Sad News For Friday the 30th: Camp Blood Reunion

This is very discouraging for me personally, as I have done a lot of planning to attend this event. The event has been postponed until May 13-15th 2024. Read the official statement below:



There have been a lot of rumors going around since our first location change and we have done our best to try and hold things together on our end but have had our backs against the wall. You see, what you don?t know is that a certain so-called ?talent agent? that we have refused to work with since day one has been trying to sabotage the show while at the same time telling people he was working with us all along. You all know who he is and for legal reasons right now we can?t call him out by name.

This individual was responsible for us losing our first location and as we learned today has tried to sabotage our current location. We didn?t have the proof it was him until this most recent attempt where he wasn?t even smart enough to call from a blocked number.

In addition to this he has posted under fake names on our message board and several other boards starting rumors about various things from guests not actually being booked to locations never being locked down etc.

He has also called celebrities directly telling them these rumors and casting a lot of doubt among them and even causing some to flat out cancel for fear that the show wasn?t for real.

He has made death threats to one celebrity who has contacted the authorities and has a warrant issued for his arrest. He made death threats and has continued to harass via phone, text & e-mail several board members here and another real talent agent. All of which has been documented and we will post that information here for all to see once certain legal issues have been met. This individual won?t be a problem for us much longer as the law will be dealing with him shortly.

Sadly he has been successful at temporarily sabotaging this event for the time being. As much as it pains us to do, we have no choice but to postpone the show to Friday, May 13th-Sunday, May 15th 2024.

We know several of you have booked flights, got time off of work etc. and we are very sorry for the personal and financial inconvenience. We are going to look into some sort of compensation for those who have already booked flights and will incur a fee to change your flight.

This all may seem like one big excuse but it?s all very real and very serious. This individual seems to think he is above the law and untouchable but he is about to find out the hard way that isn?t the case.

Finally, all events will now be held at The Crowne Plaza. The code for booking your rooms is FRT and you will have to call and reconfirm your reservations. The room rate and block stays the same. They have been nothing but professional and courteous throughout this entire debacle, especially David Ramcharan, so PLEASE do not give them a hard time….they have made this arduous process go a lot smoother and made things happen much quicker than could be expected of anyone. We look forward to a long relationship with the staff at the Crowne Plaza!

All the best,

Texas Fear Fest Staff

After reading this, leave your thoughts below, but I will warn people ahead of time that if comments get out of hand, the comments will be shut down. Thanks for understanding.

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53 Responses to “ Sad News For Friday the 30th: Camp Blood Reunion ”

  1. A friend and I are now out hundreds of dollars in plane fare, convention tickets, and other expenses. Following venue changes and inconsistent statements, there’s no doubt in my mind that this whole fiasco rises above the level of simple incompetence to something far more serious… and deeply suspicious.

    The event promoter is blaming a third party for the trouble– however, earlier this week when we called Sneaky Pete’s, which was supposedly hosting the second half of the event, we were told that no contracts had been signed. Three weeks before a convention contracts hadn’t seen signed? Really?

    What’s worse, the website has not changed the guest line up even though it has postponed the convention by nine months. Seriously, does anyone believe that the guest list will remain unchanged after THIS? To still advertise (and sell tickets to) the event with the same guest list now is extremely disingenuous.

    The subject of refunds needs to be addressed NOW.

  2. while this is shitty news, it sorta is good news for me, as now maybe next year i can plan to go to it

  3. Proceed with caution, bytoor2112.

  4. Wow this is fucking insane. To be honest, this is why I don’t travel to these kinds of things, because you never know when you’ll get screwed. But the asshole who played games needs a kick in the balls. Pick me pick me!! I’ll do it LOL I really feel badly for those who got pinched. Damn.

  5. What a fucking bitch move by that guy. Terrible news. I hope for everyones sake this gets ironed out smoothly.

  6. Wow. I wanted to attend this event, being a die-hard fan. Just wasn’t in my budget. I hope those that were going can recoup some of their money (you would think that the promoter would at least grant ticket refunds). You have to wonder if the event will take place at all now.


