What do you want to see in a possible sequel?

It’s a given that by this time next year progress will have started on a sequel to the new Friday. What we want to know is what direction would you, the fans, like to see it take?

The obvious would be a straight follow up to the new film with returning cast (if any live that is!) and crew. But how about going back to the older films? As the new film is said to play as a sequel more than a remake it’s possible.

After viewing the excellent His Name Was Jason (You need to buy it right now folks) my mind got to thinking about how brilliant it would be to bring back some of the classic heroes and heroines from the series. Maybe Ginny or Tina could return to face their fears or Jason could have one more round with Tommy Jarvis? Personally I think it would be GOLD. Especially for the fans and the previous cast members all seem up for it.

If you guys agree then I suggest you all hit the Dune’s blog http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/platinumdunes/ and let the guys know what way you’d like to see a sequel go.

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84 Responses to “ What do you want to see in a possible sequel? ”

  1. bring back KANE-It can be like jason has returned bigger and badder-
    im sure kane can play the part-man youd have a lot of jason fans goin nuts..they wouldnt even care about plot.it would sell out just beacause kane hodder is back.period?..

  2. The majority of the audience doesn’t care who plays Jason. Derek does a fantastic job in the new film. I don’t think that Kane at his age can move like the new Jason does.

  3. i just want a sequel, and tommy could be a wet dream!

  4. I think a return for the “13th” Jason flick of someone like Ginny or Tommy (or both…) would be awesome!!!

  5. I want two things from the sequel…

    I want a plot that doesn’t paint the series into a corner, making further sequels impossible. Don’t cut off Jason’s head, blow up his body, give him a specific reason for killing that’s wrapped up by movie’s end, etc. I want a great story with an exciting resolution, but I don’t want the filmmakers to take liberties with the character which will make it more difficult for the makers of further installments to keep the mythos going.

    And I want a sequel that comes out within a reasonable period of time. It took five and a half years after FVJ to get a new Jason movie. I know the Platinum Dunes guys will be making the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake next, and I wish them success. But I hope they won’t leave Jason in mothballs for four or more years to focus on other projects. I want the sequel to strike while the iron is hot.

  6. As much as I respect Kane Hodder, I will wait until after I see the new film before I make a decision on who I would like to see play Jason in a potential sequel.

    I think Ginny was, without a doubt, the best female heroine of the series. But I think Tommy Jarvis stands out as the best character, opposite-Jason, of the series.

  7. A local theatre in Beavercreek, Ohio is playing a 12:01 showing tonight! I’m so there…

  8. DO NOT BRING BACK KANE! I want Derek Mears to play the part of Jason again! :-) I also want to see Jason unmasked for a lot longer in the sequel! :-)

  9. Derek is supposed to be signed for the second so that’s a given. Bring back Tommy and don’t bring the supernatural stuff.

    A winter movie will be great… Jason killing in the snow could bring some kind of artistic side to it :)

  10. In all due respect, why bring back a character and story that’s been done before? I’m a huge fan of the originals but I’d rather not see a modern Tommy Jarvis playing Call of Duty and doing CG graphics instead of playing Zaxxon and making masks…haha. But seriously, why not bring about original characters and moving the series forward. The new one brings back all of the cliches and stereotypical characters but a sequel can’t do that again without something a little more interesting. I’m not saying take Jason to NY or space, but break the mold a bit to keep the series fresh. You can’t get away with four very similar films in a row like you could in the ’80s. People would simply stay home and watch the first on their home theater. This one will do just fine because it has the remake title, but it won’t take long for people to say, “Not another one!” Keep the teens but add something else as an alternate storyline. They really didn’t do much with a bounty hunter other than Creighton Duke’s character who showed up a bit too late. What I’m saying is, yes, we can use elements from previous characters, but don’t simply cut and paste the old Tommy or Creighton into this new series. It’s lazy and will be pointless.

