Shock Till You Drop Interviews Kane Hodder

kaneDuring an interview with Shock Till You Drop, Kane was asked about his thoughts on the New Friday the 13th and Derek Mears’ portrayal of Jason. I personally think Kane is a great guy. I have talked to him a number of times at conventions and he is always willing to answer lots of questions and just BS. However, I think he is never going to let go that he isn’t going to play Jason anymore. The shaft by Ronny Yu and New Line has permanently pissed him off.

Shock: I’m curious, what did you think of the Friday the 13th remake, or have you not seen it yet?

Hodder: I haven’t seen it yet, but I intend too because I’m a horror fan. I definitely have to see how Derek [Mears] did, because Derek’s a friend. Even though I think I should be wearing the mask, I still want to see how he did and he wants me to give him my thoughts because it’s not an easy part to play as people have found out. They think “Oh, you just need a big guy and he has to do some violent things,” but it’s not as easy as it sounds because most guys overact. You can tell by the way they’re standing that they’re trying to look scary and that totally runs it for me. So I want to see if Derek looks more natural than the other guys. But I’m going to have to see it because I love horror movies, even if I think I should have been in them or not.

Shock: Personally, I think he did alright. It was certainly a different type of Jason but Derek handled himself that right way, I think.

Hodder: I often wondered how the running aspect was going to go over, because I never thought Jason should run. Some people told me they don’t mind it, and other people said they hate it because it takes all the anticipation away. Now you know he’s going to catch them because he’s going to run. As ludicrous as it was, I would never run and I’d catch the bastards anyway.


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52 Responses to “ Shock Till You Drop Interviews Kane Hodder ”

  1. Hodder has always been such a big fan and big supporter of the “F13″ movies, and horror films in general, that it is hard to fault him. He does have a sore spot where the recasting is concerned and I think if it had been handled differently, he might feel better about it. He never got to “pass on the torch” or whatever, instead just being dumped.

    I like Mears take on Jason, as well.

  2. Get over yourself Kane. I thought he was one of the worst Jason’s. And he talks about the others over acting. LOL. I think he did the most over acting.

  3. jason running started in part 3 and kane says he’s a horror movie fan did you see part 3 and 4 the best ones,kane needs to stop acting like zombie jason was the best when it was junkbox.mears was way better.

  4. Persoanlly, I never even thought Jason needed to put on the hockey mask, let alone run. This series really went downhill after Part 2 came out. After that it got unrealistic and Kane Hodder’s portrayal of Jason proves it. He says, “I would never run and I’d catch the bastards anyway.” Yeah…how lame is that? Part of what made the earlier films scary was that you still thought the people in them had a chance. By the time Kane got the part, it was funny that he even caught them at all. My name is Warrington Gillette and I work at Walmart.

  5. I think Andy was right. Kane was the most boring Jason. My favs are 3, 4, 6, and the new one. Mears running was fantastic. To me it made the movie more intense. Can\’t wait for the blu-ray and hopefully an official word on a sequel with Mears.


  7. Sure Kane as Zombie Jason wasn’t the best, but it definately wasn’t the worst either, the guy who acted as Jason in FvsJ was the worst potrayal i’ve ever seen thanks to Ronny Yu & some other maggots. Anybody who feels that Kane was one of the worst & overacted has got thier heads shoved way too far up thier own asses.

  8. Part 5 was the worst film in the franchise. Hodder wasn’t that bad, and he did add some fun characteristics to Jason (the confused head tilt always makes me laugh in part 8). Hodder is insane, he really believes hes jason, and damn it thats what I love about him. he is a psycho.

  9. Dachande,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Kane really believes he is the essence of Jason. He is crazy. He has admitted it and I love that about him!

