Top 5 Friday the 13th Films In The Franchise

Since the Primetime marathon for Friday the 13th ended last week on AMC, everyone must have a fresh opinion of the series in their minds. Each individual fan has their favorite films of the franchise and hold their reasons for their favorite close to the vest. However, this writer has no problem mentioning his favorite movies and why. Below is my ranking of the films in the series and a brief reason why I have it ranked where I do.

Let us know how you would rank the movies in the series and why you feel the way you do!

Top 5 Of The Friday the 13th Franchise

1. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
The definitive Friday movie, period. This film took everything that made the original 1980 film tense and suspensful as well as how Part 3 introduced Jason as a pure iconic slasher and improved upon those elements 100%. Character development in a Friday the 13th film is oft overlooked, but The Final Chapter by far had the most interesting and sympathetic people in all of the series. Tom Savini even improved upon his effects and creativity in the death scenes for the fourth film.

The ending of this film is indeed the most chaotic, suspenseful and unconfusing out of the original five films in the series. Let’s face it, dream sequences were all of the rage in the beginning of the franchise and to have a straightforward conclusion to a story was an endearing proposition.

2. Jason Goes To Hell
I am sure the pure fact this movie is number two on my list will indeed leave many dumbfounded. No, I am not some poor lost soul who knows nothing about the franchise, I just like a little creativity in my horror films. The opening of this film features the definitive and signature stalk and chase scene in the film series. It incorporates everything we have seen throughout the Friday movies, almost in the form of parody, but executed to awesome perfection.

The rest of the film is an orgy of mixing different subgenres within the horror realm to expand the mythology of the Voorhees family and the curse on Crystal Lake. K.N.B. effects delivers the gory goodness with the best practical special effects to date. Tom Savini would be proud. If more people could overlook the fact that the physical presence of Jason is absent from most of the film, this Friday the 13th entry would fare better in the minds of the fans as the most original part of the series since the original 1980 film.

3. Friday the 13th (1980)
The complete opposite end of the spectrum from JGTH, this 30 year old independent gem is indeed the film that started it all. The Whodunit aspect of the movie is one of major selling points within the story as well as the great characters and dialogue. The lurking presence of the unseen killer increases the sense of fear and paranoia that is felt by the film viewer and the creative death sequences orchestrated by Tom Savini are the cliched icing on top of the cake.

Time has dated some aspects of the film, but there is no denying that this film ushered in a new era of horror film in the 1980’s and still, in my mind, is the gold standard of the slasher genre from that era.

4. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
“This guy must be high up on something”. I can imagine that to be the response by some visitors to the website by this point in my list. Why would I have Jason Goes To Hell and A New Beginning ranked higher than Part 2 and Part 3? Well, simply put, I like good characters with my death scenes. The fifth installment goes back to the whodunit aspect of story telling that made the original 1980 such a success. Since the MPAA helped destroy many of the awesome kills in the film, something is needed to make the film stand on it’s feet. What we have in Part 5 is the greatest assembly of 1980’s era stereotypes and new wave personas ever collected in a Friday the 13th film and possbily the slasher genre.

I personally could care less if Jason was not in this film as that’s not what was originally intended by the franchise creators anyways. I enjoy the fact that the producers decided to try a new angle on their film series by incorporating all of the elements of past films as well as a continuing storyline and charatcter from a previous film. It is my belief that if the kills were not heavily trimmed down and the ridiculous multiple dream sequence ending was eliminated, that this film would be looked at in a much better light.

5. Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood
Yes, I do have Part 5, Part 7 and Jason Goes To Hell in my Top 5! I did do that! Purely and simply, The New Blood would have been ranked higher in my list if the characters in the film were not so annoying and cookie cutter. If the characters were half as enjoyable to watch as the people in Part 5 or The Final Chapter, and the ending didn’t, you know, suck, this might be #3 or maybe even #2 on my list. That being said, I enjoyed the recycled Part 4 story of the party house next door to the family house. Jason picking off teens at a secluded party is always a big plus!

John Buechler’s Jason design is top notch and his special effects and kill sequences are stellar, even though the viewer did not get to see their unedited glory until recently. The added telekenisis angle to combat a now zombified Jason is welcome and having Dr. Crews as the true villain the film is a perfect balance to Jason’s destructive habits.

