UK Double Quad Poster, Part 2 and 3

I enjoy the single silhouette of the shadowy figure holding the axe in one hand and the machete in the other! UK Quads are great and if I had the room to hang these up I would, but I have way too much on the walls already. Double the pleasure, double the kill!


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4 Responses to “ UK Double Quad Poster, Part 2 and 3 ”

  1. Theres a UK Quad out there for part one that is just amazing to look at. The detail is soo epic i saw it in a book about the first 9 movies.

    A Quick google search and i was able to find it

    the url is

  2. That is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  3. how big are these? Is this like the size of a subway poster you’d get at spencers or something like that.

  4. I have a poster similar to this one, but it is for friday part 1 and part 2 that I picked up at a show about 15 years ago. A nice piece to any friday collection.

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