  10. Kane is BY FAR the BEST Jason. Part 7 is my fav. Kane should play Jason atleast once more. Big Zombie Jason is awesome. You people need to do your homework…the dead(zombies) dont run…not in hollywood anyways :P

  11. I personally agree with Kanes Jason being the worst. or, at least the worst entires in the franchise. I like 3 and 4. Part 4’s Jason is still a living, breathing, non-supernatural human being. Hes just deformed, demented, and murderous.

    side note, Kane is not that big at all, I stand 6′5″ and about 295lbs. I have 3 or 4 friends that are also my size. Id like to have my photo taken with Kane, id be taller and bigger than him. LOL

  12. i’m starting to get sick of hodder saying jason shouldn’t run. jason runs in part 2, 3, & 4, and in part 6 he’s a pretty fast walker. for someone who thinks he knows so much about jason, he seems to be confusing him with michael myers like everyone else. HE introduced the aspect of jason calmly lagging behind in the background but somehow catching up…so to claim that’s the only way it should be is pretty egotistical.

    and for someone who is such a big fan, why didn’t he rush out to see this as soon as it came out? i was literally counting down the days.

    i’ve been a hodder fan for a long time, but dude, it’s over. he’s gotten too big. jason as a beefcake doesn’t make any sense. could you imagine jason having a secret weightbench that he uses for benchpresses? you can’t get a build like that just from being active doing stuff in the woods.

  13. Jason running actually started in part 2 but it wasn’t real fast of a run. I don’t like Kane as Jason personally but that’s JMO.

  14. I luv both Mears as Real Life JAson and Hodder as Zombi Jason, but Personally, MEARS ALL DA WAY!!

  15. I just never liked kanes jason for some reason. I know he is a great guy but, ehh Brooker and mears blow me away every time i watch the movies they were in.

  16. In my opinion, Brooker was the best, with White a close second. I thought Hodder did a great job in part 7, but like one of the people above said “we should get a new Jason each film”. It worked out better back then… And aside from part 7 being the last movie in the series that I liked, Hodder didn’t really do that good of a job in parts 8-10. Even though I didn’t like the remake, I still thought Mears did a great job.

  17. I think Dereck did a great job, Personaly i do like Kane as well but my fave Jasons where the earlier ones before his appearance in the franchise, But i think Dereck played jason very well if not the best, Not saying he played him the best just saying he is definetly up there, I think Kane is still disapointed with FVJ and Mr Yu and I agree with him on that point he should of been in that film but i think that Ken did a good job also, But moving forward i think Dereck was a perfect choice for this film and hope he does the sequel, and also the whole non running part I think that Kane is refering to his films that he did not run but he should be aware that jason did in fact run before he started playing the role, And Dereck and the Platinum Dunes team did a great job with the movie, once the hype died down and people watched the film they realised it was good not perfect but a GREAT FRIDAY FILM, And the dvd and Blu ray will be awesome(Killer Cut directors cut)…….Love you Kane You where a good jason and will always be remembered but Dereck is carying for the torch for you and he is doing very very well, Dereck hope you are in part 2

  18. I forgot to mention Mr Yu in a interview i read advised he needed a actor to tower over Robert Englund and he advised Kane was too short, I am sure camera tricks could have been used.But Even Sean Cunningham advised he did not agree with mr yu decision…..

  19. OK,credit where credit is due.Kane has left a lasting legacy in F13 lore in the aspect he has split opinions.I agree with Chad that part 7 was the last good Jason movie until the recent reboot.However i thought that parts 8-10 were poorly handled,scripted,produced,directed or poor choice of storyline.Kane did his job in those movies and therefore can\’t be held responsible for Paramount\’s/New Line\’s shitty handling of said entries.I have personally thought for a long,long time that the reason that Kane wasn\’t cast in F vs J is that he had become as popular at playing Jason as Robert Englund is as Freddy.I don\’t think that New Line wanted their baby boy(Freddy) being upstaged by someone as equally established in their title role.Let\’s face it how wimpy/weedy would Freddy look against Hodder\’s Jason as opposed Kirzinger\’s pathetic looking Jason.Think about it you work your ass off for years in your job until the big movie face off that the fans waited over a decade for.Only to be left out and see it go to some one less qualified.Kane wasn\’t just in it for the money,he genuinely loved playing/being Jason and is as concerned about the way these movies are handled as any other Friday The 13th fan.I do think that he has donned the hallowed hockey mask for the last time because Derek Mears Jason kicked serious ass and is the way forward for this franchise………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  20. Love the post BAZ, I agree…