  11. Maybe I should see this movie before I give thoughts to a sequel

  12. I had an idea way back before Jason X came about where Ginny returned to put her demons to rest, even though Jason had been supposedly dead for some time. It was more of a personal healing that she decided to return to Crystal Lake. But the night before she arrived Tommy Jarvis, who is completely fucked up at this point and has been since the events of 4, 5 and 6, makes the mistake of finding out that Jason was indeed alive and well, ultimately succuming to Jason’s wrath in the opening sequence, leaving Ginny (and a new batch of teens) to deal with a newly pissed off Jason. It would take place at a condemned Camp Blood almost in its entirety.

    Thought it would make a cool H20 type sequel where the events from part 5 on didn’t happen and things stopped after The Final Chapter.

    Ginny has always been my fav heroine and I always thought a return for Amy Steel to the series again.

  13. I would also love some of the older charachters to return… the actors are up for it!

    It would be awesome!

  14. I’m kind of taking a wait and see attitude when it comes to sequels to the new F13. If they do a good job expanding Jason as a character and making the movie interesting, I’ll be all for it!

    This is slightly unrelated but I found this comic about Friday the 13th and I thought it was kind of demented and funny. Check it if you want.


  15. I’m going to wait until after I see the new movie before I make a post as to what I would like to see in a possible sequel. The filmmakers did say they wanted this to stand alone, but then there were rumors of this becoming a possible trilogy. I have to wait and see how this film turns out.

  16. @anthony: want a Werther’s Original?

  17. NO REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i wanna see a more 80’s jason.lets face it the best jason flicks was the 80’s when there was no cgi and jason wasnt so human.so how about bringing back zombie jason since the new flick is about the first movies.kill him in here because he’s still human but next time he’ll be the jason weve all come to know and love.but i still agree with seymor no remake!

  19. I\’m watching part one as i type this for nostalgia reasons in the build up to seeing the big guys rebirth this weekend.I agree to an extent that any sequel should stay away from any undead/zombie Jason.At least until they have exhausted all ideas on the current human Jason(which may take three or four sequels).The first Friday movie i seen was when i was about nine or ten and it was part viii(i know not the best entry of the series to begin with).However i was hooked instantly and quickly rented/bought all other entries till that point in time.My faves being parts four,six and seven.Anyway my point being if they take the undead/zombie route for any possible sequel(s) how can they make it convincing to a new generation not yet familiar with the series.I totally agree with Mr Moe in a winter/snowy setting.Just picture the scene,Jason eerily descending through the mist on a frozen Crystal Lake.Here\’s your tagline….This Friday the 13th,hell freezes over.The blood and gore would look awesome against the pure white snow.So to all fellow Jason maniacs,have a blast this weekend and keep pushing for more sequels to keep this timeless saga alive.Jason will never die…..CHI,CHI,CHI,KI,KI,KI.

  20. but u boneheads,jason was always zombie jason from part 1 thru..if your dead and you come back your NOT HUMAN!so he SHOULD have UNHUMAN powers,ANYMAN who comes back from the dead you will assume is UNHUMAN.so i like zombie jason,.,i love that amazing strength..thats what makes him ausome..without that,hes just a doof in A mask who can get his ass kicked like anyone else..so zombie jason AUSOME.N sorry man kane hodder was the best jason..maybe not the BEST movies but definitley THE BEST jason.and ive seen hatchet (f13fanatic) kane moves just the same :)

  21. No KANE!!! That would be awful, like the 4 films in which he played Jason. Keep the scary human Jason, not the steroid infused zombie in which Kane played and was a joke.

  22. I want Ginny, but she HAS to be played by Amy Steele! possibly Tommy, but NOT played by Corey Feldman, pleASE NO

  23. Jarvis, you must not follow the storyline of the films very closely. Had you paid attention, you would understand that Jason WAS human in parts 2, 3 and 4. You see, he didn’t drown as a boy. He made it out of the lake and lived in the woods. As for Kane Hodder being the best Jason….no. The only reason anyone thinks he’s the best Jason is because he’s played the character so many damn times. I mean, come on…he was in the WORST Friday the 13th films. If he’s such a great Jason, howcome 7-X aren’t all that great?

