Jason Voorhees Grudgematch: Space vs Manhattan

Posted 29 Apr 2024 in The Saga

Last week, Hellbound Jason easily beat out the sad, droopy Versus Jason. It’s interesting to see that a Jason that barely appeared in one movie would beat out a Jason that had his own grudgematch with Freddy Krueger. Is it the actor or the director of the film that gives Jason his mojo? Well, it doesn’t get any easier for Jason this week as the next matchup shall be fun to see where the fans go with their voting.

Space vs Manhattan

Fans are still upset that Jason never really took Manhattan, but they do like his night stalker outfit. The dark slimy clothing with black gloves really streamlined Jason and probably is responsible for his stealth like movement ….. maybe? Space Jason had his own unique look sporting a newer version of a hockey mask that differed from the way the mask looked in all of the previous installments. He also had that awesome futuristic machete, which easily beat out anything that Manhattan used. You know, weapons like the shard of glass or sauna rock.

Alright, who would you vote for to completely annihilate the other?

Unique Weapon of Choice
Space: Liquid Nitrogen
Manhattan:  Sauna Rock


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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. SirBrad (04 May 2024, 0:39)

    I am actually quite fond of the X look myself http://fridaythe13thfilms.com/blog/great-detail-in-lifesize-jason-x-costume/ :) I have all of the costumes for the most part and this is tough one. I got new Manhattan life-sized in the works too. I love both so it is tough to pick. But I think that Jason X is more brutal and badass, as he should be being that he has been through more. Uber Jason would own all even though I don’t care for the look too much. I actually like pre-uber Jason, especially when he stood in my house. I love NY Jason though too. I still think New Blood owns all though, followed by Jason Lives and JGTH.

  2. tommyblah (07 May 2024, 2:23)

    Space Jason all the way…

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