Our New Promotional Video For Friday the 13th: The Website

Congratulations to Mad World Designs as his video has been chosen as our new promotional video for fridaythe13thfilms.com. We had a number of entries and a great turnout of voting by our visitors. The winner was chosen based on these votes as well as the staff of the website. The winning video will represent our website well as it gives a brief history of how our modern day website came to be and also incorporates some great moments from the films of the Friday the 13th franchise.

The video will be used for any promotional ventures this website engages in. If you have a website or blog and would like to help promote our website, please feel free to use the video listed below. Again, congratulation to Mad World Designs for an awesome video and a big thanks to everyone that entered the contest for their hard work.

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Email questions: jason.parker@fridaythe13thfilms.com. Follow me at: www.twitter.com/jasonsfury

11 Responses to “ Our New Promotional Video For Friday the 13th: The Website ”

  1. Congrats!

  2. Congrats Mad World Designs.

  3. Awesome! I voted for this one…Ha!

  4. Thanks to everyone that voted for me! I honestly didn’t even watch the voting after seeing #7 come out of the gate so hard, I just avoided watching and waited for the end.

    As for the other videos, great job everyone. I’m shock we didn’t see more entries but video editing is rare compared to Photoshoppers I guess.

    Lester (#3), I have to say when I first saw your entry before voting started I was impressed. That use of the picture in picture effect and the moving backdrop with the comic book was a very nice touch. Everything blended very nicely.

    Dominic (#7) you had me nervous brother ;) I thought you was taking the prize. Nice use of the Pseudo Echo song in the video. Every new fan I show Friday 5 to always comments on that tune.

    I’m shocked that nobody voted for #2. I mean if you watch it there are a LOT of perfectly time video/audio syncs plus a lot related visuals to the lyrics. I have no idea why it got no votes unless it just happens to be a low number of Disturbed fans on the site.

    Once again, thanks to everyone that voted and thanks to site for giving us all a chance to show our art. I hope that Jasonfury and Dusk actually voted for mine considering it’s promoting their site. I would feel bad if it wasn’t something they wanted.


  5. Thank you for the kind words.

  6. Congrats! Great choice for the winner!

  7. Glad this was the winner. Very well done and relevant to the website. Great job and congratulations!

  8. Wow,,This was a tough call,,so many great videos,,Congrats To Mad World Designs,,nicely done!

  9. congrats!

  10. I’m glad this won,cause I voted for it & it was the best!

  11. @MadWorldDesigns What else can I say? Congrats! That was just a case of the tortoise and the hare. I had a nice start up, then dropped a bit. You started off a little slowly, then finished off as number one!

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