  24. I’ll never understand why ppl like Kane so much. Part 7 is the only one of his Friday movies I like. The other 3 are horrible. He’s plodding and isn’t scary at all. I’m interested to see what Derek does with the role…based on the trailers it looks great!

  25. Hi Jarvis,

    Jason didn’t drown in the lake, he survive in the woods, so he became unhuman only in part six.

  26. I would love to see a winterized Crystal Lake finally. That has been talked about so many times. It’s time to deliver.

  27. i think the 13th film should be the best of them all. so they will have to go all out for that one!

  28. the next movie is the 13th jason movie. it HAS to be the best. Derek Mears needs to return for he was fucking AMAZING in the new one. I say a direct sequel to the new one but in the winter, that would be fucking awesome. There was nothing wrong with the new movie besides the soundtrack and the end so a sequel to it would be killer. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

  29. depends……whatever ending this one has pick up a few days after it…i loved that in the originals…and one more thing..if possible.GET TOM SAVINI!

  30. he needs to do som Special Effects for this sequel!

  31. they should make a sequel to freddy vs jason, and put michael myers in it.(the real michael myers, not the rob zombie one.)


  33. Hey all you ass wipes what the hell is wrong with you the sequel should be badass so if they’re gonna come out with it then kane hodder should be in it and make jason even more badass the part 7 so for all you kane haters y’all can go and f**k yourself cause kane is the king.

  34. “Bring Kane back” “Kane is king”??? LMAO!!!! Are you serious?

    This new Friday the 13th and any movie in the future goes back to the franchise roots. Human Jason. The Jason from 2, 3 and 4. The Jason that most of us grew up with. I find that a lot of Kane supporters tend to be a younger generation of fans. Most agree that Kane did a good job with portraying zombie Jason but he’s human again. Most would also agree that the series got campy after part 6. While Jason’s look was bad ass in 7, that movie was not as good as the ones before it. Kane may be king to some but he is no spring chicken. Derek did a good job and should come back for the neck one.

  35. I agree with bob put michael in it and freddy and make the 13th one the best of them all.Not the zombie ones the the real michael,freddy,and jason.

  36. Hey Rocky. While I agree that Paramount’s later Friday installments were very lacking I think you’re giving part 6 a bad wrap. That one was very well written and directed. Some fans who grew up with the originals and love Friday the 13th part 2, 3 and 4 consider part 6 the best in the series. I can hear that Alice Cooper soundtrack in my head as I type this.

  37. I like the idea of a weekend retreat in the middle of winter, with snow on the ground…I was thinking about that the other day. We need to make the remake more realistic…people dont get butchered and the authorities dont do anything about it…there has to be some sort of manhunt in the process to bring this sadistic killer to justice he just hacked up 13 people……and I think their needs to be an orgin movie mad. What was his family like, his father, we know his mom is a nut….just how exactly did he get out of the lake without drowning….we all know that Jason wasn’t a very good swimmer…he was a swimmer just not a very good swimmer….maybe she knew he didn’t die…but with an orgin movie…you wouldn’t have a lunatic with a hockey mask running around killing everybody and I dont think people would go see it. I am sure the guys will think of something very creative and deliver in a couple of years.

  38. Well said, F13 Fanatic! If this new film is going to spark a series and keep people coming back, the subsequent entries are going to have to bring something new to the table. As has been mentioned here, a winter setting would be great. It would also be cool to see Jason in the town of Crystal Lake, rather than simply in the woods and at the camp. And, of course, there’s alway Jason’s father. What if we found out in a sequel that what really happened that fateful night is that daddy, tired of raising a mongoloid child, tried to drown the boy? Having failed so many years earlier, Mr. Voorhees could return to finish the job. There are plenty of viable ideas to pursue in the sequels. The key is to approach them with the intent to introduce some fresh twists without taking things out of the realm of reality established by the remake.

