New Custom Jason Figure Welcomes You To New York

jasontakesmanhattan3I love the Jason Takes Manhattan look of Jason. He is the ultimate city nightstalker. Since there has not been an officially licensed figure from this movie, there have been a number of custom figures made within the last year. One’s Customs has produced the best quality 7 inch figure I have seen so far. However, I just found another person who made a custom Jason Takes Manhattan figure and I have to say, I think this looks very good. There is a lot of detail on the figure. The paint job is accurate and and the hockey mask is detailed as well. The bonus with this figure is the base. The city scene will always look good with this figure and it doesn’t hurt to have JJ’s guitar.

Check out the Death By Stereo Youtube channel to see other custom figures that he has made and watch his video below of his well made Jason Takes Manhattan figure.

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7 Responses to “ New Custom Jason Figure Welcomes You To New York ”

  1. Wow. I always thought this incarnation of Jason was a little silly looking but seeing it here makes that look so much better. I may have to watch JTM this weekend.

  2. I always thought Jason looked like a jack o lantern unmasked in part 8. But thats a nice replica. Nice work.

  3. I was always disappointed by the unmasked Jason in Part 8 as well. It was probably the least scary thing I’ve ever seen. Jason, as JB Demented said, looking like a “jack o lantern,” and shaking his fist was about the worst thing you could ask for.

    But, it is what it is, and thats nice work on the mask. As good, if not better, than the real deal.

  4. Nice work, glad the customizers share their work with us!

  5. This is of one of my least favorite Jason movies, but this figure is amazing. You should sell that sculpt to NECA ; )

  6. Very good copy!!! A great eye to detail!!!

  7. wish this bad boy was for sale

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