  21. Has Kane ever seen any of the other Friday the 13ths besides the ones he’s played in???

  22. Thanks for the response digmadnes…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA,MA RIGHT BACK AT YA.

  23. I will always have a fondness for Kane’s portrayal of Jason. He did take over when it was ‘zombie Jason’ so the slowing down made sense. I will always appreciate the little characteristics he added to Jason character.

    Derek, yeah he was pretty good in the not so good re-boot, but he did not add any characteristics to the Jason character. He played it straight up with no great character touches.

    And although I did enjoy seeing a ‘live’ Jason again, he ran too frakin’ fast. It was like watching Jason in a marathon run…too fast and it looked, at times, funny/laughable.

    I feel the glorious day of Friday the 13th are done. New Line/Platinum Dunes and the writers and people they continue to use are just not good enough (or into for the right reasons). They treat everything like it’s a TCM entry.

    I’ll see the sequel but will not be quite as psyched, since I got a good idea of what they see the F13 franchise being now. And it’s not the glory days of suspense and tension filled build-ups and kills. Now it’s fast and digitally gored. And badly scored.

    I’m just happy to have further original entries release on blu-ray!

    Now, that’s something to be real happy about :)

    If the memory of Jason still haunts you, you’re not alone.

  24. i agree that kane should have been jason in fvj. it’s what we were all waiting for… kane was the jason of that era. they had been talking about the matchup from about the time the new blood came out, and then jgth hinted at it. it just made sense for it to be him. and instead we basically got a mocking of f13th worked into a freddy movie.

    i agree new line had something to do with it, but it also had to do with the fact that nobody that worked on the movie was very fond of f13th, yet they all had a boner for freddy. i guess new line could be blamed for that as well.

    f13th always gets shit on. i’d like for an indie company to pick it up… or maybe lion’s gate.

  25. Anyone bitching about Kane’s bitterness has not been in his shoes and in a situation like that. You people bitching wouldn’t be bitter yourselves if you were passed on after putting your heart and soul into a role, any role, after as long as he did? Now go ahead and say, “No, not me!! I would never be bitter. I’m a forgiving angel!”. Go ahead and say that…so I can come right back with a pure, truthful, no-nonsense, and-you-know-it-to-be-true-yourselves, “BULLSHIT!!!!”. Kane will ALWAYS be JASON. Period.

  26. Hummm, I’m sure this was brought up before in this thread…Jason ran in Friday 2, 3 and 4. If Kane was a BIG fan of horror, he should have known that. I think he only looks at any ‘Friday the 13th’ from HIS standpoint. I consider any Friday/Jason film with him in it, a weak one.

  27. I don’t care either way. The only friday movies I liked, are the first four. After the Final Chapter it was all down hill.

  28. I think Kane is bitter cause not only is he not playing Jason anymore he’s also pissed at the fact that they aren’t making Best of the Best movies anymore.

  29. i think derek Mears was the best Jason along with Ted White, they were the most human which is far more scary than a zombie who Power walks, i think Kane was good as Jason in Parts 7 & 8 but JGTH & Jason X he wasnt as good, CJ Graham,Dick Booker & Steve Dash also were good in there respective films, & to finish off i thought Ken Kirzinger in Freddy vs Jason was great he brought a vunerubility to Jason, all of the actores involved in our great Franchise have done us proud so i dont see why we should complain, they all bring something different to the table

  30. Because of my childhood I think Kane might be my all time favorite Jason forever. I met him myself, and he’s an awesome dude.

