One’s Customs Part 3 Pamela Voorhees And Roy Burns

Ones Customs went all out on Friday the 13th figures lately with his 1/6 scale renditions. He recently created what could be viewed as the definitive 1/6 scale Roy Burns figure. The detail in the hock and clothing is spot on. Roy also includes the chainsaw wound in the shoulder and well as the wound in the sternum created by getting run over by the tractor. The most impressive part of the Roy figure is the detail in the head sculpt. Look at the photos of the head close-up below. Look into his eyes and see the pure rage and revenge that drives him.

Also, a new Young Jason was created which comes complete with seaweed and mud covering his body. This is a must own to complete collectors set of Frida ythe 13th figures.

The most unique figure that was created by One’s Customs is the 1/6 scale Mrs. Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 3. This is one figure that has not been made at all that I am aware of and the detail that was put into this figure is truly amazing. From the worms sticking out of her face to the realistic iconic sweater, this dream sequence Mrs. Voorhees figure is more terrifying than what Steve Miner and company put onto the big screen. Take a look at all of the images below and as always visit One’s Customs Youtube page to keep up on all of his amazing custom figures.

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8 Responses to “ One’s Customs Part 3 Pamela Voorhees And Roy Burns ”

  1. Posting a comment because One said to…

    But yeah, fucking awesome figures as always One!

  2. Freaking awesome work by One!!! When it comes to Friday customs in 1/6 scale One is THE MASTER! I think his latest pieces speak for themselves!!!! Cant wait to see whats next!!!! Truly a lover of the series no doubt about it!!!!

  3. OnesCustom One of the best customizers on the planet.
    Attention to detail is amazing…

  4. Wow! I want that Part 3 Mrs V!!! Are these for sale now?

  5. Unfortunately, he already sold these figures. Check out his Youtube channel that I linked to above and get in contact with him to see if would make you your own.

  6. These figures are simply amazing. I like the Roy figure alot and the Part 3 Mrs. Voorhees looks so accurate. It is uncanny how close to the screen used it is. Taht being said, that Part 8 Jason in the background is stunning. What’s the story with that one?

  7. Awesome as always, good work Ones Customs.

  8. They are fantastic!!
    Great detail!!

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