda ruins the mood. all the original fridays didnt have rock music(with the exception of part 6 (alice cooper)) and i loved the harry manfredini music over the credits. way creepier and way more effective. so i really really hope they dont make any stupid soundtrack. Although i really cannot wait for this movie… all

  61. I have to agree with JoeyCypher. I’m a guitar player that is in a sucsesful death metal band called Minotar and as much as I love rock and metal, I dodn’t think any rock or any metal should be played in these movies. They should just have dark orcastrated clasical music playing in these movies.

  62. Minotar? Never heard of it. Tell me more.

  63. Friday The 13th has an iconic theme and music. I think that if Platinum Dunes were smart, they would do with the score from Part 3 (minus the disco theme song).

    That one musical piece from the scene where Chris is in the cabin yelling for Rick who is outside being held by Jason is my ultimate fave of the entire series.

  64. I would have to agree, that I wouldn’t really want a soundtrack for this with rock bands.

  65. I love death metal and such, but it shouldn’t be used in movies for several reasons. Make your own custom “inspired by” soundtrack if you want to, but keep it out of the film!

    The one-sheet is the same as the Comic-Con poster (for a super high-res version, click on my name), kind of disappointing really. Sure, it’s a nice poster, but thought they’d at least try one that’s a little different.


  67. I really hope they make more and more after this one. and maby after the one done makeing the next one have a main charcters named Lucky and Chris

  68. It would be cool to then see the original score released from this film, I know they did the same thing with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

  69. To Nosferatu. Yea bro we have 4 cd’s out. We opend up for Six Feet Under, As I Lay Dying, Skinless, bands like that.

  70. Hey just a thought, did anyone else notice in the remake trailer you can see a glimps of Jason as a child walking through the woods?

  71. I didn’t see a lot. It’s blurry as shit!!!!!!

  72. This is what I saw. A lake. A camp Crystal Lake sign. A kids room, candles and Jason’s Mom’s head. A machete going through floor boards and a hand. A Jason close up head shot. Jason impaling someone. An adult Jason with hockey mask walking through the woods. Jason running swinging an axe. Shit moved too fast and was too blurry for me to see anything else. I need a high def version like now!!!!!

  73. So what do you all think if I say we rent out a theater to run a marathon of the first 3 or 4 films? I am in Michigan and am starting to look into various theaters and their prices. I would shoot for the weekend before the remake opening.

  74. That would be a kickass idea. Only thing that sucks is I’m here in San Antonio Texas, I know some theatres can do that. I remember reading something where some guy did A Nightmare on Elm Street marathon, it was very interactive as well, the guy that was helping out dressed up as Freddy Krueger. I’m pretty sure you could do the same thing, and have some guy dress up as Jason. Why only the first three though? I would include the Final Chapter, what a perfect way to close a marathon by throwing in what was supposed to be the last Friday the 13th sequel. They are building an Alamo Drafthouse near where I live, it’s basically a dinner and a movie, but the guy’s that own the theatres play different kinds of movies there, it’s not like a regular theatre. Sometimes you get to see the really bizarre films on screen which would be pretty fun to see. Movies from Troma are played there all the time.

  75. ted, holy crap I’m from Michigan too. Tell me your from Macomb county some where, if that’s the case I know some awesome options as I’m sure u do as well. Yea that really is an awesome idea though… Any other michiganders??

  76. Yea that is an wesome idea!! And then after the credits in the end of part 4 you can play the remake trailer!!!! Man that would be SWEET!!!!

  77. hey people just a quick question, i just bought region 1 fridays 2,4,6,7,8 because i heard they were the full uncut versions, are they much different to the vhs uk copies I have? Cheers

    And I shit myself when I saw the new friday trailer people keep telling me to shut up about it.

  78. Paul, I hate to tell you this, but those aren’t uncut. I have them all, and they’re the R-rated cuts.

  79. I once bought part 1-5 on VHS in Sweden, and compared to any DVD release, they were censored to hell. Whole sequences were cut out, totally ridiculous. And Paul, I suggest you check the DVDs out yourself to see what you’ve got. ;)

  80. think i might bid on this one.what do yall think?

  81. Kampkillr, that is pretty cool. The price isn’t bad, either. I say go for it!

    And to everyone else, check eBay frequently for Jason-related items. You can get some great stuff if you’re lucky.

  82. I cannot wait for this movie!!!Reintroducing it to the newer generation so they can enjoy it like all of us old school fans did way back!!!

  83. Anyone else worried about the timeline being corrupted? Or am I just an old fashioned-old school fan hanging onto tradition?

    Looking forward to the movie, but don’t want to see 23 years of history broken/changed!!!

  84. The timeline was already corrupted, Splatterhouse. For example, how did a young Rennie see Jason in the flashback in Jason Takes Manhattan?

  85. If there was actually any real continuity to the existing time-line, I’d be worried about it being corrupted, as well. It seems like each sequel did its fair-share to corrupt the time-line of the original and any other sequels before it.

    While we’re on the subject of the existing series, is anyone else getting their hopes up (likely to result in being disappointed, yet again) with the rumblings of a “new” boxset?

  86. That is awesome news eXile! I’m looking forward to it - expecting at least a remaster of the original eight films with new 5.1 on all and maybe even DTS. New extras would be cool too, one in-depth documentary and commentary for each film. All packed in the original artwork, I’d buy that even if it was expensive as hell.

    If anyone is expecting “uncut” versions, I think it’s just impossible. And if they were able to do that, reinsert the footage somehow or clean lost reels, I’d actually be disappointed in a sense. The R-rated versions are Friday as I know them, I don’t want two versions of each film. Think I’d welcome them just the same though.