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57 Responses to “ Top 5 Friday the 13th Films In The Franchise ”

  1. 1- jason X
    ’cause it’s the funniest movie in the entire franchise. and i like duck mask!
    2- freddy vs jason
    come on! can i say more? it’s the epic battle. i’ve been waiting for it since 12 years!
    3-jason goes to hell;
    i like the necronomicon thing!
    4-friday the 13th part 2;
    it scared me when i saw it the very first time. the music was epic;
    5-New Blood
    Jason has his pick momnets in it.

  2. 1-part 1
    2-part 4
    3-part 2
    5-part 7

  3. 1. part six – this was the first one i watched, when i was but a wee lad. i was captivated and in awe of the whole concept, as i grew up out in the country near camp grounds that looked like those in the movie. gotta love the alice cooper additions too..
    2. part three – i really like the characters in this one.
    3. jason x – this one had some very imaginative kills, in a completely different environment.
    4. friday the 13th – the original version is still a very scary movie; good pacing, nice cinematography, gory effects, and a script that keeps you guessing, all make this an instant classic.
    5. a new beginning – two words: outhouse scene. i laughed so hard at that scene i almost peed.

  4. 1. Part 4
    2. Part 3
    3. Part 2
    4. Part 1
    5. Part 5

  5. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.

  6. 1- Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter
    2- Friday the 13th (1980)
    3- Friday the 13th II
    4- Friday the 13th III
    5- Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning

    Not to say I don’t love the other movies and yep I even enjoyed the despised JGHT and JX; you have to take these movies for what they are and stop worrying about what they aren’t. Good point about character development for the less liked films… JGTH went a long way explaining some of the background info and I love the whodunit vide to parts 1 and 5.

  7. 1. F13 Pt 3
    2. F13 Pt 5
    3. F13 Pt 2
    4. F13 Pt 4
    5. F13 Pt 1

    No apologies you like what you likE!!!!

  8. Part 9 was a trainwreck and I view it as a dream sequence. It is NOT a Friday movie.

  9. 1,2,3,4,Remake….final answer.

  10. BANE, you mention that JGTH is a trainwreck and that is your opinion and is respected. However, you commented in an older Friday Conversation that Jason X is a good Friday film. I am curious to know the difference you feel between the two that would make you think Jason in space, being turned into a cyborg is more of a Friday the 13th film than JGTH where they explore the mythos of the Voorhees family and residents of Crystal Lake?

  11. 1.Friday The 13th Part3
    Its the first one I saw. I personally think its the creepiest. The directing was very good. Richard Brooker played an amazing Jason, hulky, and still somewhat human. And the storyline following Chris Is an amazing addition. Not to mention the kills are great.
    2.Friday The 13th Part4
    I love this one because its just an intensified Part 3. Everything about it is more brutal. You gotta love the music, Jimbo, and Samantha.
    3.Friday The 13th Part2
    Whats not to like about this movie? It’s perfectly set up. The deaths are some of the best series. I love how they killed off the remaining characters from Part 1, and then started to kill off the rest of the crew.
    4.Jason Goes To Hell
    The most creative film in the series and the most brutal and gory. Those are the two things that WOULD put this movie at #2 for me. But the paradox is, Jason isn’t really in it, which makes it a tad less enjoyable. If the movie would’ve been made as originally planned, this one would be #1.

    I am not going to pick a 5th one, its too hard to choose between Part 6 and 7. Hell, I love the series too much too make a list, they’re all great in their own way, except Part 8. Fuck Part 8.

  12. 1. Friday the 13th Part 3 – Aside from being my first Friday flick way back in 87′, I feel it has one of the most endearing cast of characters, if not a little clichéd: Shelly the prankster, Chuck and Chili the stoners, Rick the good ol’ boy, and don’t forget the biker gang! Chris had a previous encounter with Jason, which is not only irrelevant to the story, but improbable. What the hell…why not? The climactic stalk and chase scene is one of the best in the series and goes on forever. Richard Brooker as Jason is scary as hell, and I love the axe to the skull ending. My one gripe about the film is the confusing ending with Mrs. Voorhees coming out of the lake to grab Chris. It doesn’t make sense, and the alternate would have been better. Perhaps it’s because this is my first Friday experience and the fact this is the film Jason gets the inimitable hockey mask. Either way, Friday the 13th Part 3 is at the top of my list.