  39. NO KANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Bring Tommy back, but no matter what, don’t let him be killed. Him and Jason should be like Lex Luthor to Superman. I think both should be a lot alike in many ways, but Tommy never giving into the hate and Jason does.

    Something like that.

    I would love to see some of the others… and bring back Kane. Let him play a role of some crazy guy warning the kids “not to go up there.” I’m sure he could do it…

  41. I just got back from the midnight showing, damn it was amazing, if you love friday the 13th youll love this, id say it was definetly better then 5,6,7,8,9,10,11

  42. I want the sequel to have Tommy Jarvis. Maybe even bring in Corey Feldman to play him. Maybe :) I’d like to see some returning actors from past F13 movies too, not neccessarly reprising there roles though.
    Derek Mears is gonna play Jason again, sorry Kane fans. I respect Kane because he played Jason alot….but the movies he did were BY FAR the worst. Ted White and Richard Brooker played my favorite renditions of Jason(part 3 and 4)

  43. my thought would be

    Do a remake of the first movie,

    bunch of kids coming back to re-open crystal lake but Jason the killer

    have a new character directly tied to Jason, he witnessed his death
    and was friends with him as a child, every Friday the 13th it haunts the character remembering what happened to Jason. Unaware that Jason is still living he goes back to crystal lake to face his fears and meets the new people trying to build the camp

    The character talks about the town and lost esque we see flashes back to what camp was like when Jason was a kid and see how he drown. The character hears rumors that Jason still alive and talks to the new sheriff but the sheriff has no idea who Jason is(replacing the character that died in the remake). The sheriff could be Tom Jarvis, Tommy’s dad moving to crystal lake since he has a summer house there b/c him and his wife separated (this character be used to introduce Tommy in a sequel and remake pt. 4)

    the guy who is haunted by Jason would be played by Kane hodder, giving a fan orgasm seeing Jason fight Jason, and the people setting up the lake would merely be there for the sex appeal,deaths..ya know the typical friday the 13th feel. And this movie would show more of the town of crystal lake making it feel more real like in part 5, come on how awesome would that be, a remake plus somthing we never seen before

  44. I would love to see Kane Hodder as Jason. With some of the survivors (Amy Steel, Lar Park Lincoln, Jensen Daggett etc.) from the series returning to fight him. And Adrienne King should at least have a cameo, since Alice Hardy died.

  45. Do you honestly think that they’d bring in Kane again after we’ve seen a taller Jason? I mean come on, let’s be realistic here…

  46. For the love of God………..let Kane go people. The Kane argument is beating a dead horse. It’s been debated to death on these boards.

  47. 2 things need to happen…..

    1) KEEP JASON HUMAN! No Zombie Jason. As cool as Part 6 was, Jason just wasn’t as scary when he was a zombie.

    2) Keep the location in/around Crystal Lake. No Space adventures, trips to Manhattan etc. Friday the 13th should always be near Crystal Lake. Higgins Haven (3), the Jarvis house(4), the Institution(5) are all acceptable locations.

    After that, it would be nice to see an old character return (Ginny, Chris, Tommy) to face Jason again. That would tie in nicely with the older movies and give the old-school fans like myself a real kick. Plus, since it would be the 13th movie, they really do need to do something special and that would be perfect.
    In fact, I think the 13th one should be the last and have Tommy, Ginny or Chris kill off Jason for good. 13 movies is enough!

  48. For a sequal to the remake, in keeping with tradition of the series, they need new writers and a new director. The remake was decent, but the direction was horrible. I’d like to see them pick up where this one left off and continue in that type of formula. Keep Derek Mears though, he was damn good as Jason and was perfect. His Jason really surprised me.

    Like another said, keep it near Crystal Lake. Don’t stray too far from that area. Jason could find new victims somewhere around Crystal Lake. Dumb teenagers LOVE to just go camping and exploring out in that direction.


