Halloween 3 Still In The Cards For Todd Farmer?

Todd Farmer (Writer, Jason X) was fast at work creating a script for Halloween 3 last year when all came to a sudden halt. His infamous detailing and disappointment of the process on his blog was indeed a reality check and a great view into the inner workings of the film business. Since then, Todd gets asked, probably everyday, if his script will ever see the light of day for Halloween 3. Speculation always runs rampant. Today, Todd is not helping that speculation.

On his Twitter account, Todd mentions, You know, @WeinsteinFilms, if people see me leaving your NY office they’re gonna speculate. So I’m gonna sneak out the back.

Take that for what it is, but Todd always likes to have fun commenting on his Twitter account. Does this mean that Todd is working with the Weinsteins to get Michael Myers back into cinemas? Who knows at this time. I like Todd Farmer and the work he has done and I hope Halloween fans get the type of movie they have been looking for. I think Todd can belt out a great script and hopefully help create an awesome Halloween film!

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17 Responses to “ Halloween 3 Still In The Cards For Todd Farmer? ”

  1. I hope if Halloween 3-D does offically happen, I really do hope Todd Farmer will be involved. I love Jason X, My Bloody Valentine 3-D, and Drive Angry 3-D looks interesting from the trailer. I especially like the idea of erasing Rob Zombies Halloween 1 and 2. At least thats what I read, but how there going to do that Im not sure. I like part 1 the remake, but maybe if they just erased part 2 thatd be cool.

  2. WOW!!! I hope so this would be great! Don’t get my wrong I love Rob Zombie and I thought he would be great for Halloween but I have to admit I was disappointed. I like the idea of getting rid of his two movies, lets start over and try to get back to the Michael in the original parts 1 and 2. WE WANT OUR STALKER BACK!!! lol, Michael stalks and toys with his victims, he lives in the shadows! Weinsteins have to make this happen, the fans deserve a good old fashioned halloween movie, no disrespect Mr. Zombie, I still like your music.

  3. Oh and by the way jasonsfury thanks for a little Halloween news! I also hope all the Jason fans get their sequel, I’m looking forward to it myself!

  4. Oh and by the way jasonsfury thanks for a little Halloween news!

    No problem, Travis. If I can angle a story to fit within the Friday the 13th universe, I like to get other news on the site as well. Glad you got your Halloween fix for the day. :)

  5. good post! i hope this gets made.

  6. I really hope this ends up being a stand alone Halloween movie! *cough*NIGHTDANCE*Cough*

  7. I’m just as much a Halloween fan as I am a Friday the 13th fan – my top two favorite slashers! I’m an optimist, yet I keep my expectations kind of low so I’m not thrown for a loop. Of course, Rob Zombie managed to throw me for one anyway with his interpretation of Halloween. I look at every potential sequel as an opportunity to outshine the last. Considering Rob Zombie’s take on the shape, I can only hope Todd Farmer will deliver and restore Michael Myers to boogeyman status. Don’t get me wrong, Zombie’s movies have kind of grown on me, but I much rather prefer Michael Myers to be as Donald Pleasence’s Dr. Loomis described him…”purely and simply…evil”, not the sympathetic serial killer Rob tried to make him out to be. What’s up with that? Anyways, who knows how long before we’ll see either Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees back on the big screen…for me, it’s never fast enough.

  8. That’s a good sign if Todd is on it. I loved the My Bloody Valentine remake and he was a part of that one as well (Old school slasher fans should check it out. It’s modern but doesn’t suck).

  9. They need to go back before the Screamesque Halloweens(H2O, Ressurrection). Flesh out the Thorn storyline. Bring Malcolm MacDowell back, or no, there’s better candidates for Loomis out there, though none could truly fill Donald Pleasance’s shoes.

  10. Rob’s Halloween was pretty good, i liked the backstory part of it, not sure why SOOOOOOOOOOO many people bash the shit out of it for.

    Halloween 2 yes it sucked, but had a couple of cool parts in it, i DO understand why so many people bash it.

    If there is a Halloween 3D and it continues from the previous two, it better be done good, my first thoughts when i heard about it were, “Oh shit, here’s trouble”.

  11. hey guy,
    Most people dislike, including myself, Rob’s version of Halloween is because we feel he just pissed on Carpenter’s classic. I understand the he was trying to make his own version but it just didn’t work. The back story was instresting but to make Michael someone whose just fucked up in the head misses the point of what made the original so great. Michael Myers is the boogeyman and Rob forgot that. Don’t get me wrong, I like Rob Zombie but his Halloween films should not exsist. Period! Todd if your listing….Please do something different then following the last films. One thing I don’t understand is why so many people down the remake of Friday. I liked the film. If you brake down that film you’ll notice that it’s just a typical Friday movie. There’s nothing new except playing with with the history little bit.

  12. I love too see a halloween 3, i love the franchise!!!

  13. I love Jason X and My Bloody Valentine. So I am super excited to hear Todd Farmer is possibly still involved on Halloween 3.

    I also loved Rob Zombies films and feel that some of the citicism he gets is a little unjustified. Rob tried to simply take an established mythos and put his own spin on it. He tried to make it unique and different from the other films in the Halloween franchise. He tried to do something original and whether you are a fan or not the man should be given credit for trying. I personally think he made Michael Myers scarier then he had been in the films that preceded Zombies Remake.

  14. I want a sequel to everything. I like H1 and H2, I liked ANOES and of course I loved the new Friday the 13th. Bring on all the sequelssssss. Thanks for this JF

  15. I really don’t like Todd the Farmer.

  16. If Todd can make it original and unique and creative, it will be worth it. If it’s the same old formula then I honestly don’t see it being something worth watching. Would be cool to see a Halloween III (2011 version) with the mask factory but switch it up a little bit, make some statements on the political structure of control or something of that nature. That would be pretty solid and would be a meaningful film that will make a statement but also make the studios their money back and then some. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a great Halloween, as long as the understanding of horror and terror is there and non-cliche, non-funny moments, then the film will be one of the best. It all depends on writing, directing, vision, etc.

  17. I’m one of those people who loved Halloween (2007) and H2, so… bring it on! Todd Farmer, clever writer, he can make it work. Just keep it simple, 50 minutes character build-up, 40 minutes climactic killing.

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