    2. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter – I love the quickie “refresher course” at the beginning, and the film only gets better from there. After a serious axe blow to the dome Jason comes to in the morgue and he’s not in a good mood. The kills were probably the most brutal at this point (love the hacksaw to Axle’s neck), and the cast of characters are another likable bunch. Ted White’s Jason compliments Richard Brooker’s previous work and is neck and neck with him as my favorite pre-zombie Jason. What puts The Final Chapter in the number two spot would have to be the simple fact the film-makers upped the stakes, putting a young boy and his dog in Jason’s murderous path. Tommy Jarvis is a fun kid who likes horror stuff and makes his own masks and props, which is fitting. What is also interesting is that adults have tried to take Jason out, but it would be a young boy that would end Jason’s reign of terror. To this day Jason’s death is still unnerving to watch.

    3. Friday the 13th (1980) – This is the flick that started it all. I’ve heard plenty of folks gripe because Jason is not the killer. Newsflash, he was never intended to be the killer, but the almighty studio execs saw dollar sign potential and resurrected Jason from the depths of Crystal Lake, but that’s another matter. Part of this groundbreaking classic’s charm is the twist ending revealing sweet little ol’ Betsy Palmer as the vicious killer. At the time, no one saw that coming, and even more insane was her decapitation at the end. The movie made a name for Tom Savini and paved the way for the 80s slasher boom to come. This movie thrives on atmosphere and the build-up of suspense. Take a group of affable young adults and place them in the woods away from civilization, turn a killer loose and you’ve got claustrophobia despite the great outdoors. Sick, twisted, classic.

    4. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood – I must’ve watched this one a million times when I was a kid (I had a crush on Lar Park Lincoln), but that’s not the only reason to enjoy this number. I didn’t even know who Kane Hodder was in ’89, much less cared. It wouldn’t matter to me until the mid-nineties, when I started becoming an “uber” fan. But this had to be the coolest look for a zombified Jason, with the bones protruding from his rotting flesh; this was the gnarliest Jason yet. In retrospect, it’s not the best in the series, but I still enjoy it nonetheless. It’s got all the right ingredients, and the climactic confrontation between Tina and Jason is one of the best in the series. I just wish we could see the film the way it was meant, but then again, the same goes for pretty much the whole series.

    5. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday – Last, but certainly not least, this little gem…hated by so many, yet this film has the best production qualities in the series. The obvious problem is Jason’s absence throughout most of the film. I hated it, too, but that doesn’t stop me from taking a step back and appreciating what easily could have been the most effective entry in the series. New Line Cinema dropped the ball on this one, no doubt, but does that make it a terrible film? Hell no! The opening is the best in the series, period. It’s an awesome stalk and slash formula that leads to an explosive climax, and that’s just the first five minutes! Jason may now be a body hopping demon, but he is still the “Sultan of Slaughter” as he makes short work of coroners, campers, and cops (please excuse the alliteration). The gore is topnotch and there’s a plot in there too. Creighton Duke is one of my favorite characters, and I wish they could have done more with him. Steven makes a good hero as he is determined to save his family and stop Jason. Though the film strays way out in left field opposite of what Friday the 13th film probably should be, I praise the film-makers for their plucky boldness.

  13. Part III
    Part VII
    Part 2
    Part 4
    Friday the 13th

  14. 1. Part 4– this film refined all the F13 elements and capped the franchise in quality that has never been seen since. The atmosphere, Manfredini’s score now fully matured and never exceeded, better actors and dialogue than most of the films… almost a \Breakfast Club\ with a killer. Rob’s murder might be the only one in the whole franchise that I find difficult to watch… and a deeply psychological aspect that adds to the uneasiness in the whole thing, how this messed up kid connects for a few moments with this madman and is left scarred for life from the whole incident.

    2. Part 2– great characters, not teen stereotypes like later films, a big cast and some very memorable moments (like the wheel chair kill). The last movie in the franchise to be filmed in the northeast, which is where the series takes place, also adds to authenticity.

    3. Part 3– the last 15 minutes of this movie are the best final sequence in the entire franchise. Chris Higgins is more resourceful than MacGyver and thrashes Jason with every conceivable object she can get her hands on, out maneuvering him at every step… the final scene in the barn window creeped me out as a kid. I only put this below part 2 because I think the acting/dialogue was a little rough.

    4. Part 1– set the tone for the whole thing… love the mystery and the little atmospheric things going on… the classical guitar music during a thunder storm, Marcy’s creepy premonition-dream, Pamela’s speech and one of the greatest moments in all of horror– Jason’s surprise leap from the water at the end.