    Start the sequal off with a group of campers and it’s revealed that the previous film (the remake) was just a story told by a camper and never happened. haha

  49. They should bring back dana kimmel’s Chris Higgens

  50. Haven’t seen the new one yet, but I think seeing as they have already made 11 of them, why not just carry on with the original numbering order and call it Friday the 13th part 12? Then 13? Then 14? I’m not ready for the whole saga to be re-written, I’d be much happier with a follow-up to Freddy vs Jason, with or without Freddy I don’t care. Think when I go and see the new one I will try my hardest to imagine it as part 12, not part 1 again. With regards to the Kane Hodder argument, everyone should drop it. The producers have clearly made up their minds about who they want to play Jason, so there is no changing it. If they continue with these remakes and they all suck, at least I’ll have a hefty back catalogue to sit through to recover.

  51. It would be lame, but I’d love to see a between 1 and 2 film, with Jason growing up in the woods and running into a group of hunters, who are the blue collar comedy crew. It would be so worth the 11 dollar admission fee to see Jason split Larry the cable guys face open.

  52. i want a friday the 13th – The beginning. exactly the same concept of the texas chainsaw massacre, seeing the years from jason getting bullied at camp, supposedly drowning, seeing his mother beheaded and from that moment until the first group of teens stumble across a rotting decaying camp crystal lake.

  53. sirmik– HE DIEDD!!! ITS repeated thru the whole series that HE DIED..HE dROWNeed..an then even if he did survive..after part 2 A normal person would BE DEAD! So regardless..and ive been watchin these movies since i was 8 years old and im now 27..and NOWHERE IN THE series does it say he survived,,thatS bullShit..he drowned,he died..dead DEAD DEAD! ZOMBIE–UNHUMAN..he took ax blows to the head and shit and hes still considered human..you guys are in denial..ALL OF THESE KILLERS ARE DEAD!!MEN WALKING
    WICH i dnt understand why youd want him human then hes just a pussy with a mask.he supposed to have that STRENGTH thats who jason is.hes the inner person in us who wishes we could squeeze our boss at works head till his eye popped out as far as im concerned A HUMAN COULDNT DO THAT ..there would have to be INHUMAN STRENGHT TO DO THAT..WICH IN HIS “”HUMAN ROLE”"IN PART 3 HE TENDS TO DO SO WELL..HES DEAD! AND ITS GREAT..

  54. Obviously I want Derek Mears back.

    I’d do it so that this character Clay wants to hunt down jason and have Ginny in it. They could have a camp been opened up near by (like in Part 2) and he tries to warn them etc. You could maybe even have Tommy in it. Just dont send him to space :D


  56. I like the ideas of either bringing back old characters to face Jason, or sequels either this remake or Freddy Vs. Jason. But it doesn’t matter to me because whoever if Kane Hodder plays Jason or not, I want to see Jason kicking ass and taking names.

  57. I don’t want to see the same type of holister weigthlifting type douchebag dudes and girls who are whole fake and glamoured up for a f 13 film. they need to get the story of tommy jarvis involved. One of the best characters of any f 13 movie. weither you tell his story from the 4th, 5th , or 6th movie, or even have it all in one. They need to bring a character like that back. also they need to UP THE ANTI with the kills. I will agree the kills were pretty slick they just weren’t that brutal. We need more blood and guts.

  58. Bring back Mrs. Voorhees as the killer. Sew her head back on and zombie-fy her. Call the sequel MOTHER\’S DAY (like the young adult book).

  59. everyone keeps complaining about seeing jason unmasked longer..um yeah well his mask his kind of hishow people really know him, not just camp crystal lake, or his machete, but his hockey mask, come on, I don’t just want to see some deformed guy, I want to see his signature mask in any sequel

  60. is* kind of how*

  61. Make Rob Zombie do the sequel because he knows how to take a class serial killer and make them really twisted. I would say bring back the stalker like Jason and find new ways to really screw someone up when he kills them. Like punching right through a person’s face or something like that.

    Obviously he can’t lose the machete, but on top of that they need to make sure that with some of his victims fight back and cause some damage to him, because that movie lacked it and didn’t make Jason to human.