    I just can’t believe that he said what he said though about “Jason not running.” The remake was based on the first few films, and in Parts 2-4 Jason did in fact run. Hell, how can ANYONE say they hate it when he runs, unless they never saw the originals, and maybe only saw Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason, and THOSE films are basically those people’s idea of Jason.

  31. @Rich.

    “unless they never saw the originals, and maybe only saw Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason, and THOSE films are basically those people’s idea of Jason.”

    That is EXACTLY why!! AND I HATE IT!!! LITTLE KIDS AND RETARD!!! Thats all it is.

  32. A lot of that is shooting/editing. In the movies Kane was in, we get shots of Jason breathing heavy, so he was known for that, or the head tilt. Open your heart to Derek’s performance, and I think you’ll find positives.

    Okay, but wasn’t it also kinda cool to see him frantic, like a crazy woodsman would be? And him standing on the roof looking down was cool as fuck, admit it.

  33. “Derek, yeah he was pretty good in the not so good re-boot, but he did not add any characteristics to the Jason character. He played it straight up with no great character touches.”

    A lot of that is shooting/editing. In the movies Kane was in, we get shots of Jason breathing heavy, so he was known for that, or the head tilt. Open your heart to Derek’s performance, and I think you’ll find positives.

    “And although I did enjoy seeing a ‘live’ Jason again, he ran too frakin’ fast. It was like watching Jason in a marathon run…too fast and it looked, at times, funny/laughable.”

    Okayy, but wasn’t it also kinda cool to see him frantic, like a crazy woodsman would be? And him standing on the roof looking down was cool as fuck, admit it.

  34. jason running is alright as a human. but as a zombie he needs to be slower but still aggressive like he is when hes human. michael is the one whos all slow all the time. jason doesnt have to move as fast as a zombie when he does as a human because he cant die he can with stand just about anything. and he can resurrect or regenerate lost and damaged tissue fast so it really doesnt matter. however the new friday was more intense because jason was human and he was faster because there was a chance of him actually not getting his kill which made him more deadlier.

  35. I think Kane was very good at portraying Jason as a character.
    And yes Jason ran, in parts 2, 3 and 4 as he was alive…
    Parts 6 onward to 10 he was dead so the running part was taken out. Unfortunately Kane took over the role in the lower end of the franchise where the films didn’t do aswell as the previous ones such as 2, 3 and 4. But Kane owned Jason, the walk, head tilt, and the mannerisms. He made Jason his own.
    Thus the reason he was asked to come back for more, a total of 4 movies, people liked him as Jason that much they wanted him back, fans, studio exects, film makers so on etc. Where as all the other actors to portray Jason only did it once each. Kane was also pinned to star in Freddy vs. Jason untill Ronny Yu wanted someone a little taller and a little more built in the upper body area. So all in all i think Kane did do a good job untill he got shafted…

  36. I thought he died in part 3 with the axe to the head? The way I took it, was that he died then. And that the part where he came busting through the door at the end, and disappeared, then his mother came out of the lake, was ghosts. And that Crystal Lake was haunted. I could be wrong, but that’s how it came off to me. Either way, that was a great movie.

  37. I feel he died at the end of Part 3 as well Chad, especially as he was taken to the morgue at the beginning of fhe fourth film. Someone tried to justify that on here once by saying it’s because the paramedics in Crystal Lake were under-trained. Haha what a lame excuse! But he was still pretty creepy in The Final Chapter and Jason running makes far more sense than when he just mysteriously appears all the time.

  38. Kane Hodder was so mechanical that I began to ponder, and even like the idea of a CGI Jason for future films. I saw some of the uncut footage of Kane slapping the sleeping bag against the tree (Part 7) and it is obvious that he was getting tired after the fourth slap.

    The role of Jason over time has become more physical and more out of the reach of what regular people are capable of. In almost every film he gets bigger and stronger. It would be easier to create a CGI Jason to get the right shot since you could argue that he is more of a movie monster than a human anyway. They just did this with the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation and it was one of the highlights of that movie.