    Thats the facebook page of the person who sabotaged Camp Blood… Either way i’m out a 1000.00 plus dollars and someone is getting sued

  8. Like Chris above me who just posted, I gotta agree this is pretty fuckin’ insane. However I’m much more saddened for my fellow big time series “Jason Lover” fanatics and old school Fridayholics as we call ourselves who have already shelled out the cash for this event anywhere in North America.

    While I have decided late last year not to go because I both prefer to admire the stars from a distance as well as only to have the films on the latest digital format (Blu Ray) as well as maybe some collectible posters, I decided meeting them and spending all of that money isn’t really a bit deal to me personally as I have other things I wish to save-up for in life. However, I just re-read all of that shady goings-down and I’m VERY pissed for all of the pour souls who’ve had to put up with whomever this very shady asshole is.

    Chris is indeed right: Someone needs to give him a good, swift kick in the ballsack for what he’s done to this two years alread in the planning stages now show. Plus, from this site’s coverage alone, I was REALLY hoping we chould (and hopefully still will?) get some good site coverage with web cam footage and YouTube video clips to save for the future. Here is to hoping they can get they’re shit together soon and he’ll go away soon enough. Best of luck to the real hard-working convention promotors who’ll do doubt have they’re hands full from now until the next year with all of this super sad shit. :(

  9. I actually heard from sources for a LONG time that some of the crew behind this convention was shady and was known to promise things they couldn’t deliver on and had booked guest that where thought to be “un-bookable”. So I just avoided this thing all together and after this, well sounds like they got screwed or they just screwed you all.

    Either way I’m not 100% on the info I overheard and I’m not saying it the “truth” I’m just stating why I didn’t plan to go and I’m glad I didn’t. Plus I don’t see how one person could shut something this big down. Couldn’t they have told the location to be on alert of any changes, same with the stars. Just tell them all to call them to verify any “rumors” they might receive.

    Sounds fishy to me.


  10. I’ve never been real enthused with convention going in general, but this one looked just too good to pass up, even for a one day ticket. If this is a true story, and the one person in question has actually managed to sabotage this event to this degree, why was he not stopped before when the second change of venue occurred, if the parties involved knew he was to blame then?

    A letdown of immense proportions for many, not to mention lost expenses, travel fare, etc. The prospect of holding such an event nearly a year after the actual 30th anniversary of Friday the 13th seems anticlimactic and will likely discourage many from attending the rescheduled event. Best of luck to John and company in salvaging whatever they can.

  11. As i`m a huge Friday-Fan i had plans to travel to this con but my budget was too small, thanks god i didn`t book a flight and hotel cause flight tickets from Germany to Dallas are quite expensive.
    But if the event is postponed to may, maybe i`ll make up my mind and visit this great con.
    Greetings from Germany

  12. Whoa, so sorry to hear that Mr. Borjes.

    Hopefully you can ake it from whatever German city you are in (Hamberg? Berlin? Frankfurt?) to Dallas next year. That is, if these guys actually keep they’re promises. It’s nice to meet you (you seem new to these boards). It’s always nice to see fresh blood ‘rond here (no particular bad pun intended, since this is strictly a horror genre film based message board, natch).:)

    And I agree it’s kind of fucked u that officially this “30th anniversary” will take place a full year and a half after the releae of Sean Cunningham’s original Friday film. But such is life and weird luck, I guess. Best of luck to all attending. This genre film big get-togethers honestly aren’t for me after all is said & done. But what can you do, ya know?

  13. Well, the original movie was released May 9th 1980, so from a marketing perspective, they could play with the fact that “31″ (years) is “13″ backwards! Euh!

  14. This is some seriously screwy sh*t. Has any info on who to talk to about getting compensated for plane tickets been released yet? That’s really the only financial trouble I need resolved since the motel 6 reservation can just be cancelled without a fee and I didn’t call to reserve a car yet so that’s no big deal.

