Video Review Saturday: Jason Lives Storyboards

These storyboards have been shown on this website in the past, but I figured since it was a while ago and I only showed brief zoom out shots of the items, a video might do these better justice. The storyboards I speak of are from the the Special Feature, “Meeting Mr. Voorhees” which is on the Deluxe Edition of Jason Lives: Friday the13th Part VI. The video was cut short as my camera was losing battery life. However, I think that everyone will get the idea. Enjoy!

Also, there is one week left in our first contest of the summer. If you want a chance to win an original set of lobby cards from Friday the 13th (1980), check out our contest and submit your entry today. Good luck!

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4 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: Jason Lives Storyboards ”

  1. That’s awesome, how much money would it have costed to do that??? It couldn’t be an extreme amount?

  2. I’ve thought about this for a long time. I just don’t know, if I want to know Jason’s father. The storyboards look good and all but I just don’t think it would be a good idea to show Jason’s dad on film. The only time he’s even mentioned in the movies is in JGTH. I think it would take away from the series. Theres really no good way to bring him in. Would he be a hero and try to end Jason once and for all? Would he be a raging lunatic that is the cause of all this to begin with. But back to the fact that he’s first mentioned in JGTH I can’t really get behind that cause it was that same movie, that reveales Jason had a sister….WTF.. and he can only be killed by a magical dagger weilded by his Sister/family member. So that being said I’ve never really cared to know who Jason’s dad is/was. And part 6 is my favorite of the series and i’m kinda glad we didn’t get that scene.

  3. I wish they wouldve went with that original ending for part 6. Although I like the caretakers death, that wouldve been a more interesting ending. The opening scene for Jason Lives is beyond awesome, I remember at the drive in I was very impressed with the opening. I just think the ending with Mr. Voorhees wouldve been a more interesting conclusion to that chapter. from the looks of it, Elias looks quite vicious. I dont know, the ending for part 6 is kind of lame. “Jasons Home” and then they flash to the next morning and they show Jason. Friggin Paramount.

  4. I’d rather know about Jason’s father in the sense that he’s already dead and not some man in black who’s mysteriously “around” at certain times. A family photo or something would be enough. I hated the comic where he was just some loud, abusive drunk with no real personality of his own other than a wife beater stereotype.

    I’d like to know a bit about him but in the end I’d rather have the father stay a footnote in the big scheme of things.

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