  87. It’s as simple as this: if the films aren’t uncut, I won’t buy the boxset. I already have the DVDs, and I don’t care about new featurettes. People will just post those on youtube where I can watch them for free.

    Wait, scratch that. All I want is New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan uncut. The rest are fine, but those are the only “dry” entries in the series.

  88. What parts are uncut in Jason Takes Manhattan?

  89. They shot pretty much every death two (& in some cases three) ways, ranging from clean to bloody. The “bloody” footage is currently in a dust collecting competition with F13 Part 7 in Paramount’s vaults, alongside Noah’s ark & the remains of Jimmy Hoffa :p

  90. thanks nos and robin I guess that was just wishful thinking, im thinking of taking a trip to paramount’s vaults armed with a 12 gauge…… anyone interested?

    oh and is there versions that are uncut that you can buy? im sure I read something that prompted me to want to get region 1 dvd’s or I fucked up.

    thanks people!

  91. Ted, I am from Michigan too, and like bigtdoe said, I hope you are from Macomb County, because that would be a kick ass idea!!!!!!!!!! This movie btw cannot get here any sooner, it seems light years away.

  92. Hey Brian, so I guess you are familiar with Macomb County??? If so what about AMC Forum 30????

  93. I guess im not a “true” Friday The 13th fan,because I didnt know about part 8 uncut.

  94. Part 8 sucks anyway don’t you think? I mean this music was cheesy and when you do finaly see Jason’s face he looked like a jack-o-lantern LOL!!!!

  95. Jason Takes Manhattan is one of my favorite sequels. Even though the kills were dry, Kane delivered them in such a violent and brutal fashion. The acting is okay, and I enjoyed the claustrophobic atmosphere. Plus, when he’s in Manhattan, there are some fun scenes (messing up a diner, killing drug dealers, his fight scene with Julius on top of a building). Also, I love his look…. but not the face, of course.

  96. I thought Part 8 was the worst sequel,but definetely worth watching.It had some interesting and new parts as well.But Jason Goes To Hell>>>>>Part 8

  97. They’re all good in their own way, they all have their own unique touches. Just some are better than others

  98. I certainly won’t spend another dime on any more DVD incarnations of the original series unless they are uncut, which I’m not holding my breath on.

  99. “They’re all good in their own way, they all have their own unique touches. Just some are better than others”


  100. How reliable is that fleshwoundvideo site? I only glanced at it quick but it seems kind of shady. I would love to own pt.3 in 3D. Are these DVDs playable on Region 1 DVD players? I also noticed there are like 3 different pt.3’s and I’m not sure which ones are w/ the 3D effects in it.

  101. Hey BigTdoe, yeah I live in Macomb County so I am familiar. AMC Forum 30 would be possible. There is also Roseville Theater that isnt used for anything else but independent films. Personally, Roseville Theater would be a better facility.

  102. Pete, it’s a very reliable site. I bought 2 DVD’s from there and the transaction is quick and easy. The DVD’s are of very good quality, too.

  103. people keep talkin bout he had hair in part two how did he lose it in part 3 or why isnt pamela the killer if this is a remake, bald headed hockey mask Jason is THE FRANCHISE it is what made Jason ICONIC not Pamela not a pillow on Jasons long head of hair.If you look at the mask by it self in the security case or on the poster you see jason.when hair is sticking out of the back it takes away from the mask. and i would kick Pamelas ass if she showed up in the woods by herself i am very suspicious of 50 yr old broads chillin in the woods.Which is why she is not the killer in this reimagining,it was scary the first time cuz you didnt know who it was now we know that bitch would get her ass kicked in the first scene.I have accepted that Jason has hair and i am excited after seeing the trailer but stop with the continuity Jason was suposed to be dead in the first one they wanted to make a sequel jason survived some how no explanation needed, jason had hair in 2 they decide he looked better and scarier with a hockey mask and bald A LEGEND WAS BORN.

  104. It would be SO hilarious if they rated this movie PG-13!


  105. whats up guys. flesh wound is super super reliable. i questioned it at first but i ordered friday 3D and return of the living dead 2 off of there and got them within a week and it was great. for friday 3 i would highly recommend a big screen or one of those fancy plasma flatscreen super TVs. it doesnt work so good on a regular little 15 inch but anyways fleshwound is great the DVD cases and artwork are awesome, plus, its a jason fan’s HEAVEN with all the stuff they have. part one uncut, part 6 workprint, part 5 alternate version, part 3 3D, and the TV version of part 4 with a bunch of extra stuff. highly recommend it.

  106. holy crap i just read the thing about the new boxset. as you all said i would only buy it if its uncut. i know for a fact john carl buechler the director of part 7 has said that he would re edit the cut footage FOR FREE just so us fans could see it. part 5 was apparantly much much more brutal than the final cut. on flesh wound you can get part 6 and part 1 uncut, but man. id love to see this happen.

  107. To BigTdoe,Brian and any other Michiganders I am from Oakland county and the manager has not yet contacted me about pricing from the AMC Forum 30 so I am up to any other theaters to rent from.
    The Roseville theater would be just great Brian if you can get details let me know and BigTdoe and maybe we can set it all up.

  108. Sweet, I am free tomorrow, as I am going to be in that vincinity anyway, and I will let you know any details tomorrow afternoon, or evening.

  109. Thanks Roy and Nosferatu! I just get a little concerned w/ private sites like that because I have been ripped off before, so it’s only natural to be a bit paranoid I guess. Both of my tv’s are large (one’s 27 and the other is 32 and is widescreen)so hopefully that will be ok for pt.3 3D. Thanks again guys!

  110. Thanks a lot Brian. I have been very busy with family matters so it is taking me longer than expected to check into more theater prices.

    We do have a while at least to get it all together.

  111. Thanks! Can’t wait to see the the site up and running!

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