  62. rob zombie is a hack..and ruined michael myers..hes a dushbag and jason should kill him in the sequel.

  63. Jason killing in winter would rule!!! But winter would make T&A shots tough at camp blood, to damn cold in the northeast.

  64. Jarvis you are probably right in saying in none of the films does it actually tell the audience he survived, but it is widely believed by many f13 fans that he survived and emerged from the lake unseen, and, after being bullied for so many years, decided to say FU society and went living in the woods unitil he was strong enough to protect his territory. as for the wounds he suffers in part 2, 3 and four, they are survivable, maybe unlikely, but definately not 100% fatal, until he is machete’ed through the head, then he is officially dead.

  65. Hey Friday fans!

    I love this site and love the feedback, I blogged a personal review of the movie…I’d appreciate the feedback from all of you guys!

    I tried looking at the film a little differently, value all of your thoughts



  66. Maybe make a prequel. But if a sequal do bring corey back as tommy. I like the coreys and wish them their success back, and this would be great for feldmen. Ginny would be cool too, since the actor said she would like to do it again. And follow the tradition of the earlier movies and have the end of this one be a dream. Because we all know there is no way he could get that mask back on that fast. Ps. I think the bag is scarier than the mask. just me.


    :Just make 4 and ONLY 4-just like originally intended (after the smell of success with the first 3) It would be great really-this wya we don’t have those “cut-n-paste” characters return, the corwd doesn’t say “Not aother one!” and we have a one helluva inmpact with JUST 4 movies that stay really close-not having Jason return from the grave, not fighting another icon, not space traveling, etc… Look at it this way, if they would do this-maybe we can keep DEREK MEERS for them ALL and be just as iconic as Hodder or nods to the greatness of CJ Graham, or even Richard Brooker (My personal favorite NEXT to MEERS)

  68. Stay away Rob Zombie! (your okay in the music/art industry-not cinema.) Stick to your little worthless Mikey and leave OUR friend alone! I don’t even like “Halloween”. I would take a kick to the nuts (Almost serious) then to stomach the pain RZ would bring us with Jason. ***NOTE: This new Jason is HUMAN-NOT DEAD…there can’t be no face-hole punches, etc… But please do bring back some “bait” traps-and Hell even the Director-wasn’t as rough as TCM-stay to this guideline man and you should be able to win us over with at least a follow up! KUDOS!

  69. since they made this one of the first 3 then i think they should make this one of 4 and the sequel is coming out august 13th 2010.

  70. With this particular Jason, it would be nice to see what Jason is doing when he’s not defending his territory.

    (which by the way) could they really make many sequals with that motive though really? It would probably only work for another movie-maybe a 3rd.

    Like what was inside that little room that Jason took the decapped farmboys body into? I’m sure it’s a body pit plain and simple, but it’d be nice to see that-not to mention the loose connection (I thought) from Whitney and her mom. -that locket Jason held close-I am thinking it’s NOT a picture of Pamela-but the survivor in the opening. -Perhaps this is the mom of Whitney and Jason knows it and thats why he kidnapped her? -IMO that all. It’d be a nice stream into part 2. (and I agree, lets have MORE MASKLESS Jason please-it would have been great to see the mask get pulled into the wood chipper and the top view angle showing jason’s deformality.

  71. oh yeah-Though I finally 100% whole-heartedly agree Mears NEEDS to be Jason as far as they go with the new series-I was thinking-why not have Hodder as like a “crazy Ralph”? -just for some laughs… Kane did bring his own idea to the character-yes he did, BUT he’s moreso famous for being the only one to reprise the role 4 times now-and almost a 5th which I hate they didn’t since HE deserved to be on screen and whoop Fred’s ass!-But ppl come on-Kane Hodder should be remembered as a GREAT JASON-but not Jason 2009!

  72. I personly would love the sequel to somethign new and fresh… like possibly a group of teenagers making a documentry on jason and the Killings atCamp Crystal and how long ago it was shut down and why, ect… well thats just me.

