Mrs. Voorhees Sees Her Own Head

There a lot of unique images from the series that are floating around. Some images are so rare, that there is a good chance that a lot of fans have never seen them. We have provided a number of these images for our visitors to see in the past, but not too many have been from the original 1980 film.

The following image may be old hat for some of our visitors as this one has been on the net on one older and now defunct Friday the 13th site in the past. However, I would bet a lot of other fans may have never seen this image before. The shot is of Betsy Palmer laying on the beach, taking a break from her fight with Adrienne King in the finale of the film.

Next to her is Tom Savini putting the finishing touches on the severed head of Mrs. Voorhees. Apparently Betsy Palmer is getting a big laugh out her head laying in the sand!

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10 Responses to “ Mrs. Voorhees Sees Her Own Head ”

  1. I love horror movies. It must be pretty cool to be a victim in one. People seem to have fun shooting these movies(with the exception of Robert Englund. I read in an old Fangoria that he was pretty irrate about the makeup time to put Freddy’s mask on).

  2. I always wondered if there was a shot maybe deleted of Mrs Voorhees head hitting the ground…just wondering…

  3. I have never seen that shot before. Wow! Robb Hawley, I don’t think there was ever a shot of the head hitting the ground. I am pretty sure about that.

  4. Simply awsome.

  5. Awesome pic!!! Betsy looks like Shes having fun.

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  7. I bet she had a real laugh seeing her head! Prob kept cheaking her her neak just in case! lol

  8. Hey,that’s cool to see Besty watching Tom working on her “head”.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this picture before. Behind-the-scenes pictures like this one are really cool! :-)

  10. If they’d have known at that very moment the film they were making… awesome!

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