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In a effort to make this the best Friday the 13th website on the World Wide Web, there are going to be some major additions and updates on the way in the near future. One such addition will be the much anticipated return of the message forum. That is being worked on as this blog is being typed and promise you that it will be a unique experience. Stay tuned for more information as that nears completion.

We will also continue to give our visitors the very best and unique contests that allow everyone to win sought after and unique items relating to the Friday the 13th series. Our Lobby Card contest ends this Sunday, so make sure to get your entries in. Look for an announcement of our next contest very soon.

In the mean time, debuting Sunday June 20th, a new Friday the 13th Resource Project will be added to This project will be the beginning of what will be a major Friday the 13th reference guide for fans of the series. This guide will eventually link together with the current Blog and help give visitors a one stop resource for everything Jason Voorhees and Crystal Lake. More information will be given to our visitors next week when the Resource Project debuts. Until then, thank you to everyone for visiting the website and for your continued support!

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18 Responses to “ Resource Project Coming To ”

  1. Resource Guide, you mean like a Wiki?

  2. GREAT NEWS! I heard about a forum a LONG time ago and just it got trashed as an idea but glad to hear it’s coming. It can be so difficult trying to track “replies” etc in a blog format without constantly checked comments everywhere and a forum would fix a lot of that problem.

    Glad to hear the main site will be getting a fresh look also. Honestly since things got so separated I spend most of my time reading the blogs yet never visiting the main site anymore.

    Hope to see everything work out in a nice little package. Looking forward to the changes JP.


  3. \m/

    Sounds good…outstanding job.

  4. The wikiFriday idea is a great one. It’d give everyone an opportunity to add/update information to make this the most comprehensive website for Friday fans worldwide. I want in.

  5. Just want to say that a wiki was never mentioned above.

  6. Jasonsfury-
    Wondering if you ever considered maybe a monthly podcast. You could do your \Friday Conversations\ as the feature and have a roundtable discussion with reader call-ins. I would definitely volunteer an hour every chance I got to call in.

    You could even have the inaugural podcast be from the Camp Blood reunion. That would be an awesome feature for those of us who can’t make that weekend.

  7. Well, that would be a great idea, but I just would not have the time for something like that. Believe it or not, I do have other things I am involved in besides the website and the franchise. ;)

    There will be a ton of coveraghe of the reunion that weekend. Still trying to plan that out for the best way to present it.

  8. This is fantastic! I’m impressed with all the content on here already. The more the merrier. Thank you guys for making this place what it is.

  9. Sound really good!!
    U have done so much on this site, no wonder why its the best!!!!!

  10. sounds awesome! cant wait! :)

  11. I wish I can have that full poster above. dan jackson fell off the earth

  12. Dan mailed me his LAST copy.

    I will get it framed someday.

  13. dusk email me i want to ask you something

  14. Some awesome news!! I’m really looking forward to all the new changes/additions!!

  15. Can’t wait, and all of the new school fans will hopefully appreciate all of the greatness.

  16. I kind of wish this site and campblood would merge. Both are great sites for differnt reasons. You two could do a lot of dammage together. were all batting for the same team here.

  17. I love that poster. I think this site used to link off to the artist and where to buy it, but I’m not sure if it was a limited print or if it is available anymore. Does anyone still know?

    Also, really looking forward to a new forum. The original was great.

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