Crystal Lake Map Explains Locations Through Jason X

This map is a rough sketch of where all of the different locations of the movies in the franchise, up to Jason X, could be in relation to each other on the lake. I found this map posted at the Camp Blood forum and it is a cool way to try and explain how all of the events in the series took place on one lake. I am sure some of you have tried to figure this out at some point. One question that is always expressed is how big is Crystal Lake, really? The Friday the 13th franchise does seem to utilize every single acre available in and around the lake, doesn’t it?!

Well, take a look at this map and have fun trying to place the locations in the areas that you think are appropriate. Each location on the map is numbered to represent the movie and it’s location. I think this map is a valiant effort and could be a fun project for some ambitious fan to create a very real looking map of the fictional Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th series.


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22 Responses to “ Crystal Lake Map Explains Locations Through Jason X ”

  1. To me, #8 on the map doesn’t exist.

  2. I’m digging it!

  3. Cool map, but doesn’t jive with me.

  4. Wait a min i thought camp forest green and the original camp site were both one and the same. Does jason not go to the same camp were his mother dies in the first one? Why is forest green way over there and the other one way over the other way?

  5. Yes They clearly state that they change the name to forest green so people could forget

  6. This is really cool. I would love to see maps of the individual locations ie: where the cabins are in relation to each other.

  7. Pretty cool, however the following dont make sense.1; Crystal lake Docks??? showing the river to NYC is cool but the docks were on the other side of the river, a Big Steam cruiser wouldnt be in a Lake, so Suzi & Jims boat was taken up river (as the deck hand says) 2; Higgins haven is not on crystal lake, its a tiny Stagnent pond up in the hills. 3; Cabin resort near the jarvis house??? is this the house where jimbo & Co stay? 4; where is the 2 houses from part 7? However I think the map is cool & always liked the idea of doing these little things that all add up to tie up loose ends in the franchise, you could also add in some of the Cemetarys that appear in the films (part 1,2 & 6)

  8. I like it, its a little unrealistically big for a lake but lets face it FRIDAY THE 13TH is more than just a movie…thanks for the post jasonfury

  9. Cool map. It does make ‘’sense”. Besides some lakes are pretty big and could easily have all these things around it. As for the river to NYC? well I just accept it in order for the series to make sense. I think Higgins haven is on crytal lake and not some pond in the hills ( although it could be… who really knows). Whats J’S abode?

  10. The problem is, that the lake looked different in each movie.

    In part 1 it was an average size-lake. You could see all the “borders” of the lake, the hill in the background. But you clearly saw that there where no other houses at the lake except the camp itself. The lake in part 2 looked a bit bigger, but it was never actually referred to as “Crystal Lake”. The newsreport in the beginning of part 3 actually says that there are several lakes in tht area. Maybe that was Lake Packanack.
    The “lake” in part 3 was just a pond. It was a manmade “lake” at the location and it looked that way. To me Higgin´s Haven is not connected to the actual Crystal Lake.
    The lake in TFC sems to be very big. There also seem to be a lot of mountains around it. The lake rom FvsJ is similar to this one.
    The lake in TNB looked lik a small pond … no wonder since they used a river as a location. It´s also strange that the Camp is nowhere to be seen in TNB. Since Jason was “killed” directly in front of the shores of the camp it must have been visible in TNB (and the houses from TNB must have been visible in Part 6). Funny enough, the camp can bee seen again in JTM, but the houses from TNB are gone again!
    Okay, Crystal Lake could be connected to the Ocean and there could have been several “bays” in the lake which explain the different locxcations. The lakes in part4, 6,8 and FvJ as well as the remake sure looked like there where several isolated bays … but the lake from part 1 did not have such bays and you had a good look over the entire lake … there was no river that could have been connected to the ocean.

  11. i just don’t understand why the Jarvis family was so clueless about Jason, when they lived really close to Higgin’s Haven.

  12. Forest Green is the original Camp Crystal Lake from part 1. Its not the same shooting location, but its the same place.

  13. Scott
    Apr 20th, 2024 at 4:07 pm
    Whats J’S abode?

    I believe that is Jason’s shack in the woods.

  14. Yeah that makes sense. I wasnt sure what abode meant, but it all makes sense now. thanks!

  15. I suppose after another 10 movies the lake will look like the Atlantic Ocean.

  16. Love it but just like everyone else i see problems with it. In Jason Lives Jason is Chained to the bottom of the lake. In New Blood, he is ressurected in the same place so I dont see how Forest Green and Crystal Lake Docks can be apart like it is on the map. Technically it should be the same exact place.

  17. this is cool that somebody put this together. i think though higgins haven and the jarvis house were not on the lake, but separate smaller bodies of water.

  18. It seems like the general store should be farther away to me, the original campsite is where Forest Green is now, I dont think the Crystal Lake Research center should even exsist, thats a random place for the docks, wheres the house from part 7? I think the Halfway House should be closer, and maybe the lake should be smaller, the NY thing I can do with or without. Thats about it, the rest, I can dig.

  19. Do away with The halfway house, as I dont think its any where near Crystal Lake in the movie, why would they have Tommy in a Home for the mentally unstable so close to where he went through what he did, I agree with Nick, Forrest green is camp Crystal lake So the 2 houses from part 7 should be near there also, I still dont get what or where “Crystal lake docks” are meant to be? Still a cool map for us all to throw our opinions at

  20. So where’s JGTH? Cool idead w/ this map. I never thought of Crystal Lake being that big but it would make sense for it to be considering the locations of the movies.

  21. I wonder where the Friday the 13th 2024′ remake locations were! I mean they used the original Camp, But I would like to know where was located the barn where Donnie was living, the camp where Whitney and her friends were staying and Trent’s house were the rest of the movie take’s place. I wonder that it would be right near of the Original Camp-!

  22. I could be wrong, but in part II, wasn’t the lake on their left hand side while they were walking to the original camp from Paul’s camp?? If that would be the case, then Paul’s camp couldn’t have been in the location shown on the map above… It would have to be on the opposite side of the original!! I mean, I haven’t watched it in a couple months, so I could be wrong, but that’s the way I remember it!!

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