Franchise Crossover, Video Games: Urban Chaos

Previously, we have been highlighting other horror movies with Friday the 13th alumn in the 1980’s and we will continue to do so in the future. However, there are a lot of other media where the franchise has crossed over to. Video games, since the original NES, have highlighted Jason’s trademark hockey mask in one form or another and we will cover a number of those over time. Today we are going to look at an original Xbox game called Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

This game was released on the “13th” of June in 2006. I thought the 13th was a nice touch. Coincidence? In the game, the protagonists wear hockey masks and one of the masks is clearly modeled after Jason’s trademark hockey mask. The game itself was not groundbreaking, but a fun FPS that I remember playing a few times at a friend’s house. I’m not an Xbox guy, more of a PS player myself. Check out the pics and see what Jason could look like up close and personal if this century brings us a Friday the 13th video game.


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11 Responses to “ Franchise Crossover, Video Games: Urban Chaos ”

  1. Lets do everything we can to get a Friday game produced, and very soon. Even an updated version of the 80’s NES game would be great.

    Ah…a Friday game for PS3…i can’t even imagine.

  2. I know its way overdue. We need a FT13th game now. I hated the NES version (even though I bought it in 1988 because Jason was on the cover). If I knew it was going to suck that bad I wouldnt have bothered. But with the graphics we have now, someone could come up with a decent Jason game. If they could make a Saw game, why not FT13th?

  3. I have been wanting to see a Friday the 13th game for a while too. I would only be interested in it if you play as him though. The NES game sucked, but I do own it.

  4. It would be nice to have a Friday game, indeed! Has anyone ever played this Urban Chaos game? It was pretty fun.

  5. I remember playing it a couple of times before, and yeah, it was pretty fun. With the current technology of how video games are created now, it\’ll be really exciting if those giant game developers produce a Friday the 13th game. I can just imagine how stunning its graphics will be. :)

  6. Those screenshots remind me of the first Manhunt game, some of the enemies wore hockey masks that reminded me of Jason. I’ll need to check this game out though, looks fun.

  7. I always liked the hockey mask and coveralls in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

  8. I think something similar to a Maniac Mansion style would be nice…as far as telling your character to pick up certain things and certain characters can do certain things, so you’ll want everyone to survive. Like Shelley (pt 3) wouldn’t be able to fix a car, Ted (pt 2) wouldn’t be able to lift heavy stuff…I dunno…it wouldn’t even have to have the same characters other than Jason.

  9. A Friday game would be sweet. Does anyone remember the Backyard Wrestling games for PS2 and Xbox? on Backyard wrestling 2 you can put a hockey mask on your created wrestler that looks like Jason’s . just thought i would throw that in there. ill have to check out urban chaos shouldn’t be too expensive nowadays if i can find it :)

  10. On Smackdown vs Raw a few years back it was possible to create Jason and Freddy on the create mode.Right down to the hockey mask and razor glove (no machete though)Anyone else play this……………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  11. i still play my F13 video game on the NES. it’s not the funnest game, but it’s still not terrible. i think that there NEEDS to be a F13 video game. And it would be amazing if you could choose to either play as Jason or as a camp councelor, with an in-depth story with different endings, as you progress. there’s alot they could do with this, if they took their time. it has alot of potential.

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