My Review of Friday the 13th: Revenge

I wanted to start out saying thanks to Scab for sending me the DVD of this movie. It was great of him to take the time burn a copy and mail it to me. You rock!

I have to say that this was an awesome fan film. The amount of time and energy used to make this must have been draining. The end result is a movie that pays a lot of homage to the original 3 movies. That being said there are my own personal negative comments as well.

The DVD menu was really cool looking. Scab, I am assuming you made this. If so, you did a great job incorporating the trailers from this movie and also other fan films as well.
The opening of the movie has Jason washing up on the shores of what I believe to be Crystal Lake. In the beginning of the movie there is some dialogue between Will Christie, now the owner of the camp, and the poorly acted hick-town sheriff. I mean that in a good way! During their conversation, it is mentioned that Jason was last heard from in Manhattan and that he washed out to sea. I found it interesting that the film makers decided to use Jason Takes Manhattan of all movies as the starting off point to set up how Jason gets back to the camp.

Most of the first two thirds of the movie is a lot of dialogue between all of the new counselors that have just arrived and their impending sexual exploits. This is where my only negative feelings of the film lie. I think that this could have been trimmed down a good bit and kept the flow of the movie at a quicker pace. But for what it’s worth the characters are a bit interesting. I have to say that the actress that played Katie was by far and away the best actor in the movie. She brought a lot of energy and believability to the part.

There are a lot of very cool deaths and the special effects works perfectly into the execution of the film. Check out some of the death scenes below. My favorite is Katie being sliced in half and Jason still holding her in the air! (The screen caps are not the best quality as the video is of a lower quality itself. However, that did not deter from the viewing experience.)




Jason himself gets his own share of damage as only the tradition of Friday the 13th should allow. He gets a knee to the growing, machete to the neck, beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat to the head, whacked numerous times in the head with what I think is a hammer, and then at the end he is …….. I think you should watch the movie!



As for the homages to the original three films, the first is obvious. Jason’s look is the classic look from Part 3. Although, I swear in the beginning when he washes up on shore, he is wearing the flannel shirt and overalls from Part 2. Later he is wearing the green shirt and grey pants from Part 3 and 4. Maybe I missed something there? Anyways, other classic scenes involve counselors talking under an overhang on a side of a cabin ala Steve Chrsitie talking to Alice while she is trying to hang a gutter in the original. And my favorite, the alter with mother’s head and victims on the floor in Jason’s home away from home.



So, overall I thought it was an awesome fan film that deserves a lot of praise for the hard work the film makers put into it. I had fun watching it and really enjoyed the kills. For some viewers, it may be hard to get through the first two thirds of the movie if you cannot stomach some of the drawn out dialogue scenes and akward editing in certain scenes. But hey, it’s free and it’s Friday the 13th. What else could you want!

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14 Responses to “ My Review of Friday the 13th: Revenge ”

  1. Were we can watch this ?

  2. Yeah, and how long does this movie last? I might want to sweet talk this Scab fellow…

  3. Jean,
    Unfortunately, this is not available to watch online. It takes a while to upload to a website like Youtube. Also, I think that the original file that the filmmaker had for the film was lost or damaged. I think that is correct.

    The film itself runs for approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

  4. And how do we get a hold of one of these copies?

  5. For those interested in this movie, shoot me an email and I will see what can be done to get this out to people.

    [email protected]

  6. dropped a line

  7. This was online waaaaay back when the old message boards were up. I believe the director/producer’s name was Josh but I can’t recall his last name. This was a great watch and I enjoyed many of the parts that JF mentioned up top. I agree that the acting was pretty poor and the dialogue was long winded but I also think that was the point. I believe these guys wanted something along the same pace as well as the same feel of the first 3 Fridays and I believe they accomplished that to a lesser extent than say one of the actual films themselves. But for a fan film it is an excellent attempt and holds up well in the Friday universe. If you can find a copy of this somewhere, it’s worth a watch. Lots of fun!

  8. I’m going to shoot you an email. An hour and thirty minutes sounds completely worth it to be a real Friday movie.

  9. I have received 67 requests for this movie and counting. Amazing! II am still trying to figure out a way to make this available. There is no way I can burn that many copies. Shipping costs and time taken to burn that many copies would not be in my best interest.

    I know that some of you emailed in and said they would pay for shipping, but that would not be ethical to receie money for a movie that I did not even make. Perhaps a contest is in order, giving away 5 copies? What do you guys think?

  10. A contest sounds like a great idea!

  11. or maybe a file-storing site such as rapidshare or megaupload should work. i’m not sure if that costs money though, i havent look that far into it, i only DL files from those sites.

  12. It’s been a while since the last post here, but WOW! I stumbled across it while doing a search for some images. THANKS for the kind review (too kind in a few spots, ha ha!)

    We had a great deal of fun making it, and I think I’ve been a harder critic on the flick than most anyone else. But- every time I start thinking of pulling a George Lucas on it, and “fixing” things, I slap myself and say no.

    Great news, we’re lining up another one, and planning to put Revenge back on the net. Much love! Josh

  13. That’s great news, Josh. Thanks for stopping by and lettign us know about plans for a new film. Keep us in the loop and shoot me an email when you are getting close to working on another one!

  14. No problem at all- I shot you a message on the TGIF boards as well.

    The next release of “Revenge” will definitely be in better resolution, but I can’t promise I’ll get any of my technical shortcomings cleaned up! Ha!

    The lag between deaths in the early goings of the flick is definitely something I looked back on with some regret. On the one hand, I didn’t want to add characters just to kill them off, but on the other hand, there sure was a big gap in the action.

    The other major thing I would have changed was the campfire scene. It would have been MUCH shorter!

    Maybe you’ll all get that in the next release- I’ve got a few ‘goodies’ planned for it anyhow.


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