Friday the 13th Minimate Custom Boxed Set

minimyte_boxfrontThese are custom mini figs that were created for a contest recently. Eric , who created the figures, recently had the minimates featured at an online toyshow called Custom Con 24, These are one of a kind figures that will not be mass produced. That being said, I think these should be sold nationally as I think there is market for them.

Titled “Friday the 13th Through the Ages” the boxed set contains 4 minimates depicting Jason Voorhees in his different incarnations from the past 30 years. Each minimate comes equipped with 3 movie specific weapons.

Each Friday the 13th Minimate stands two inches tall and features 14 points of articulation as well as a host of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories.







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14 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Minimate Custom Boxed Set ”

  1. They are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

    I wonder how they will do the other ones.

  2. They’re like Legos, pretty tight.

  3. WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! MY name is Eric (aka) MINI-MYTE, the creator of these customs. These minimates are not (I repeat) not an official item. They were made for an online customizer toy show called Custom Con. We the customizers where required to write up a FAKE description for our creations. Check out the other Custom Con entries and you will see that most have a fake write up promoting their dream creations. Diamond Select Toys does not own the rights to produce FFT13th merchandise. These 4 minimates are one of a kind and will not be mass produced. Sorry for the confusion. I only wanted to share my customs with the Friday fans here at this site.

  4. well Eric you better find a way to mass produce these. Your sitting on a gold mine. also do one with a cut in the mask as well as a roy jason and a Jason x. then you have the ages covered. these are sweet but you really need to sell these. get the rights and make a few bucks

  5. I think there is a market too. Do exactly what you did, with every version of Jason. This would be great for the first set. Maybe set 2 would be Part 4, 5, and 6. Not sure if Roy should get two have an amblance worker and ‘Jason’ look or just a Jason that’s mask comes off to show Roy’s face. Then Part 6, 7, 8, and both Jason Xs. Part 11 and 12 would be cool too.

    I feel sad, because I thought this was really going to be a set and I wanted to get one, maybe two. You could try contracting with Lego, but I’m not sure if Lego would use an R-Rated Property. Though, I don’t see why someone other company couldn’t make these just as well.

  6. very nice Eric very nice….will there be more??? as for the rest of the series would you release for 4 at a time maybe…like this is what i thought… part 4 regular then part 4 ending then roy and the jason illusion for one set then the other set part 6 7 8 and 9 for the third series freddy Vs Jason ..jason X then uber Jason remake bagsack jason and as a bonus for a mail in if buying all 3 series you get a remake jason….just throwing it out there

  7. Pura FRIKADA!

    Amazing idea and very nice job!

  8. This is my grand plan:

    Second boxed set: Jason part 4, Jason part 6, Jason part 7, Jason part 8.

    Third boxed set: Jason part 9, Jason x, Uber Jason X, Jason 2024

    Freddy VS Jason 2-pack

    Roy single pack

  9. Eric,
    These are AMAZING!! I can’t believe how official they look! I second what JoeyCypher said, if you found a way to produce these, I’d be down for a set. Even just a Part 3 Jason would be great!

  10. i also really like these. I love the Jason coming out of the water, and the sack is shaded really nicely

  11. wow thay are very good!!
    different and love it!!

  12. i\’m buying this pack on ebay! i hope it gets turned into an acutall boxed set

  13. I saw that this was for auction on eBay. Good Luck!

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