Friday Franchise Haiku Film Reviews

friday13thHere’s something a little different for everyone to check out. Moving Pictures Haiku Film Reviews create haiku poem style reviews of various movies and franchises. They recently compiled all of their reviews for the Friday the 13th franchise and they are very clever. Read all of the haiku reviews and check out a preview of a few movies below.

Part One (aka “His Mom Did It”)

Porn star camp owner -
You know he’s going to die
Where the hell’s Jason?

Part Two (aka “Sackhead”)

Oh, Sackhead Jason -
So dumb he’s tricked by sweater
But still can use phone

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10 Responses to “ Friday Franchise Haiku Film Reviews ”

  1. This was funny!!! Part 9- No, Title Totally Lies! LOL

  2. these are good. some of them are so spot on.

  3. I learnt the thing that “Haiku” existed also in countries other than Japan for the first time…

    Certainly, this is a zestful attempt.

  4. when did he use a phone in part 2?

  5. Chuck,
    The haiku is referring to the beginning of Part 2 when Alice answers the phone, their is dead silence and then the phone on the other end hangs up. It is assumed that is Jason calling.

  6. These reviews are fun!
    Jason goes to poem class
    to stab me with pens.

  7. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I taking suggestions about what to do next – I am thinking the Nightmare on Elm Street series

  8. Cool poems.
    I always wondered about the phone call. I really can’t rationalise that it’s Jason. Not only do we have to swallow that he can use a phone but that he knew her name, looked her up in the phone book, wrote the number down on a piece of paper… Not happening. I think that I decided that it was a creepy coincidence. Much more plausible.

  9. I think it’s pretty clear that they intended the audience to assume that Jason made the call, like in Part III it is pretty clearly implied that he raped the Final Girl (in 3D, I suppose). They were obviously making it up as they went along, without too much concern for continuity

  10. Was pretty funny stuff.

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