  15. I think that they are attempting to use one person as an escape goat for a bunch of people’s fuck ups! I truly hope that every dime in compensated to those who have already shelled out big bucks for this event, they also need to change and update the reunion lineups immed! I hope all of the fans get together and file a class action lawsuit for this.

  16. I find it hard to believe that one person is responsible for bringing down this event. I have always had some suspicions and when the event location changed it just added to the suspicion. I want to believe that what is being said is true but I also wonder if it was just too much to deal with for the powers that be. UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE! Now the money that has been spent in preperation for going to this event is history. Might as well have flushed it down the fucking toilet. Sorry If I sound pissed, but well I guess I am pissed.

  17. I’m Working on that right now… Anyone want to get together for a class action lawsuit… get a hold of me.

  18. Not to disprespect John, but I would be suprised if the event EVER happened now.

  19. Patrick, doesnt sound like a bad Idea to me but I want to see what all happens and what other statement are made before I agree to something like that. Thanks Brother

  20. John has been deleting a lot of posts at the F30th message board- that seems so dishonest to me. People were saying they were going to complain to paypal, and all those posts are gone.
    A friend emailed a few F13 stars and most said they weren’t going to this weeks ago. One gave the reason that it had been moved to a sports bar.

  21. They are deleting more comments right now!!! They are horrible over there on that forum. Oh my god, this is a travesty. :(

  22. You’d have to be out of your mind to consider going next year or whatever the next date/venue change is. Thank God I smelled a rat a while back and didn’t book the flight. Some people at the board say everything is booked and they are still going so they don’t lose out!

  23. Sorry but I just cant buy the explanation that 1 person did this. I think it was fucked for a long time now, I just didnt want to believe what I was reading.

  24. Words from Steve Dash’s own mouth and I quote
    “Tim Beal, That’s the name. I can say it because I don’t give a shit. I have filed charges with the FBI and the Nassau County Police Dept in New York. He has been threatening me for years and I always blew him off and an ass-hole, which he is.He tried that bullshit with Ted White and Ted was in the process of kicking his ass in LA. Me and Sean Clark kept Ted White from beating the shit out of him, in fact after the incident I met him in the hall as he and Sean Clark were talking and ivited him oustide, he as scared to death. I am 66 and Ted is in his late 70s. Beal is a punk. He is very close to going to jail as i write this post.

    As far as John Gray is concerned? He’s a straight up guy not a crook as some have implied here. I am Steve Dash, and I would never, I repeat NEVER vouch for someone if I didn’t believe in them. He got fucked but was so far in he tried to salvage it but couldn’t and just for the record, I backed out because of other commitments to my film career during the month of August and yes the LA convention pushed me over the edge as far as doing conventions.

    I don’t know if you all realize this or not but doing a convention as a celeb is a commitment of at least 4 days, sometimes 5. Not to mention the hours of sitting and signing and taking photos with fans. It’s work and don’t think it’s not, it is. John Gray was trying to put together something that has never been done to that magnatute (Huge)but it failed, not because of him but because of outside sources. I think he learned something here and the next show he doe’s will be spectacluar.
    Good Luck John

  25. I totally understand this John fellows problem, he’s trying to calm the troops and make everyone listen, it’s been explained what will be happening, and I also understand the people who got screwed. All I know is I’m not even going to this and I’m pissed off. Wow, I think the guy they say is responsible is a nut and needs a shrink. Crazy, just crazy.

  26. John Gray’s statement is from the future! July 21st, 2024 to be exact. Now THAT’S impressive!

  27. Oh wow, I didn’t even realize the date. I just did a copy and paste. :)

    Hey I think this is a bum deal for everyone involved. I have been promoting this thing for a year now and had a lot of great things planned for our visitors. I am really disappointed that fans and the celebrities have to suffer becuase of what seems to be “the politics” of the convention circuit. We may never know exactly everything that happened, but the only thing we can do now is deal with the situation at hand.