    5. Part 7– part 6 is a little too whimsical for me, otherwise it would be here… part 7 brought back that darker atmosphere and had one of the best looks for Jason in the franchise. The characters are annoying stereotypes but the psychic powers add an unusual element and Jason takes his worst beating since Chris Higgins.

    2)FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2
    3)FRIDAY THE 13th

  16. 1. FT13th:The Final Chapter

    Undeniably the best in the series. Jason was way smarter and scarier than in the previous 3 installments. It has a great cast, awesome kills, Judie Aronson naked, and a worthy opponent Tommy Jarvis. And Trish is pretty tough Herself. But what I love most about part 4 is Ted Whites performance as Jason. He really brought something new to the character. He walked through most of the film, but at the end He ran and moved fast. I will always consider part 4 the best in the franchise.

    2. FT13th (1980)

    Part 1 was the first FT13th film I ever saw when I was little along with parts 2 and 3. What I really love about part 1 is along with being a great slasher film its a mystery who done it kind of film. I was still kind of new to horror at the time, so Ill admit I was kinda creeped out. The way Mrs. Voorhees stalked and killed the kids brutally, lets just say I was checking under my bed, looking around every corner, being spooked out for weeks. But at the same time, I was enjoying being scared. I cant explain that. But the most frightening part is of course the ending where Jason jumps out of the lake and drags Alice down. The way Manfredini set up the music was perfect. It didnt change at all, just BAM!!! total fear. Part 1 definately has the best ending in the series. And bringing in a female serial killer, that was definately cool. Betsy Palmer did an outstanding job.

    3. FT13th Part 6: Jason Lives

    I really love how Tom Mcloughlin did this installment. He didnt want to retell the same story weve seen 5 times before. So he gave us something new. I think part 6 has the best intro ever in the series. Digging up Jason, that was something new. And when Tommy opens the coffin, and You see Jasons face, the maggots and worms coming out of His face. Man, that was eerie. I was getting creeped out before the opening credits, so thats a powerful horror film. I also like that Tommy Jarvis returned once again. Apparently Mcloughlin said He disreguarded part 5, and 6 is a direct sequal to 4. But its strange that Tommys driving around in a blue truck similar to the one Pam was driving in part 5. And Im not sure, but I think orignally Hawes was supposed to be Reggie from part 5. Shavar Ross mentioned on His Name Was Jason that they wanted to kill Reggie off in part 6. But like I said, I dont know for sure. But anyway, I like how theres alot of humor but not too much to make it silly, like the paintballers. And the kills are insane. I like how Jasons more powerful, and He does alot of kills with His bare hands. Ripping arms off, breaking the Sherrif in half, smashing Nikkis face into the RV mirror, pulling Sissys head off. I was loving it. When part 6 hit video, I must have watched it 20 times in the first month. I re-rented it alot. I was starting to piss off alot of people at the video store. But anyway, part 6 stands alone because nobody ever did another Friday film with the perfect blend of Horror, Goth, and comedy.

    4. FT13th part 7: The New Blood

    What I love about part 7 is Jason is fianlly matched up against someone who could kick His ass. Tina is probably the most deadliest opponent Jason has ever faced. Deadlier than Freddy. And of course it was the start of the Kane Hodder era. He really brought something to the character. He was definately more frightening than CJ Graham. And the damaged look of Jason was just scary. That scene where Jason walks out of the lake, and You see His spine and ribs, I was like Oh My God. I know the kills were raped by the MPAA, but at the time I didnt know it. And when it comes down to it, its all about the final battle between Tina and Jason. Why Kane Hodder was the perfect Man for the job, the things Tina does to Him. Drops a house on Him, hits Him in the face with a ceiling lamp and Jason falls downstairs, lynches Him, and most importantly sets Him on fire. You never really see someone get ignited on camera in film. But part 7 changed all that. I give Kane props for that fire stunt, its an excellent scene. And His crashing through the window when You think Hes going to throw a body through it was awesome. And Kane almost hurt His Head on that stunt. But thats a scary scene, it was very effective. I like also how it pays tribute to part 4 in alot of ways. I just hope one day We could get an unrated release of the film.

