Final Girls Hang Out, Drink Crystal Lake Wine

There’s nothing cooler than seeing two ladies that are iconic to the Friday the 13th series taking a day to hang out together and pose for photos. Adrienne King (Alice, Friday the 13th 1980) and Amy Steel (Ginny, Friday the 13th Part 2). The two took some time to spend a day together, possibly reminiscing about their Friday the 13th experiences and sipping the now famous Crystal Lake Wine.

It is great to see these two Final Girls together outside of the convention scene. They both look great and are having a great time. Look at the one photo where the wine bottles are on top of the table. Notice the small diorama of Jason jumping out of the lake to grab Alice. Awesome! Photos are courtesy of Amy Steel’s Facebook page.

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13 Responses to “ Final Girls Hang Out, Drink Crystal Lake Wine ”

  1. Very cool.

    Adrienne is so awesome. Spoke with here on facebook and purchased a picture of her from her website. She was so nice, she messed up on signing the picutre so she sent me her mess up and another picture signed. I would love the opportunity to meet them both though. Amy seems really cool too.

  2. I still think those 2 look AMAZING to this day… and this just proves my point. just lovely to look at those two

  3. Pretty cool to see these two great actresses together to share memories of being in F13 movies. Hope the wine was good!

  4. Loved seeing those pics on Steel’s page last night, such fun!

  5. Those two look so beautiful! Great pics and thanks for sharing.

  6. Really cool to see them hang out. They were both in part 2 I wonder if they met on set.

  7. I want to hang out with these two and drink wine together. It’d be a blast. :p

  8. Thats cool. Id like to try some of this Crystal Lake wine, perferabaly with Adrienne King. Its good to see 2 final girls hanging out and having a drink.

  9. Just like fine wine they’re drinking: they get better with age. :D

  10. Hey! Has anyone noticed the ashtray? Haha! I want one! Look at the newspaper too…

  11. Thanks for sharing the tut with me/us. It was beautifully described. Well done. Looking forward for more tuts from you!

  12. :D This makes me smile, Bless those women!

  13. Totally awesome. :D Truely it is.

    For us old school early Paramount-era fanatics and collectors whom only really love the first five or so Exploitation-style films, seeing these two interact outside of the convention circuit is indeed a very cool thing. I often just love in this day & age of our Consumer asshole ‘gimmie gimmie gimmie’ North American society of all totla cut-downs and calling others such hurtful words as loser and the like just to see overly posative imagery of nice older women hangin’ out and not buying anything. Just sippin’ a glass of wine and not being purtanical about it.

    I don’t know; call me crazy, but I just like that imagery of those two lovely ladies who seem to get only more better & better with age enjoying some time away from the convention circuit. I must say: Father Time has truely been kind to them! Also it is odd as yesterday on a network abreviated on my satelite as \HUB\ I was recording some old school late ’60s era Batman, and then gen-1 Transformers and Family Ties, and I recorded the \Summer of ‘82\ episode in which Alex P. Keaton (Michael J. Fox) loses his virginity to none other then a young post-Friday Part 2 Amy Steel (Pulitzer) herself! heh heh ;) So yeah, that was cool to see, since I don’t have the boxsets (I’m waiting for them to hit Blu Ray, since I don’t really buy standard definition anymore).

    By the way I remember watching Family Ties in syndrication a few years ago and on the same first two seasons always watch out for a pre-Final Chapter \Back to the Future\ era Crispen Glover before he shot TFC in the late fall of ‘83. Yes he too was on the show as a minor supporting character as one of Alex’s non-Yuppie friends. And it was interesting to see him not be George McFly just two 1/2 short years later. Just wanted to throw that out there since this is a Friday board.

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