  28. There will be no refunds on tickets… what a bunch of BS. Please if anyone wants to join me on a class action lawsuit against all parties involved. Please let me know. I’m out over 1000.00 and i’m not getting any of that back. There is no way that John or any other party is going to make money on this while so many fans are losing so much money. I’m beyond pissed right now.

  29. @Tommy-Jarvis-Guy,
    yes i`m new at this board but i visit this great site regularly because the newssection is awesome !!! I have doubts about this con, it`s EXTREMELY huge, i can`t believe that they can afford such a huge amount of celebs just in one show (would be a dream but i can`t believe it, but everything is possible in the USA) We here in Germany have a horrorcon twice a year called WEEKEND OF HORRORS, they invite around 20 guests for it (3-4 cancel their stay but i think it`s quite impressing for Germany) My biggest dream would be a visit in the states including a great horrorcon (HorrorHound Weekend, Fangoria`s WOH …) but as i wrote, tickets are expensive, sad but true.

  30. So this thing got cancelled ‘cus of a stalker? wtf. I don’t understand and this explination is vague to say the least.

  31. I was very sorry to hear about the show being cancelled. I was really looking forward to getting together again with all my F13 castmates and meeting all the fans. I hope it can happen some time in the future.

  32. Didnt it say on johns website that if the con gets cancelled then ticket money wont be refunded, but carried over to the next con? If thats the case were all fucked because we must have read that before we purchased the tickets.

  33. someone posted this, it will probably get deleted so I am reposting it here for those that need the info:
    I wanted to let people know that purchased tickets for the show through Pay-Pal that a refund can be received due to Pay-Pal’s event ticket policy. Anytime a claim or dispute is opened through Pay-Pal, Pay-Pal will put a hold on the funds paid to the seller while the dispute is being investigated. For example, if you purchase tickets to a concert or sporting event and the event is canceled, the tickets are fake, or the tickets arrive after the event and can not be used, Pay-Pal will refund your entire purchase amount. Since the show is not happening on the original date scheduled and the new dates are up in the air, all those who purchased should be refunded.
    I wanted to let everyone know that I have filed already since we will not be attending and Pay-Pal is already working on this. Also, for those who have airline tickets, especially through Southwest Airlines, you can cancel you ticket and they will either refund fully or hold the ticket and you can apply to another flight. The tickets will be held for 1 year from the date of cancellation (we purchased the Want To Get Away special from, these are non-cash refundable but are held for 1 year and can be used for another flight). We have already cashed the tickets in and used them towards flights to Monster Mania in September.
    So all is not lost people; you will just have to do some work on your own. Then if this gets rescheduled, you can decide to either use your refunded airline tickets in May and so on.

  34. I’m sorry for those who got screwed because of this. I’ve never attended a convention before simply for the fact that they cost a lot of money due to the celebs charging for autographs, not to mention buying memorabilia, plane tickets, hotel expenses, etc… This would have been a great show to attend. Perhaps because of this situation they will allow your tickets to be used next year. Just wait and see how they work out the logistics due to this asshole Tim Beal. Karma’s a bitch and he’ll get his!

  35. Thanks for stopping by Larry. It is appreciated. Hopefully soon, something like this can be pulled together before Fear Fest has their planned date next May. Perhaps a small consolation for the fans.

    Maybe we can get Larry to attend the Screenings in San Antonio where they are showing the first 3 movies on the big screen. We wrote about that last week It is 5 hours away from the original event.

  36. I’m still going to there for vacation because I can’t get my tickets refunded or reschedule. Next time I’ll think before spending a 1000.00 on tickets and hotel reservation. Please let me know if anyone else still plans to go. Could use some company down there.

  37. what a shame! and all the blame gets passed around!

  38. wow that sucks so it will be a 31 year reunion? Maybe dave at monstermania should have a camp blood reunion. cherry hill NJ… seriously first movie was film in NJ we should have it in NJ.

