Small Follow Up For The “A New Beginning” Location Story

Cathryn looked over some of your comments from Part 2 of our report last week and was nice enough to email me answers to some of those comments as well as offer a few more tidbits about the production that she recalled since her and I spoke a couple weeks back. She also offered some kind words to me, which is much appreciated.


I dislike gore and startling suspense so I didn’t rush out to the theatre.  I did see the movie when it came out on video. I also taped an edited version shown on TV so I could show my kids some of the movie.  (They are adults now and I assume that they have seen the uncut video.) 

The stunt coordinator was another crew member who was an especially nice guy.  He was generous with “how-it’s-done”  information and let my son (6th grade at the time) “help” a little.  I remember my son carrying buckets of fake blood one day.

One day I’ll gather my family and we’ll look at our scrapbook from the film and share memories.  I’m sure they remember events and people I’ve forgotten. 

I was pleased to speak with Jason about the filming.  He approached me with respect in a friendly, business-like manner.  His courtesy and patience earned my trust so I was willing to share some of my experience with him.  Jason is welcome to visit next time he’s in Southern California.  I’ll send him home with a little souvenir from the shoot.


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6 Responses to “ Small Follow Up For The “A New Beginning” Location Story ”

  1. Souvenir?

    You lucky b*stard! ;)

  2. Even though she isn’t into the series, it’s really cool that she has been so friendly to the Friday the 13th community!

  3. Very cool! What a nice person and a great sport! This was a well written article and this info mean a lot to some fans!! Thanks very much.

  4. What an amazing lady!

  5. She has been great about the whole thing. Definitely was a great experience for me to talk to her.

  6. She is an amazingly sweet person. I was furious at first when she made the site remove the photos of her ranch, and wrote her an email about it. She responded apropreitly, and then I thought better of myself and the situation and apologized. She could of, and should of told me off again. But she responded promptly, and agreed that we both got off on the wrong foot and couldnt have been sweeter towards me about it all. She is easily one of the nicest people Ive ever talked to in my life!

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