Toy Fair 2024 Offers New Mezitz Classic Jason Figure

We haven’t been covering the 2024 Toy Fair at all this year as well, there hasn’t been any Jason Voorhees figures to mention. That has changed now as Mezco unveiled their Mezitz classic style Jason Voorhees figure yesterday. Check out the pic below and lets hope we see a few more Jason figures announced before the end of the fair this week! Namely, the Jason Statue being created by Sideshow Collectibles!

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7 Responses to “ Toy Fair 2024 Offers New Mezitz Classic Jason Figure ”

  1. Its sad they are featuring this at Toy Fair, I already own it. It has been out for months. I keep seeing a NECA Freddy Vs Jason (Jason) figure on the card near the Predator display that I have yet to see a good picture of. Looks like a new sculpt, but I can\’t tell!!

  2. Probably the same as the boxset one as all the “new” cult classics have been simply repackaged. I’d still buy it :)

  3. You can buy this ar Urban Outfitters I got mine a month ago.

  4. Found this at Toys R Us before Christmas.

  5. Yeah…..that’s old. I got mine at Toys R Us also.
    Honestly, I would’ve been happy if NECA made a 7″ version of Jason from the remake. With the interchangeable sack head and removable hockey mask(like the 18″).
    It’s a shame that Sideshow stopped making the 12 inch figures. I like the bigger scale figures and the statues they make, but I just can’t afford them.

  6. Can’t belive i’m writing this…but he looks really cute!!!

  7. Yeah. This is already out dude. Has been for quite a while. There was a Freddy released at the same time.

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