  39. I’m Going to try to talk to Dave Hagan Today…maybe set it up for March Next Year… If one guy can pull this off It would BE DAVE AND MONSTERMANIA

  40. What a shame – the first ever exclusive F13 show – I was really looking forward to it. The worse part of this whole mess is that it’s the dedicated fans who are the ones who truly suffer. I believe I know the person referred to and I’m unclear as to why he’d act this way other than out of greed and pride combined with vindictiveness – the most deleterious character flaws and a serious integrity disconnect, for sure.

    Well, all you awesome F13 fans, don’t despair, we’ll make it happen one way or another! – Yours in health and horror, Paul Kratka

  41. Hi Paul, Thanks for visiting the website and well wishes. I was really looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks. I hope you and Larry and the rest of the actors can be brought together at an event like this soon.

    Everyone, I would like to thank Larry and Paul for coming to the website to talk to the fans. It is very nice of them to do so! :)

  42. Wow, Paul Kratka, you said it right, and although I can’t visit the convention/ anniversary wether it was this year or the next, I’d be pretty pissed if something like this would happen. Let’s just wait and see whatever happens to our back stabber ( if we’re speaking in slasher terms) but I’m sure he’ll get whatever’s coming to him.
    But as Fridayholics one person should not kill the excitement of a 30th ( or 31st) anniversary…it may be a little easy to say this, especially for those who already paid alot of money, but for the die-hard fans, this will still be the happening to be looking foreward to. Just like Jason, no one can kill our Friday- spirit..right??

  43. If anyone paid for their tickets via paypal… I would call an agent as soon as possible. Do not do online. They close the account if longer then 45 days. I talked to an operator and they were super helpful in processing my dispute. It will take 15 to 30 days to go through though.

  44. Oh, offcourse, Larry, almost missed his contribution…if I may say’s like an honor to be on the same blog as the familiair faces I’ve grown up with, when watching the Friday- films…I hope I don’t sound too bad, while writing this, but since I probably never get any closer then this to a Friday actor..I just want to say Thank you for taking time to leave a message here, and for putting a memorable person in the franchise…Both Larry and Paul.

  45. WOW way to step it up paul and larry!

  46. Very very cool to hear from Paul and Larry, thank you for stopping by guys.

  47. It’s a shame that others need to sabatoge events like this which are meant to help he fans meet alumni from the Friday the 13th films. When you see actors from the series like Paul and Larry chime in, it’s always nice to know that while others are trying to ruin things, they are reaching out and expressing how they feel about the news. Friday the 13th is special for many people, especially for most of us through our childhood. I hope things can be resolved and that most of the talent from the films will stay aboard and be a part of the event in May 2024.

  48. I agree that it was nice of Larry and Paul to stop by. In regards to the show changing dates, I have to wonder if we would have found about this show changing dates if not for the Hotel sending out cancellation notices of reservations. When the first hotel was lost, there were not notifications sent out about the event not being held their. Only when someone called that hotel and found out about the convention not being held their did the story break and everyone found out.

    I have a suspicion that the promoters were not expecting the Crowne Hotel sending out these cancellation notices yesrterday and it caught them off guard. People may not have found out until the week of the event, if not for the Crowne. They should be thanked for being very professional in their handkling of this.

  49. “All I know is I’m not even going to this and I’m pissed off. Wow, I think the guy they say is responsible is a nut and needs a shrink. Crazy, just crazy.”

    Same here. My feelings are pretty much exactly: I am not evening going to the event as I only breifly considered it, and now I’m VERY much overly glad that I choose not to go. Indeed the person who seems the most responsible chould most certainly do a lot worse then show up to a professional Psychatrist once or twice a week. He seems TOTLALY off his rocker as they say.

    Sören Börjes
    It’s nice to meet you, once again ;)

    I agree the news section here is a vast improvemeant (no offence to Blake & Brenna, the former site runners) of how things used to be, I feel, as well as over all MUCH more friendlier. I don’t know; just seems like many more people from all over the world get along here a lot better then I used to notice on the old boards. It’s no biggie; just felt like mentioning it. Truely it’s a real nice regularly up-dated site. And I’m glad I’ve landed some free time as of late.