    5. FT13TH PT 2

    I really love part 2. The idea of a deformed Man wearing a sack on His head killing people is frighteing. When I was a kid it came on TV alot and I watched it every time. Probably one of the top 10 horror films that started my love for the genre and the Jason series as well. The death scenes were awesome and hilbilly Jason is scary. One halloween I was hillbilly Jason pitchfork and all. And I see what Steve Dash means when He says its hard to work with that mask. With the one eyehole, my vision was screwed up for a little bit after I took the hood off. And I love Ginny, Shes cool. She took a risk and tried to mess with Jasons head. He couldve not bought it and wasted Her. And the jump scare at the end is classic, and the makeup of Carl Fullerton on Jasons face is unforgetable. It really catches You off guard. I stayed away from windows for years because of it. Good times.

  17. Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter
    Friday the 13th (1980)
    Friday the 13th Part 2
    Friday the 13th Part 3 3D
    Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

    I love how opinions vary amongst Friday fans. Some fans love certain entries of the series while others despise them. The New Blood would’ve been in my sixth spot followed by A New Beginning at seven. The New Blood is the last one that I truly enjoyed from start to finish. After that, it was only bits and pieces of the films that followed I liked.

  18. This is pretty hard for me to decide because I loved the first 4 almost equally, but after wrecking my brain…my top five is:

    1- Friday the 13th Part 3 3D – The first one I ever saw. One of the best chase scenes in a Friday film. A lot of fun! Couldn’t get Jason’s face outta my head.

    2- Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter – Atmospheric, suspenseful… Awesome! This should be in a tie for #1 because it’s just a perfect ultimate Friday movie.

    3- Friday the 13th Part 2 – Creeped me out the most out of all the Fridays when I was a kid. Couldn’t sleep!

    4- Friday the 13th (1980)- Scary, fun and a bloody good time. Mrs. V rocks!

    5- Friday the 13th: A New Beginning – Different, yet part 5 is the last one that kept the orginal feel of the original films. Jason or no Jason, it’s a helluva good slasher film.

  19. 1. Part 3: I always liked the way this one was sort of split by the mask. The creepy POV stalking 1st half completely taking a 180 degree turn to the in your face, no more hiding, attacks with the introduction of the mask. Richard Brooker was a great Jason. Some corny dialogue and acting is offset by the classic handstand kill and my favorite ending chase of the series.

    2. Part 4 The Final Chapter: Can’t do this one any more justice than Jasonsfury did

    3. Part 7 The New Blood: What can I say? Kane Hodder. My favorite Jason with my favorite look. I like the “party crasher” Jason as far as a set up for the kills. Really like the addition of the secondary storyline with Dr. Crew’s self serving agenda. Tina’s telekinetic powers boost the end battle very nicely. Shit zombie dad ending but some great kill scenes like the sleeping bag kill make up for it.

    4. Part 6 Jason Lives: Tom Mcloughlin did a great job, the humor was done perfectly (played like a police academy movie sometimes which I loved). The dialogue was well written and the acting was pretty strong. The GA locations they shot in were perfect for a Friday movie and the concept of a super powerful zombie Jason was awesome to me when I first saw it. Jennifer Cooke was my favorite female lead, hot with a lot of attitude.

    5. Part 2: Stands apart from the rest, with a few character name changes part 2 could’ve been released without the Friday name and stood on it’s own. Very creepy as a whole and the shocks throughout the movie can genuinely catch you off guard even when you know they’re coming. An added bonus was a spectacular performance by Kirsten Baker’s ass!

  20. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
    It brought Jason back more Agresive, brutal, and scary. It brought the intense, suspence, & entertainment.

    Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives
    It gave us the 1st “Zombie” style Jason, it was entertaining, and has one of my Fav. kills Sheriff getting broken in 1/2 by Jason.

    Friday the 13th Part 7
    Darker style, KANE HODDER who is the perfect Jason, the look of Jason in this film was the best in all, and the kills.

    Friday the 13th
    It’s the Original, it set the tone for Jason in a way and was suspensful.

    Friday the 13th (2009)
    One of the best re-makes I think, something about it were rushed but all in all good.

  21. 1.)The Final chapter

    2.)part 3

    3.)The New Blood

    4.)Part 2

    5.)The original part 1

  22. 1. Part 4
    2. Part 2
    3. Reboot
    4. Jason lives
    5. F13 part 5.

