Competing Horror Conventions Offer Friday the 13th Vets

Posted 22 Sep 2024 in Fans


The weekend of November 20-22 is going to be busy as competing horror conventions open their doors right across the border from each other. Horror Hound Weekend will be in Cincinnati, Ohio and Festival of Fiends will be in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For Friday series fans, Horror hound will be offering the following guests:
-Richard Brooker (Jason Part 3 )
-Tom Savini (Make-up effects Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)

Festival of Fiends will be presenting the following Friday vets:
-Greg Nicotero (Part of KNB Effects, which created make-up effects for Jason Goes to Hell)
-Kane Hodder (Jason Part 7-10)
-America Olivo (Friday the 13th 2024)

Outside of the Friday the 13th appearances, there are other amazing guests from different genre films, making it worth the trip for fans of horror.  Since these conventions are so close, maybe fans can trek between the two and get double the experience. Enjoy!

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Phlip5150 (22 Sep 2024, 18:00)


  2. Chris. B (23 Sep 2024, 1:40)

    There is another convention that I go to every year in Orlando, FL next month that will have Derek Meers, CJ Graham, Kane Hodder, and many others. It is very cool.

  3. David Stewart (23 Sep 2024, 10:05)

    hey chris, i live in Scotland but im coming over to Orlando FL next week on my honeymoon, so i will be heading along to that convention u mentioned. please tell me its not that far from disneyland,lol.

  4. baz (23 Sep 2024, 16:09)

    Hey David i live in Scotland too.Do you think i could fit in your suitcase(LOL).Congrats on getting married………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  5. Chris. B (23 Sep 2024, 18:53)

    @ David Stewart

    It is right down the street from the Universal Orlando Resort. I just looked on there website earlier today and tickets are on sale now. Their website is Another person that will be at the convention is George Romero. It is going to be cool. Their website shows the exact date the convention starts, all of the guests, and where it will be held at. You should check it out.

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