    Like you I also have my doubts about the con ultimately taking place, as this would be they’re THIRD time changing a locaiton for it in central Texas, but even still, I ultimately wish them the best of luck, as per maybe a region-free DVD or better yet Blu Ray chould be produced from the event and sold somewhere (hopefully here as an Exclusive?) in order to help out, and I would gladly get a copy or two, the big time Paramount-era series fanatic that I am. Oh and I’ve heard about Deutschland’s Weekend of Horror’s (is it co-produced with Fangoria magazine, here in the U.S.?)! Very cool sounding con! I saw Ted White’s now two year old video from the 3rd con up on YouTube for all of us to enjoy:

    Interesting since I dream of seeing Europe within three years, but sadly the U.S. $ (dollar) has been low over the years compared to the almighty Euro as well as the commonwealth of Great Britian Pound mark, and so I’m putting it off for a bit. But I shall get to Europe as they say, eventually. ;) Best of luck in enjoying it here!

    Oh and I wanted to say “Hallo” (I assume he is Dutch or northern Belgian, am I correct?) to Sybren van der Schoot as well! Just now noticed him today. And I agree with his comments: It is VERY cool or busy people like Mr. Kratka as well as Mr. Zerner to take time out of they’re personal scheduales–as well as Mr. Dashkawitz (or does he prefer us to use his current Anglacized surname of Dash?) to post on his official Blood & forum–to speak out about all of this that has been goin’ on. As I stated I’m not even going to this convention, and I feel oddly “robbed & cheat” for those for have already spent money on the hotel reservations as well as the “Gold & Silver” more pricey tickets to the convention and 25mm film screenings and the like.

    I just pray all of this will get sorted out and indeed, the person resonsible for trying to oddly sobotage all of this will indeed as one person noted above, find out that Karma can truely be a bitch. :D

  50. Well Wickedbeard and myself are heading out to monstermania aug 22nd, 23rd and 24th hope to see you all there.

  51. Just to repeat, since the noise keeps threatening to drown out the important points: the promoter had NEVER signed a contract for the locations. THINK about that. Three weeks out.

    If the intent was truly to hold the convention next year (why so long a delay, anyway?), then what would be the problem with offering refunds? A show of good faith might convince ticket holders to re-buy tickets when the convention does take place. Having to send emails with “special circumstances” is just an insult, and shows the promoter’s true stripes.

  52. @furious-
    A lot of larger events like this tend to not have a finalized contract in place until days before the event in case issues just like this arise. I’m sure many people weren’t happy with the idea of an event like this being held at a “sports bar” and organizers were holding out hope for a more appropriate local venue.

    Overall, I’m personally not thrilled with the way this has unfolded. I was unable to book tickets to the event because I’m getting married less than a month later, but man do I really feel for those that did book the trip.

    I’m sure once we, as fans, are given full details we’ll be able to lay the blame for this debacle on who deserves it. If it is because of this Tim Beal fella, keep him away from the shebang.

    Also, I have to say that I’m hopefull that the re-scheduled event will go off because, really, how cool would it be to get that many Friday Alumni in the same place at the same time? Most cons that feature reunions have 10-12 Friday guests, tops. Something like this has the potential for dozens. All I’m saying is that I’ll be giving the promoters one more chance.

    Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice…we’ll pull a Voorhees on your ass.

    P.S.- Big thanks to Mr. Kratka and Mr. Zerner for taking the time to address this with us. Its refreshing and reassuring to know that you guys care about this event as much as us fans do.

  53. Alright, everyone. I am going to shut down the comments on this topic. No one is at fault, I just figured most everyone has had a chance to vent their frustrations and lay out some facts. I know from experience that if I leave this open any longer, this blog will turn into something, well, horrific. Pretty much everyone should understand where I am coming from.

    I want to thank everyone for being civil and again for Larry Zerner and Paul Kratka for stopping by to leave a message for the fans. It was much appreciated! :)