  23. 1. 1980 original
    2. Part 2
    3. Part 4
    4. Part 6
    5. Part 3

  24. Pretty easy for me…


  25. 1=friday the 13th part VII
    2=part VI jason lives
    3=part VIII
    4=jason x
    5=new blood
    are all my favs

  26. 1)The Final Chapter
    2)A New Beginning
    3)Jason Lives
    4)The New Blood
    5)Jason Takes Manhattan

  27. 1. Friday II
    2. Friday III
    3. Friday IV
    4. Friday I
    5. Friday V

  28. Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 2
    Part 1
    Part 6

  29. Hi,

    My order:

    1 – Part IV: best directed, best characters, best Jason
    2 – Part II: set the standard formula better than Part I
    3 – Part III: best chase and survivor fight
    4 – Part V: under rated and lots of fun as a horror fan
    5 – Part VII: only because of Kane Hodder & make-up

  30. 1. Final Chapter
    2. Jason Lives
    3. Friday 2024
    4. Friday 3D
    5. New Blood/Part 2

  31. No part 6 or part 2 in your top 5, JasonsFury? Thats almost unbelievable!

    #1-The Final Chapter
    Great kills, great characters, and one of my favorite Jasons. Also has one of the best chase scenes of the entire franchise at the end.

    #2-Friday the 13th (original)
    The one that started it all. Best atmosphere of the entire series a mystery killer kept in the shadows until the very end.

    #3-Friday part II
    Sack head Jason holds a soft spot in my heart as the first Friday I ever saw. The campfire scene by itself almost puts it in my top 5 by itself. Great chase scenes at the end.

    #4-Jason Lives
    My second favorite set of characters after part 4. Introduced to zombie Jason for the first time is iconic. One of my favorite and fitting endings.

    #5-The New Blood
    Kane motherf*#kin Hodder! The sleeping bag kill! The montage at the beginning! Best looking Jason of the series! Jason finally meeting an adversary as strong as him! The only thing that keeps it from being higher on my list is the MPAA butchering the kills.

  32. Friday Parts 3-7 are still going to be shown on AMC on Friday to those interested.

  33. 1. Remake by far!!

    2. Part 3 It was 3D, First time you acually see Jason without a mask, and he got the hockey mask and the axe mark!!

    3. Part 4 Would be #2 but Jason died and that sucked!!

    4. Part 2 First movie to have Jason in.

    5. Part 6

  34. 1.) The Final Chapter

    This was the darkest film in the franchise. Jason was very brutal in his kills, that some of his victims get tortured slowly & painful before they die. Ted White was the best person to play Jason than anyone else here. That & Jason’s death at the end was the icing on the cake.

    2.) Part 2

    This one show some sequel can live up to the first film. Heck, I would say it probably even better than the first. Jason’s sack head really made him very scary compare to the iconic hockey mask, despite my love of the hockey mask.

    3.) Part 1

    The one that started it all. The kills were top notch & very graphics for it time in 1980. It still is to thise day. And we can’t forget the ending that we found Mrs. Voorhees to be the killer is something many horror movies rarely used before this: having a female as the main killer. That & the ending of Jason jumping out of the boat was the start of a franchise that still continue & will always do like Frankenstein, Dracula, etc. does.

    4.) Part 3

    You can’t just leave out part 3 on the list that was the first to use the iconic hockey mask that the general public know!! Despite some terrible acting, this film has some great scary moments like part 2. Richard Brooker was a great Jason here too.

    5.) Part 6

    This is the one that help me first discover Friday the 13th franchise when it first came out in theater before I turned 10 yrs. old. The kickass poster is what got me curious about the film & I was able to watch it for the first time on Showtime channel. It was scary, but it got me hooked big time. :)

  35. 1) Friday part 6
    2) Friday part 4
    3) Friday part 7
    4) Friday part 3
    5) Friday part 2

    And Friday part 5 would be #1 on my all time worst Friday films list.

  36. Counting down
    Part 1
    New Blood
    Part 3D
    The Final Chapter

    The Final Chapter is (to me) the best entry in the series. Friday the 13th had a certain formula that was perfectly executed in the first 4 films. The Final Chapter could’ve been a great end to the series, but it instead it boosted Jason to Horror Icon. The characters and the actors who played them were great. If only we could get another Friday the 13th movie like this.
    Best Friday combination for me, Part 3 and 4.

  37. 1…IV FINAL CHAPTER, 2…REMAKE, 3…VII NEW BLOOD, 4…F 13 1980, 5…VI JASON LIVES desde CHILE muchos saludos.

  38. 1. Friday the 13th (1980)
    POV of a jeep in reverse with Manfredini’s creepy music, “HELLLLLPPP MEEEE” being shouted from outside in the rain, people refer to this place as Camp Blood, Kevin Bacon’s death scene (keeps me from hanging my feet over the bed at night), and the scariest ending in motion picture history.

