New Wickedbeard Jason Voorhees Part 4 Images

Wickedbeard is back and appearing in all new poses, this time in ‘The Final Chapter’ mode. The menacing actions of Jason Voorhees are accurately depicted as Wickedbeard preys on his victims with unholy relish. View his new pics below and let us know what you think of the accuracy and detail of the costume and hockey mask. Some say Wickedbeard is only a legend, but we all know he keeps coming back…

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17 Responses to “ New Wickedbeard Jason Voorhees Part 4 Images ”

  1. I checked out wickedbeard’s web site and noticed he has an “Angela Voorhees” female Jason costume. Who’s Angela Voorhees is that Jason’s sister and in what movie was she ever mentioned in? Or is she a character from the Jason comics?

  2. Truly awesome! You do belong in the movies as Jason! Great work, man. How much does that cost to make?

  3. Very good lookalike!!
    Detail is amazing!!

  4. Thanks Everyone!! I truly appreciate the compliments!!!
    And to answer the Angela Voorhees question. Angie is my Girlfriend and that is the Jasonette style suit I did up for her.

  5. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I’ve always liked Part 4 Jason the best.

  6. This costume is just absolutely fantastic. Sure, TFC is my fave, so I’m biased…. :)

  7. Awesome…but of course when all your costumes are awesome that’s not really news, is it?

  8. that’s my boy behind that mask!! KICK ASS WB!! KICK ASS!!

  9. fantastic jeff. love the pt 4 but is there any costumes you do i do not love……NO! love your angela voorhes as well.


  10. I have always loved his costumes. They are always accurate. Lovin’ the menacing look of Jason in this one. Great job!

  11. WAY WAY WAY BETTER THEN THE 2024 LOOK I would love this Jason in the next movie !!

  12. Once again great work Jeff!!!
    congrats on the publicity bro

  13. Cool man, Ive been waiting for Wickedbeard to come out with The Final Chapter gear. Awesome!!!

  14. Truly awesome photo’s Jeff!! You look outstanding as usual!! Always love seeing your work brother. Keep up the great work :)

  15. [...] New Wickedbeard Jason Voorhees Part 4 Images [...]

  16. PERFECT!

  17. To everyone clamoring to see Jeff on screen as Jason, stay tuned- my plan is to get him there in 2024.

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