  39. No to CGI’d Jason.

    There was way too much of digital gore in the reboot. For me, that kinda ruined the movie.

    Too see digitized blood running down a victim? Boo!

    Give me the days of Tom Savini and other fabulous gore make-up artists….the glory days of the original series.

    …the body count continues…

  40. There was CGI gore in the remake? I didn’t notice that. Where?

  41. Cgi gore,NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!Glad i got that off my chest………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  42. Christian, I feel the same way. The friday movies where Jason ran are way better. To me, zombie Jason wasn’t scary. Those weren’t really horror movies, they are more in the comedy/horror genre. Like Return of the Living Dead. They were fun to watch, but not scary. I always prefered the human Jason and the creepy atmosphere those movies had. I just don’t think parts 5 and up have the same feel that the first four had.

  43. And about CGI, I can’t stand it. Words can’t describe how much I prefer the old school special effects… It’s like with werewolves, the CGI ones in newer movies like The Cursed suck. While the ones in movies like The Howling, Bad Moon and Dog Soldiers kick ass. They should stick to the old school FX, that’s my opinion.

  44. Chad, agreed.

    Jimbo X – when the woman under the docks gets Jason’s machete in the head you can see the head looks like it’s CGI’d just before it goes and he pulls her up with it and the subsequent blood that runs down her shoulder is CGI’d.

    When the guy gets Jason’s machete in the head and just when Jason boots him off of it I could tell his head was CGI’d at the point and the gore was too.

    I kinda remember other examples but they’re not coming to me right now.

    The gore was better back in the good old days.

    I’m loving the idea of the original series getting the blu-ray treatment (I”m happy with how the first one looks and sounds).
    (Don’t care about pt 9 on blu-ray)

    …you’re all doomed…

  45. That part II Jason running was the gayest puss I have ever seen..He looked like a gay bitch trying to run with those baggy ass over hauls on from the Sheriff…LAME

  46. Part 2 Jason is the best. The wheel chair kill from Part 2 is one of the most brutal in the whole series. Also, the double impalement on the bed was a stroke of genius. Anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t know the series. Jason ran in Part 2 because he meant business and had a job to do. He didn’t get lame until he became undead and started walking to everything like he didn’t even care. I’m amazed that Warrington Gillette’s career as a horror icon didn’t take off after Part 2. It’s a shame he is now working customer service at Walmart.

  47. He was a fuckin pussy big time in part 2..Weak gay pussy…The whole movie was a rip off and sucked ass..And the look was a total rip off from town that dreaded sun down..A movie which was actually scary and good..That guy was a bad mother fucker and would have totally fucked this tater sack Jason up the ass like the little gay pussy baggy ass over haul wearin bitch that he was..

    Owned Bitch

  48. Old Joe Clark is a philosopher of sorts. Jason was a total mountaineer hillbilly in Part 2 and I think it was a good thing that Steve Miner started changing that about him in Part 3. Jason also got stronger in every sequel so if you track his strength backwards, then, yeah, he is also at his weakest in Part 2.

    One thing that I agree with The Walmart Man about is when he points out that a couple of the kills in Part 2 that are very good. But wasn’t Warrington Gillette only in the scenes where Jason didn’t have his mask on? Steve Dash is the guy that was Jason for most of the movie if I’m not mistaken.

  49. Old Joe Clark,

    “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” was alright but I didn’t think it was scary because I’m not a pussy like that. The DVD was on sale at Walmart once and I didn’t even use my employee discount to buy it.

  50. Kane Hodder fuckin’ blew as Jason! Although Mears did a good job, I thought. Ted White or Brooker, that’s a toss up for me and my favorites.

  51. Kane, you always will be the BEST Jason Voorhees of all. Kane brought more character to the role than anybody that ever dare to wear the mask. He talks with his emotion he brought to the movie. My name is John & i’m a security officer.

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