    2. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
    Jason is chopped up and killed by a horror fan, Judie Aronson, Ted White’s portrayal, Jason’s “retarded” like walk/run, the beginning montage of the prior 3 films, and never getting closer than 5 feet when first viewing the video box art as a child at the video store.

    3. Friday the 13th Part 2
    Jason takes revenge upon his mother’s death, the potato sack, Ginny fooling Jason into thinking she’s his mother, Jason’s shack, wheel chair ridden with a machete shot to the face followed by a roll down a flight of steps, and Jason’s mantle piece made from Mrs. Voorhees.

    4. Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives
    Tommy Jarvis actually resurrecting Jason because of Roy Burns, the happy face imprint in bark, I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly, finding the original movie’s Camp Crystal Lake sign crossed out to say Camp Blood at the bottom of the lake, and this is the first movie that introduced me to Jason.

    5. Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D
    THEE HOCKEY MASK ee ay yes oo dom mee nay, neck merely snapped from the noose drop, Chris Higgins at her finest, eyeball popping, speargun facial, the ruining of FANGORIA issue #1, and finally being able to watch it in 3D.

    And the consolation prize goes to…

    Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood
    Walt Gorney’s voiceover montage at the beginning, Kane Hodder, kneecaps and spine decomposition, being true to the films before it by keeping the ax mark and missing left eye, and asking what’s Jason gonna do now with a cracked hockey mask?

  39. 1. The Final Chapter… like you said, the definitive Friday movie
    2. Jason Lives… the first Friday movie I saw, and I still like it to this day.
    3. Part 3.. I love the relentless Jason in this one, .. if it weren’t for the stupid dream ending, this one maybe number one.
    4. The New Blood… Love this movie… I remember seeing the trailer as a kid and I couldnt wait to see it.
    5. Friday the 13th (1980) I like the uneasy feeling you get while watching this, even to this day, the whole movies tone is uneasy, like that bad feeling something bad is going to happen.

  40. 1)Part 4
    2) Part 2
    3)Part 1
    4) Part 3
    5) Part 6

  41. Hard for me to rank, but I’d say 1-6 were “classic” F13. 7 is where it started to lose it with the telekinesis angle, and then things only got worse. JGTH reminds me of Halloween 3 where there’s no Myers.

  42. @reptile101, Part VII and The New Blood is the same movie -.-

  43. 1. Part 4
    2. Part 3
    3. Remake
    4. Part 6
    5. Part 7

  44. 1. Friday the 13th part 4, The final chapter
    2. Friday the 13th part 3D
    3. Friday the 13th part 6, Jason lives
    4. Friday the 13th part 7, The new blood
    5. Friday the 13th part 5, A new beginning

    And in 6th place is the Remake…

  45. Wow, only one person thinks that part 2 is the best? Part 1 may be considered a tad better for its strong atmosphere, effective whodunit angle, and for pure origination factors; but aside for that, part 2 is really the only well produced film in the entire franchise.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a to-the-grave fan of all F13, but it can be really difficult to watch most of the films. For instance, Part 3 is incessantly boring. There are far too many (unbearably bland) characters to juggle, and even though it is one of the only final chase sequences that comes close to comparing to part 2, it still is nothing very notable. The hockey mask saved that film (again, I love it, but it is really nothing special)

    Part 2 has, arguably, the strongest final chase sequence in all slasher films. Jason is completely believable. Ginny, as well, is the most intelligent and worthwhile heroine. The score is brilliantly adapted. Et cetera.

    I simply can’t watch anything past part 4 for long. Jason hulking around, teleporting behind victims is just too boring as well as lazy. He’s a great icon, but I’ve never ever felt the creep factor as the first 2 films.

    1- Part 2
    2- Part 1
    3- Part 3
    4- Part 4
    5- Remake

  46. The Final Chapter
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Jason Lives

    And BANE, I would have to actually agree with what JasonsFury said earlier. JGTH was far superior (and more enjoyable) than Jason X. It might just be me, but Jason X was a bunch of murder scenes thrown together. It lacked story!! But JGTH actually explored the orgin and family aspect of Jason!! Though not the most solid of stories, it is still good to watch every now and then!!

