Friday the 13th 2024 Actor To Star In 5nal Destination

Arlen Escarpeta (Lawrence) recently attended the premier of his latest movie, ‘Lottery Ticket’, and told that he would be starring in the newest Final Destination film, ‘5nal Destination’.

“Friday the 13th was a very different horror movie. They’re both franchises, right. Friday the 13th is iconic. Everybody knows it and it’s been around forever. Final Destination’s kind of like the new age, you know, of horror movies for the generations that, like my little cousins who are in junior high school. They know Final Destination because that’s what they go and see.”

It’s great to see Arlen back in the horror genre again. From interviews he has given in the past, he is a very gracious and appreciative person who is very happy to be apart of these films that have huge followings.


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7 Responses to “ Friday the 13th 2024 Actor To Star In 5nal Destination ”

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  2. I like his character in the 2024 friday the 13th movie!

  3. Congrats Arlen!!! I like His character Lawrence in the remake. I cant get over that look in His face when He first sees Jason. Its a combination of being stoned and scared at the same time. I wouldnt mind checking out Lottery Ticket, I love a good comedy…but Ill wait until DVD. As for 5nal destination, I hope they change the title for one. And I hope its a little better than the last one. Im sure it kicked ass in theatres, but the home edition isnt that impressive 3-D wise. Personally I think FD2 and FD3 were the best ones. Maybe Ill venture over to the theatre once its released.

  4. Another FINAL DESTINATION cant take much more!
    Great too see him again, great actor!!

  5. it’s not called 5inal Destination thats just a rumored title.Also even if it was everyone knows it’s going to change no way would they stick with 5inal it just sound stupid,but I hope it’s a good film.

  6. Hes Cute But I didnt Like all the time in the movie hes charector usedhis color not to pump gas and also make a girl embarresed cause she asked if he was getting a labkel togehter for a rap group we know hes black but why does he have to bring it up every min i hate the line “why do u have to go all racial” no need for that

  7. Yeah, nice character in the movie…let’s masterbate in the main room while staying at someone’s cottage with a group of people (go to your room a-hole).

    Frakin’ Stupid stuff.

    Damn, the writers really came up with some true “assholes” in this movie.

    I’ve been watching some of the originals lately and I must say I prefer seeing teenagers from that era than this one.

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