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The recent DVD contest that fridaythe13thfilms.com ran was a huge success. We received 125 entries and there were a lot of great responses on what your favorite scenes were between the two movies. Sadly, we did have to choose only one winner. The winner has been contacted by email, but we will not post the winner’s name here for privacy purposes. However, read below for that fans favorite scene in their words. I am truly impressed by their interpretation of the scene. If only the makers of the actual movie could have conveyed the same thoughts on screen.

Since Part 8 was my first Jason movie, taped off USA Network when I was in fifth grade, my favorite scene in this movie may still be my favorite scene in any of the movies. Julius the boxer, already shown as charismatic and full of leadership potential, sacrifices himself in a toe-to-toe match with evil incarnate.  As a too-young-for-R-Rated child, watching the swagger and overzealous confidence in his eyes during the beginning of the fight really made me cheer for him. Only now, more than a decade later, do I understand the fear in his eyes before the final blow sends our boxer to his fate. Julius has seen into the soul of unstoppable evil. Jason is beyond human, beyond natural. He is invulnerable to the attributes which Julius yields with the highest proficiency, namely attitude and physical endurance. Jason also possesses the same attributes, but in a much higher degree. Julius loses all hope of defeating Jason, and in his last brief moments it seems he may realize that at the very least he distracted Jason long enough to afford his comrades safe passage. Ironically, itis with this same attribute that Jason introduces Julius his maker (was it a Ford windshield, or a Chevy perhaps?)

 Everyone, thank you so much for entering the contest and for continuing to support our website and the entire Friday the 13th franchise.

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14 Responses to “ DVD Contest Winner Announced! ”

  1. Cool! Great choice for a winner! :)

  2. none of us standed a chance against this guy’s description of the scene! he sounds like a professional writer for god’s sake lol

  3. wow, I was unaware that we were supposed to write an essay describing in great detail our favorite scene.

  4. Very well done!!!! Yeah he sure does!!

  5. Congrats ye unnamed winner!!!!!!

  6. my opinion is that his winning entry was just…’eh’. sorry but congrats

  7. I agree with YouJoke. No offence ment, but I saw nothin’ at all that greatly written about it. But, then again, Parts VII & VIII are not really my favorite instalments of the series, as I prefer the older school first five Paramount instalments of the series, myself, for a much more in general Exploitation feel for the series, and Parts VI and on mostly bore me, though I love the Alice Cooper songs in Part VI myself.

    So maybe my heart wasn’t in the contest, as I simply ordered the DVDs of Amazon two weeks ago and got’em already. Ah well. Congrats anyway to the winner! I also like how the runners of this contest more or less really tried to pick they’re own personal faves who they feel reallyput heart into they’re writing of this essay, as opposed to HorrorDVDs.com, where I still post, but they just use a random website that enters in us4er names that did post, and simply ignores any & all second & third time posters in the subject in the thread, ect. As a result, many during their regular contests (unlike me, who REALLY tried to write an essay on the film or films and why I love it or ‘em, ect) just state one sentence responces that, and this is just between you all and me, don’t desurve to win jack-shit.

    But hey, to each they’re own, and congrats once again to the winner.

  8. I too love the first 4 and pt 5 at least had the atmosphere as the first 4. But from 6 and on…ugh. I do have a soft spot for part 7 though. Dont get me started on the remake! ugh!!!!!!!!!

  9. To YouJoke:

    Yeah, at least Part 5, while just a guilty pleasure to me really, was at least a solid mid ’80s (filmed in ‘84 and released in ‘85) old school Exploitation style slasher flick. They truely don’t make’em that mean-spirited and whoefully under & over acted, to the point of fine oddball art/comedy, like that anymore! :D

    So yeah, to a point, Part 5 (or should I use the ruman numeral of V?) is alright with me. The Steve miner sequels, MPAA-imposed cuts & all (especially Part 3 for some reason) and then The Final Chapter are my favorites, and dispite some plausability issues (so how exactly is post-monopausal Mrs. Voorhees supposed to do all of that, like hanging poor Bill on the door, pinned with arrows? What, was he shot in mid leap?), as well as some major pacing issues, but all in all, I doubt I could have wrote a better 1979 made Halloween cash-in/openly rip-off movie that Mr. Miller did, and it’s still a Slasher mini classic, so it’s alright with me.

    But yeah, starting form Parts VI onward, I was just never too into the series. However, as I wanna visit Vancovuer some day, I would like to see some Part VIII filming locations, and Rennie the heroine (Jensen Daggett) is a a smokin’ hottie, as well as the Canadian chick cast. ;) But yeah, people can keep the rest of the series.

  10. So True Captain Brandon!

  11. Big thanks for the props,, YouJoke :D

  12. i thought part7 was the best out of the two!.it was the 1st Friday experience i had when i was a youngster, on late nite TV.then i hired the others from the video store.
    i did enter the comp, but if been from Australia made my entry legit?
    the remake(2009) laked the BIG chase at the end as well!!!
    i hope the new version (2010)has a BIGGER chase with the last victim left…and a good fight!!!

  13. Hey c_s_a78:

    Good to see new blood (hey, it rhymes with an entry in the series!) around here! Welcome! *waves*

  14. I guess it goes to show you, one can intellectualize the hell out of any scene, even when there is really nothing Freudian about it. Let’s face it, this is the typical tripe that Friday fans were getting shoved down their throats since the advent of Part VI. I was in the theater when this was showing, and probably joined in the laughter that proceeded after Julius’ head went a flying. That being said, is that the type of reaction that we want out of our horror films?

    Friday films post Part V started treading via the sublime to the ridiculous. The kills began to garner laughs instead of fear, the continuity of the films deteriorated, the characters were one dimensional, the location shoots were abominable, and even Jason became a caricature of his once proud self. Horror movies are supposed to follow a strict code, and that is to scare the living shit of you/or at least try. Unfortunately scenes like the one involving Julius and Jason continued on what was already fast becoming a tired trend, that being, “When do we get our comedic moment/kill”?

    I realize that no Friday The 13th will ever be compared with Citizen Kane or the like, but does that mean we should dummy down the franchise to the point of ridicule and shame? I second the opinion of those who stated that the series was at its peak when they were recognized as exploitation films. Those films pre-Part VI were dangerous, whereas those post Part V were totally innocuous. It’s a shame really, and fault lies with Paramount in that regard. There were one to many writers, and because of that they veered way off course with what was the original premise. The franchise post V became more or less a carnival atmosphere. Instead of getting to witness the lion tamer (protagonist) vs the lion (Jason/antagonist), we got the Yak lady with every sheepish accoutrement known to man.

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