  73. Okay, now that I have seen the movie, listed my likes and dislikes. Here is my wish list for the sequel.

    · A soundtrack (movie making 101, music = mood)
    · Kane as Jason
    · Human or Zombie Jason either would be fine as long as we get more than anger
    · More back story (we are intelligent people, add to legend)
    · Camp Crystal Lake (show me the camp)
    · It will need links to the original movies (this really wasn’t a remake, it was more a sequel)

    Talk to you

  74. Some better kills(a little more old school Jason violent type kills), Derek back as Jason (or Kane), if Derek maybe starting transition into “zombie” Jason(still somewhat human acting though) & Tommy Jarvis!

  75. PLEASE more of Jason’s past!!! I want to get to know his mother and see him as a little boy! More of the Jason STORY! I love the killing, I love the screaming, dying teenagers.. but I want more JASON!

  76. Winter would be great…what if, On the other side of the lake, in the Winter months, a winter themed Park is in operation.

    Imagine a lake frozen over, Ice skaters…an artificial Ski slope ect. make this the opening of the Ice Crystal Park (or whatever) which almost didnt go ahead due to 13 unsolved murders earlier in the year

    but thanks to standard Horror Movie formula, the headstrong and Arrogant Owner goes ahead with the Plans…

    Ultimatly Pissing Jason Fucking Voorhees Off, and . . . Roll Camera

    I have grown up with these movies Literally, I was born in 81, and I have to say that I Love the Undead Jason and the whole regeneration Explanation in Jason x made alot of sence

    although not specificly stated in the movies I reckon Jason did die as a boy, His Mother over taken with grief Happened upon the Necronomicon (Jason Goes To Hell/Evil Dead ect…) and recited some mumbo jombo…nothing Apparent happenned, she went on a Killing spree…Died….her blood spilled and flowed into the Lake, resseurecting Jason…who appeared at the end of Prt 1…

    walked ashore took machete and head….Mabey, his decomposed body gave out, Demonic Jason (Jason goes to Hell) enters his mothers corpse and is reborn as a healthy adult his actual age had he not died…

    The regeneration explanation also explains the differenciating looks to Jason from movie to movie, and all of that can be traced back to the Necronomicon being in Pamala Voorhees’ possession…

    Anyway as to why I said all that in the middle of my Idea for a Sequel to the Remake, I love Zombie Jason and I would love to see him burst through the Frozen Lake, due to the Sounds of Fornacation, Drinking Getting High ect… coming from the Park….

    would be awesome…

    Derek as Jason all the way, but if they do go Zombie Jason, keep the Speed and fury of Dereks Jason, but slightly impeaded from time to time due to decomposition/regenerating…you could protray this by every so often having Jason crack his joints and Knuckles, neck ect. just like a sutle Character trate, Like hes standing still looking down a Victim, the Victim like a rabbit in headlights, frozen with fear….then Jason slowly tilts and cracks his Neck and bolts for the victim.

    Could also show early stage decomposition in the Make-up/Prostetics ect.ect…

    well thats my 2 cents….

  77. All in good time Michael Fredrick Voorhees.I would love to see Derek Mears take on zombie Jason but we have only just seen this fresh “new” visceral human Jason that this series has needed for a long time.There is no doubt of future sequels so there will be plenty of time to see a modern take on a zombie/undead Jason.However the human Jason in the new film is a box office smash(the proof is in the opening weekend gross people)so let’s just see how far we can go with the current incarnation of Jason.After all we didn’t see Jason turn zombie until part 6:Jason lives and i for one honestly think future sequels will be as plentiful and succesful as the previous entries(they are still being made 30 years later after all.

  78. NAH_

  79. I agree with Tony, put Jason in the winter. I want to see Jason pull off another elaborate trap. But what would Jason wear in the winter? Would he get a nice lined coat from a burly hunter or would he steal one of those shitty Poofy Winter Coats? I want to know these things!

