Southlan-Films “Man In The Lake” Final Costume Pics

Southlan-Films has posted pictures of the final Jason Voorhees costume for their movie, which goes into production in a few weeks. The coolest picture is of Sackhead Jason, which was a complete surprise to me. I think it looks awesome! Especially the darkened, dirty areas around the eye holes of the mask.View all of the pictures below and check back here at our website for more updates of the film, which should be a great treat for fans of the franchise.







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20 Responses to “ Southlan-Films “Man In The Lake” Final Costume Pics ”

  1. Looks cool. Good luck on making this film. I can’t wait to see it when it is completed. Out of selfishness, I have to tell you… HURRY UP AND MAKE IT! hehe

    Good luck guys! :O)

  2. Looks good. But why does Jason have black strands of hair in the back of his head? When he does have hair it\’s usually red.

  3. that axe is radical! one to many eyeholes in the hood.

    still badass!

  4. Very cool pics.

  5. Not bad! Like the look.

  6. I wonder if WickedBeard has ever been contacted by the creators of the fan films. I think his costumes could be used with excellent results.

  7. the sack was a pleasant suprise. looking forward to seeing the final cut of the movie

  8. for a fan-film iy looks good but,,,,,,,,,,,it all looks way to clean

  9. Nice costumes. Also like the season of the witch masks in the background of the first pic!

  10. Really nice costume looks exactly like the real guy. The costume is even better than Jason Takes Manhatan. Cool tattered miltary jacket. Hats off guys. Get a good camera and you got yourself a new F13 movie!

  11. Yeah very good, they havnt gone mad and made him look…dunno…ahhh too sycotic!

  12. You know, I don’t know much about making fan films but I am wondering if any of the film makers for these things ever thought of hiring any of the actors who played Jason in actual Friday the 13th films. I’m sure they would do something like this “pro bono” (for free) because nobody hires a lot of them for anything anymore. I’m not talking about people like Kane Hodder who still has a Hollywood career or Dick Weiand who has gone on to tremendous success by making one commercial for Advair…I’m talking about Richard Brooker who was last seen as Leon is 1987’s “Deep Sea Conspiracy” or CJ Graham who was last seen as Sgt. Bedlam in 1991’s “Highway to Hell.” I’m sure these guys would jump at the chance to play Jason again just so they can add something new to their resume.

  13. Speaking of fan-films, how does one go about promoting a Jason fan-film on this site? I’ve made 2 and I’d love Friday fans to see them

  14. I bet the reason Jason has black strands of hair is because the director can do whatever the fuck he wants to..there\’s no law that states jason\’s hair must be a certian color..i would perfer a Grey Mullet, but im not going to bitch about it on this website.

  15. I’m not a fan of the hood. It looks like you were going for a different look, but it’s too tight around the head. It should be looser like in pt2. And Sid’s right about the hair. It should be red or dirty blonde…or a grey mullet. And I agree with mattamus, it does look way too clean. Have your actor go roll around in the mud or something.

  16. @ Leo
    I was wondering the same thing. My friend made a great Friday fan-film and I would like to know how to promote it on this site too.

  17. Micah and Leo,
    Send me an email to discuss the fan films you mentioned. Thanks.

  18. looks great! scares the shit out of me!! KILL KILL KILL

  19. I Think the flim makers should be able to do whatever the fuck they want personally. There the ones taking the time to produce and make this film for the fans.

  20. I agree with Thrashertheslasher…The director is the artist that creates from a vision. Fans shouldn’t judge until they see the final product. I think it looks fantastic…It looks better than some of the production values found in most of the Friday the 13th series. Fan films are made from love of the story, the horror, and the love of film making.

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