Action Figure Xpress to feature Gentle Giant Comic Con Exclusive Jason bust

If you plan on attending Comic Con this year (July 23-26), you’ll have the opportunity to snag one of 400 exclusive busts from Action Figure Xpress (compliments of Gentle Giant), featuring Jason from Friday the 13th part VI: Jason Lives. Gentle Giant offered up a similar bust recently that was very similar pictured HERE. This time around, Jason will be weilding the fence post that brought him back to life in the film, as well as a removable mask.


The bust stands at a nice 8 inches tall and features a very good likeness. An added perk to picking this up at the event would have to be that CJ Graham himself will be in attendance and will be signing the busts absolutely free. CJ will stopping by the booth throughout the day. Times will be posted. Action Figure Xpress will be in booth #4045. The Jason Lives busts will be priced at $60.

For more information on Action Figure Xpress check out, or follow them on twitter at

As for Gentle Giant, check them out at

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9 Responses to “ Action Figure Xpress to feature Gentle Giant Comic Con Exclusive Jason bust ”

  1. FIRST!

    The removable mask is a nice touch. It’s a good thing that these toys sometimes highlight the details that these films overlook. You can hardly see Jason’s unmasked face at all in the begining of Part 6.

    Personally, I think they should release a figure like this for Part 2. The make-up effects for the unmasked Jason were superb in that film. Warrington Gillette was the best Jason ever. It sucks that his career didn’t really take off after that film and he never got to become the horror icon that he deserved to be.

  2. So its the costume from part 6, but the face of part 7. o0ok.

  3. Thats not the face from part 7….

  4. Looks like the face from part 6 to me.

    Gillette is a phony who cries at night.

  5. Looks like face from part 7….
    jason had green shirt in prt 6.. its all messed

    looks cheep

  6. That’s DEFINITELY the face from 6, not 7.

  7. I think it looks cool…and it’s nice that CJ Graham will be signing these things for free. I went to a Friday the 13th reunion once and ever Jason there was charging $20 for an autograph (including CJ). But still, I can think of a lot of better ways to spend $60.

    And regarding figures/busts/toys from Friday the 13th Part 2; The Friday 2 stuff always seems to be the stuff that is the easiest to find. Maybe its because Jason is wearing a bag on his head. Nobody seems to want it as much.

  8. OMG that is the most awesome Jason bust I’ve ever seen.

  9. Jimbo X. I went to horror hound last year Derek & Kane were there and they were both charging 20 for autograph. That being my first horror convention ive ever attended I didnt know they charged. I looked like a idiot but thankfully my bro spoted me some money to get Dereks autograph.

    That burst looks great. Id love to own one.Might have to check Ebay after the comic con. Im sure someone will be selling one.

    Btw. Would like to thank you friday fans. With out you guys my youtube channel would be pretty much dead. Thanks for the almost 200,000 views on my friday the 13th content.

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