Jason’s Girls: Danielle Panabaker

Danielle Panabaker played the ill-fated Jenna in Friday The 13th (2009). She appeared in some titillating states of minor undress for GQ Magazine to promote the movie. Hubba hubba.

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6 Responses to “ Jason’s Girls: Danielle Panabaker ”

  1. I love the 2024 film. Not only fun, but such hot women!

  2. I hated the remake but I liked Danielle in it, I found her the only sympathetic character in the whole movie.

  3. hot women! ha!! Sadly no hot men!! I enjoyed the film!!

  4. I thought the characters Nolan and Clay were hot lol…to each their own.

  5. Oh wow….I think I need a towel. But nah seriously She is smokin hot!!!!

  6. Danielle’s character was of the more likeable in the reboot. When Jason killed her, you felt a little sympathy. Most of the rest, you couldn’t wait until Jason split open their skulls…lol
    She’s a pretty good actress. I liked her character in “The Crazies”, too. A few more horror films with some juicy roles and she could become the next scream queen.

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