Update On ‘The Man In The Lake’ DVD Winners


This is for all of the people that won the DVD giveaway last week and are wondering where the status is for receiving the DVD they won. For some reason, no one received the email I sent pertaining to winning the DVD. Since then, I have received emails from most of the winners with their mailing address. However, the following winners have not been reached for the sending of the DVD:

Croc Master

I am emailing those people again, and hopefully they get my email this time. Everyone else, I have received your emails and mailing addresses. Now, I have been waiting to receive a huge shipment of the DVD’s from Southlan-Films in the mail. Once I receive the DVDs, I will mail them out to the winners and send an email letting you know it is on the way. If you have any questions, please email contests@fridaythe13thfilms.com.

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34 Responses to “ Update On ‘The Man In The Lake’ DVD Winners ”

  1. Awesome!I can’t wait to add this to my Friday Collection.

  2. The DVD’s are on their way to you as we speak Jason. Shame you had to lock the comment thread. That was all kind of crazy if you ask me. Too bad I would have liked to have read comments from some other viewers.

  3. How can I get a copy? I didn’t watch the film online when the link was posted because I want to see this on my TV.

  4. Hooray! E-mail sent with contact info! Can’t wait to check this out on DVD.

  5. Hope it arrives for my birthday, on Friday! :D

  6. To Southlan-Films. Ask and you shall recieve. I posted this comment on the No Man’s Land fan film thread b/c i didn’t get a chance to watch The Man in the Lake before that thread was locked.

    I just now watched “The Man in the Lake”. Since I didn’t get to comment on its own thread, I will comment here. This is really to those who would criticize the film, or any fan film. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan filmmaker or just a fan viewer-I myself have never ventured to make one of these thing and can’t begin to imagine the stress, money, and hard work put into (at least The Man in the Lake) making these little gems. They are strictly for fun and maybe to get the filmmakers skills up, too. But fans make these films for the same reason fans watch them, or come to this website, or pay their hard-earned cash to see another lame Hollywood sequel. They want to see all things Jason. It seems to me the only thing Hollywood has going for it is the production values, expensive cameras and editing…I really liked The Man in the Lake. The beauty behind the flick is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, nothing ever is. It’s a fan film! But the filmmakers assembled an impresive cast, put together some gnarly f/x and delivered an entertaining little fan film that made me smile. Great job! Looking forward to “No Man’s Land” P.S. I just (sort of) watched a little known flick called 100 Tears, about a killer clown with a giant meat cleaver…maybe you heard of it? That film is terrible. The Man in the Lake is a 100 times better…anyone wanna trade DVDs? Man in the Lake for 100 Tears? I didn’t think so.

  7. Am I the Scott listed above?? I did enter the contest but never got an e-mail from you.

  8. I still haven’t got a confirmation email from you guys. I was one of the winners who won a copy of “the man in the lake.”

  9. On one of the posts he said there was a problem with the mass email he sent out. If you are a winner send your add to him at the above email and he will mail it out when he gets it. Hope that helps.

    this is going to be hopefully a great september by on 9/1 someone said that netflix was going to be streaming F13 parts 1-6. Plus I’ll have my hands on a copy of this great fan made film. September will be filled with friday movies all month long!

  10. also thanks for the update jason, def be looking out for this in the mail! It’ll be like being a kid again when I mailed away for Sergent Slaughter!

  11. Thanks for the update again fury
    i am sure this whole thing has been driving ya crazy.
    I know i and the rest of the friday fans appreciate
    everything you do.

    Thanks again :)

  12. Shame you had to lock the comment thread

    I did not want to, but my experience is that if you let that type of conversation persist, it will take over your website. I think everyone said what they were going to say. Sorry if comments were left out in the cold.

  13. n 9/1 someone said that netflix was going to be streaming F13 parts 1-6

    Wow, I just added a story about this. That’s funny.


  14. Hey fury,I still havent recieved any emails yet.I come on here daily and read the updates so I was just waiting for it,no big deal.

  15. I would still have liked for other people to have a chance to comment, could you not just block the offenders. Oh well.

  16. Offenders…. Really…. WOW….

  17. Well whatever, I figured someone caused it to get shut down, I guess you could say the people who got it shut down. Is that better?

  18. Thats why I would love to see this site get a forum. this is the best F13 site on the net. If it had a forum you could just start up another thread about it. And then instead of having to lock the whole thread the mod could just delete and ban the people who are causing the problem.

  19. sweet man thanks cant wait

  20. Yes, I would love a copy of this, I think you can get copies on their Cryptshow site too. And I agree that it is a shame that the thread had to be locked because of a few troublemakers. And I see that a certain someone took offense to the Southland films guys remark about offenders. Let’s call a spade a spade, that’s exactly what they were. Offenders! Starting trouble for no reason. Those are the people who should be locked not the thread. I agree with Jason Voorhees when he says ban the people who are causing the trouble.

  21. I for one enjoyed the film.

  22. yes, i was also curious as to which Scott won…..

  23. thanks for the update fury this is awesome!

  24. Congrats too everyone that won, enjoy the film!!!

  25. It would be cool to see this.

  26. I was just wondering if anyone got theirs yet?

  27. @360 Gamertag

    Not yet, still waiting, though there is still hope for tomorrow and friday. can’t wait to get it

  28. The DVDs were mailed last week. I am surprised that people have not received these yet. Perhaps the U.S. holiday this past weekend is holding this up? There were a few International shipments that will take a while, but I thought that the US mailings would have been delivered already.

  29. yeah i havent got mine yet either :(

  30. Haven’t got mine, either.

  31. i figured since being in canada and with labor day it would delay a little so i am not worried. It will get here when it gets here :)

  32. finally got mine, thanks so much :)

  33. Got mine as well.
    Thanks a bunch.
    loved the included letter hehehe.

    Thanks again

  34. here is the link to Southlan-Films newest and next fan film, “NEW BLOOD”. It pays homeage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and is slated to release around Halloween.

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