Convention Experiences: Meeting Jeannine Taylor

Jeannine Taylor (Marcie, Friday the 13th 1980) was a last minute add to the Monster Mania convention that took place this past weekend and it was a great surprise for fans of the series as this was her first ever convention. I am hoping she can make it to the reunion in August as I would really like to meet her. I know that fans who visit our website are also very interested to see what the stars of the franchise look like today as many people do not have the opportunity to make it out to horror conventions. Well, Chris (aka ccarba at the Guts and Gory Forum) was very generous to allow us a look at his pictures of Jeannine Taylor from this past weekend’s Monster Mania.

She has not changed a bit since she helped create a horror franchise 30 years ago. She is beautiful! Check out her photos below and if you are interested in getting an autograph from her, please email Chris at the following email, clcarbaugh at Also, fans should really try to attend these conventions if they are in or near your city of residence. Review our list of horror conventions for 2024. It’s a great time to be had when meeting the people you grew up watching when you were younger!

A big thanks to Chris and Stacy for the photos. It is much appreciated guys!





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19 Responses to “ Convention Experiences: Meeting Jeannine Taylor ”

  1. Sweet. I hope she is at Friday the 30th too. I would definately like to meet her

  2. I’d STILL hit it.

  3. My god I can’t believe she is 56!!! She still looks the same!

  4. i second that hevymentl13. she still looks good enough to satisfy that fantasy.


  5. She’s still gorgeous. I bet she’s a sweet heart too. Congrats on meeting her dude, I’m envious.

  6. WOW! Marcie looks great! She’s such a pretty lady and she has aged so gracefully! I also understand that she is as nice as pie. Nice to see these pics!

  7. 56? I thought most of the cast was like 19 and Laurie Bartram used to joke about being the old one at 21?

    She looks good, I’d hit it too.

  8. She still looks good after all these years.

  9. It’s great that so many people are enjoying the photos. However, I think if she ever meets some of you, she is going to need some sort of security. I didn’t realize we had so many horny visitors on the website. ;)

  10. I agree Jason!! I was going to show her this, probably won’t now. LOL! We’ll never get her out again! LOL! She had an amazing time and was so much fun to hang around. As you can see from the ax shots, she was loving it. We have 10 more ax shots! We have a video of her doing the mirror scene! She was more than happy to do it and even held up her hair like she did back then. We will be posting more pics on G&G soon!

  11. well I was going by the dob on IMDB, anyone know what her real age is? Anyways she looks early 30’s if that if u ask me, she took good care of herself .

  12. Can’t wait to see more pics MrsV! It does indeed look like she had great time.

  13. Awesome!!! I can’t believe how much she looks just like she did in Friday 1. “40 yards to the outhouse by Willie Make-it”

  14. I met her too and she was just the sweetest girl ever. she took pictures of my friday the 13th tattoo as well as pictures of me her. i told her i was getting her death scene tattooed on me and she was so excited. I can’t wait for her to email me the pictures.

  15. omg this is awesome!! Its so cool to see her after all this time. She looks amazing! Thaks for sharing :)

  16. I heart Chris and Stacey….I’m coming over tomorrow….guess who???

  17. We heart you too Bud! Bring breakfast too! lol

  18. All these years I’ve averred that she’s always been my favorite of the “Friday the 13th” babes. And these more-than-welcome photos still back up my case beautifully. Good gracious, I’d shave a good year off my remaining years if I could just get a *handshake* from her!

  19. Wow, Jeannine Taylor looks almost exactly the same as she did 30 years ago, and Adrienne King does to. Would really look forward
    to more photos. It would be great if she would do an interview
    about her experience with Friday the 13th. Jeannine I’am probably your biggest Canadian fan.

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