‘Crystal Lake Gazette’ By Fridaythe13thfilms.com?

Some visitors may have seen a blog post referencing this yesterday. Unfortunately, technical difficulties kept the blog from being completed and probably left people wondering what the point behind the blog was. Well, now everyone will find out. We received a great idea from site visitor “timateo” regarding the possibility of producing an actual newspaper chronicalling the ficticious town of Crystal Lake.

Now, this could be a huge undertaking and may not be worth the time, however, I think it is a unique idea and could really be something that fans would love to see and read about either on a weekly or monthly basis. Starting out, the idea would be small, possibly consisting of just a one page paper containing articles about the town and those mysterious disappearings by that old run down camp. A sample article is below. If people enjoy the articles and popularity grows, the paper could grow as well.

Right now, this is all in the planning stages. Nothing is concrete and the idea may never fully come to fruition. That being said, would this interest our visitors and if so, what type of fun articles would you like to read about in a Crystal Lake Gazette?

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25 Responses to “ ‘Crystal Lake Gazette’ By Fridaythe13thfilms.com? ”

  1. I’d love to see interviews with the locals, such as Crazy Ralph and Sherrif Garris, explaining their views on what’s going on with the disappearences and whatnot

  2. I like the idea that every Friday The 13th some “out of towners disappear by the old camp.” That’s my favorite part of the idea… nothing happens, just every Friday The 13th SOMETHING strange happens by the lake.

  3. For starters, would you guys need a map of the town and surrounding area of Crystal Lake with all the landmarks so that people could submit articles written using the map as reference? I would love to be able to submit stuff if possible. I’ve got about ten ideas already.

  4. I like the map idea too! Plus I’d like to see some fake ads from local businesses like Harold and Edna’s General Store,The Crystal Lake Diner, Little League baseball and hockey teams in a sports section and maybe something on The Essex County Hospital even. The things you would normally see in a small town paper but using characters and thing associated with the Friday universe would be a ton of fun!

  5. Love this idea! Really liked it when Rob showed Trish those newspaper articles in The Final Chapter. Maybe the Crystal Lake Gazette could run a few news stories that even fill in the blanks of what happened to certain favourite characters, such as some of our fave Final Girls?

  6. I love the concept of a Crystal Lake Gazette, and the ideas for articles and ads are great. If there’s room, it might also be fun to occasionally include that eternal mainstay of small-town papers, the “Help/Work Wanted” section, with series-related want-ads (for landsacping at the cemetary, for example).

  7. Awesome! I am so glad this is getting positive feedback so far! And you guys are on the same exact wavelength as me as to what I envisioned for this whole project! Excellent ideas! Exactly what I was thinking! Jasonfury, you rock man! This is so cool!

  8. want ads occassionally for camp counselors would be cool too, in conjunction with articles about someone attempting to re-open the camp, only to be stayed by local townspeople protesting to keep it from happening.

  9. HA! Yeah RustyMachete, like a “please reply to Paul Holt at 555-1234″ type ad. That would be great!

  10. Great ideas everyone. This could materialize into something pretty special.

  11. These are all cool ideas. Will this be something located in the blog or is it going to be downloadable?

  12. Would be a fun thing to do and make it real. Do cover stories, interviews with town folk, ads for places like resturants, movies, hotels, motels, rentals for camping, stores, comics, crosswords, sports, weather. It’d be fun!

  13. I realy love the idea!!
    Maybe some interviews from “people” who know the legend off Jason, think those made up stories would be good!!.

  14. Maybe some Bigfoot types of sightings from time to time of Jason being sighted near people’s homes maybe? Hunting for food or something? The guy’s gotta eat.

  15. Not to dilute this too much but perhaps we could even have a bit of cross over references to some of our other horror film favs like the odd story every once in a while from neighboring counties like Haddonfield or Springwood? Not on a constant basis but every so often an article on a boiler plant burning down in Springwood with one confirmed dead or even an ad for Strode Realty from Haddonfeild?

  16. Cool idea.

  17. Thats awesome, kind of reminds me of the Crystal Lake massacres revisited on The Final Chapter deluxe edition. The fictional documentary, I thought that was a cool idea.

  18. I’ve had a very similar site going since early last year with references to many F13 characters, places and happenings. As a matter of fact, when I was hired by the producers of the Deluxe Edition DVDs, we incorporated what I had already built and added it into the Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited mockumentary. My idea was having the fictitious Crystal Lake Variety Store, owned by the Hocketts in part 3, being the front for all kinds of faux articles, character interviews, photos and even newspaper clippings which I re-built from the films themselves. You can check them out below. Much more will be added in the next few days.


  19. Crash, the site is awesome! I love what you have done. Can’t wait to see what else you add!

  20. HA! Actually Crash you already have some of the ideas on your site I talked about above ie: the “please reply to Paul Holt at 555-1234? type ad. Damn and here I thought I had an original idea. Well done!

  21. Crash has created a very unique site. He is very talented and his concept of the store is indeed unique. If we decided to do the Gazette, it would definitely be something different from a general store concept. I think that the possibility of having a few contributors to the paper would be a great way for our visitors to interact with others on this site and the Friday the 13th community.

    Thanks for visiting Crash and sharing your awesome website! :)

  22. Wow Crash! Your site is awesome! I wish I had seen it before! But I’m glad I know about it now! Very cool and detailed.

  23. Fantastic site CRASH you really good at this!! It really sounds and looks like a realy paper on CAMP BLOOD!!!!!!! 10/10

  24. I see this and Crash’s site and THAT is what I want as a fan. So creative!

    jasonsfury, As far as a geographical accurate map, I think you have on the fridaypedia. You can use that as a starting point and make it more interactive. I think on top of the articles & map, you can do morgue reports. The Halloween comics site is in busted shape right now, but here is an example:


    You wouldn’t want to mimic them too much, so instead of a drawing, you can have the generic looking diagrams that police use to map the abrasions on bodies. Just a though.

    Crash, I loved your cafe site and was sad to see it stop progressing. You have a great artistic eye for detail & knowledge of the films’ canon. Will you ever continue it?

  25. Thanks for the info, the2ndsuitor. We have some more info coming for The Crystal Lake Gazette very soon!

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