  80. ok………the new movie wasnt as bad as i expected.
    everyone done groaning yet?good.
    i grew up with this franchise,and im a HUGE fan….JASON VOORHEES IS THE GREATEST SLASHER EVER CREATED!
    so,now you have to realize im not some whiny internet nerd just looking to complain.
    kane hodder=jason.yeah,i said it.
    the new guys good,dont get me wrong,im just kinda of the thinking that kane made jason something very evil in my mind…..dont hate on me for it,im old and stuck in my ways!
    as for a sequel….well,its already set up to be more of the same,which is not a bad thing.but id like to see the opposite of a rob zombie halloween remake thing.
    actually,im hoping they get rid of the whole jason setting trip wires and the underground cavern thing…..i always thought of this dude just lurking around and sleeping(?)in the f ing dirt!
    what does he care? just re open the camp,send in more idiot teenagers,tap the keg,roll the weed and start flashing the boobs so the main man can get out there and show these fools the error of their ways already!


    thanks for reading my useless blather.


  81. Oh yeah, Shit Tommy Jarvis….Since the Remake waay 1-3 with elements of 4 (Clay)….Have the Second in the Remake series based around 4 5 and 6 of the Original Series

    Show Tommy as a Kid in the 90’s Playing Snes Making Masks and shit…Living with his family Just like part 4/Final Chapter

    Have Jason show up (Sack over face) wipe out Jarvis family…Tommy, having learned of the Local legend of Jason does his Part 4 gig and shave the head and do the whole “Jason…Remember” thing…pick up Machete and well re-enact part 4’s ending…

    Tommy and Sister escape, believing Jason dead….

    Title screen

    Flash forward to the Present (and elements of part 5 and 6) the Police found no Body (Jason) and believe the then Catatonic Tommy to be responsible and his Older sister mearly covering for him…

    Tommy has anger issues (part 5) and is in an instatution (also part 5) still making Masks and shit…which keeps him calm…while using newspaper to make paper machie masks he stumbles quite accidently on the Murders in the Remake…

    Jason’s not dead….

    Tommy has lived with the Spectr of Jason his whole Adult life…enough is enough, in order to rid himself of Jason he must face him…and this time finish the Job

    Together with some friends (amalgamations or a mix of Characters/Elements of the Guys from 5 and 6) they escape the Institute and head for Crystal Lake For what the Friends believe to be a Fresh Start/Hiding out but Tommy seeks revenge(part 6)

    And the Hunter becomes the Hunted….

    Although when Tommy shows up in the Midst of the Investigation/Manhunt resulting from the remake the Cops automaticly assume Tommy to be the Guilty party (Part 6)

    There you have it, elements of 4,5 and 6 Just like the Remake had elements of the Original 3 and a little of 4

    Tommy as a Character should be mostly the Quiet, easly enraged type he was in Part 5, but still be Intelligent and resorceful like Part 4 and 6 and although Scared of jason come after him like Part 6 . . .

    But no Copycat Killer (part 5), unless its done in a different way, like a fellow patent who’s jealous/hates Tommy or something who dresses like Jason (Sack over face like tommy described to everybody) to unnerve and scare Tommy at the Instatution (like the Hallucinations Tommy had in Part 5) and continues to do so on the outside and mistakingly gets offed by Tommy/Cops later on….or something,

    Cant imagine off hand who should play him….but he has to be an intence young acter to pull it off…Mabey Jake Gyllinhall (band Spelling)…he can still pull off a Character in his 20’s

    Anyway theres my Other 2 Cents…1 more makes 5 ;)s basicly Frid

  82. I Hope For Just A Little Bit Scarier Next Time. And I Hope If There Will Be Another Sequel After This Possible Next One That It’s The Last. I Loved All Of The Original Friday the 13ths and Freddy Vs. Jason But I Don’t Think The Same 8 Sequels Are Needed. Maybe Add Tommy Jarvis Into The Story And Some how combine the stories from 4 till 7. Have the whole telekinesis thing and the Tommy Jarvis Story Combined i think that would be cool just try to keep it as cool as possible.

  83. I will see a sequel

  84. i will see that sequel in summer of 2010

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