  47. 1. Final Chapter
    2. Jason Lives
    3. Freddy Vs. Jason
    4. Friday the 13th (1980)
    5. Part 2

  48. Jasons Fury, your explanation of your favorites is truley hilarious! You know the fans definately! I respect your faves and absolutely love your homage to part one, could not have said it better myself. heres mine:

    Final of everything! scares,gore,continuity,JASON!
    Friday the 13th (1980)…still creepy scary and gory to this day!
    Part 3…scary, the definative final girl chase scenes, very creepy the way Jason was lurking around, alot of good unmasking scenes in this one, Window scene and Jason busting out the door in the dream sequence is terrifying.
    Part 2…Good continuity from part 1, alot of tense creepy moments, Amy Steel (Ginny) is a great character, absolutely loved Jasons shack, it seemed so realistic as to what someone living in the woods would build,very creepy! loved Mrs. Voorhees head in the fridge next to the V8!
    Part 6 Jason Lives…This one had a great sense of humour whilst not mocking Jason, also had a lot of great scary moments, the triple beheading and rv death scenes are totally cool, loved how they renewed the crystal lake legend and actually opened on the old camp grounds! This one always puts me in a good mood, loved the energy and the music in this one!

  49. 1. The Final Chapter — \the Empire Strikes Back\ of the Friday franchise. Awesome.
    2. Friday the 13th (original) – the one that started it all. This was indeed a roller coaster ride.
    3. Part 2 – hillbilly Jason still freaks me out to this day. great film
    4. Part 5
    5. Part 3

  50. Part 3
    Jason Goes to Hell
    Part 2
    Final Chapter
    New Blood

    These are the series entries I watch the most.

  51. Part 2 (Best mystery)
    Part 3 (1st appearance of the Jason we know)
    Part 1 (Still a little Creepy)
    Part 4 (Great ending)
    Remake (Back to a Jason you would fear rather than laugh at)

  52. There should be a Top 5 Final Girl blog entry :)

  53. Part 2 (Best climax to any of the movies!)
    Part 1 (Groundbreaking for it’s time, again, a wonderful climax with the appearance of Mrs. Voorhees!)
    Part 4 (Very good all-round horrorfilm with Jason)
    Freddy Vs Jason (Fun, fun, fun film! Best visuals of any movie in the franchise!)
    Remake (Exellent remake, that has grown on me these last 2 years)

  54. - Part 2
    - The Final Chapter
    - Part 1
    - Part 3
    - A New Beginning

  55. -Part IV
    -Part II
    -Part III
    -Part VI

  56. My personal top 5:

    1. Part 4
    2. Part 6
    3. Part 2
    4. Part 5
    5. Remake

  57. Friday the 13th Pt 3 – The true introduction of Jason, love this movie from beginning to end and imo it sets the tone for the rest of the movies. Love how it starts off with the review, then Jason trashes the market and sets out on his killing spree. So imaginative, frightening and as others said the battle between Chris & Jason in the end is the ultimate chase scene in the franchise.

    Friday the 13th Pt 4 – Close second imo, maybe cause i haven’t gotten to see it on Blu Ray yet lol. This movie is Jason at his most imposing with Pt 3 right behind. He’s angry, beyond evil and taking everything personally. The introduction of a child into the series was a brilliant stroke, and the murders are top of the line be it the shower head smash, the wine cork bash, or the ingenius termination of our pal Jason. In reality, it’s a true toss up between Parts 3 & 4 and everything else is distant.

    Friday the 13th Part 2 – For obvious reasons, this film certainly enters my top 5. One of the better intros of the series where Alice is terrorized before meeting her demise. Then we have the true beginning of Jason’s entry into the series and the beginning of some truly original kills. The hanging murder, the double impalement and then the gruesome wheelchair toss down the steps show that Jason didn’t want to just kill … he wanted to prove a point.

    Friday the 13th Part 6 – This film was the first where Jason was brought back from the dead, clinically speaking at least lol (loved how they did it btw) and finally returns to a camp site so the recipe for a fun and frightening installment is clearly present. I really enjoyed the fact that some sharp humor was injected into the series and the last 20 minutes of the film are as good as any in the series. The scene where Jason comes upon the campsite and stares it down is truly classic.

    Friday the 13th Part 5 – The first of the series that i saw as a kid, so this film holds a special place w/ me. The thing i enjoy in the flim is this is really the first of the series where your watching and you realize “something is different”. It’s not just a bunch of good looking kids looking to have a good time and you don’t see Jason’s mask for roughly an hour. Not to mention, Crystal Lake isn’t even brought up so there is no reason to automatically attach it to the other films as we had done with the previous four. It’s nothing you expect but still everything you know how to enjoy.

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