Jason Lives Original B2 Japanese Poster

I never stop being amazed at how cool Japanese marketing is for the franchise. This poster is just about as cool as any I have seen released for the Japanese market, except maybe the A New Beginning poster. I am becoming more of a fan of Jason Lives every day as I find and collect more interesting items from that movie and this poster is absolutely no different.


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5 Responses to “ Jason Lives Original B2 Japanese Poster ”

  1. Wow, looks awesome! I’ve seen so many things Jasonsfury has discovered, and all I have to say is “Amazing!” Can’t believe how many things of The Friday The 13th franchise is rare to find! BTW I’m a new member, but have been a Jason and Horror fan for about 5 years now!

  2. It is wonderful.
    Japanese version “Jason lives” poster was a design that looked like the United States version in many cases.
    This is a comparatively rare poster in a Japanese version.

  3. Great picture.

    I remember being 12 years old, seeing this film for the first time, and getting goose bumps when the lighting hit the metal post and Jason opened his eyes.

    Awesome flick. The best

  4. Oh my god that is so awesome. Why can’t they make posters that awesome here?

  5. Jason Lives is my fave! I would love to get my hands on that!!!

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