Video Review Saturday: Jason Goes To Hell Replica Hock

After receiving a number of requests, today I will showcase by Jason Goes To Hell replica hockey mask. This mask is highly detailed and very screen accurate. One of my favorite pieces overall in my collection. Next week I may unveil something very special for Video Review Saturday, but will wait and see how things go.

Thank you to everyone that has left comments here at and at my Youtube channel. I am glad that so many people enjoy what I put out there each Saturday and will continue to do so until I run out of things to record. Let us know what you think of the mask this week and tell us what you would like to see reviewed on Saturdays!

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3 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: Jason Goes To Hell Replica Hock ”

  1. looks nice, i still have not bought any hocks yet, but soon, just wanna get some other shit paid off first, before i indulge myself, hehe. i am thinking about getting the part 3 mask and Jason bust from Frightstuff for a few hundred. i want that to be my center piece in my home theater set up.

    anyway, looks good, and i truly am jealous of your collection! it never fails to impress!

    oh yeah, one final thought, nice to see you charged your camera this week, lol ;)

  2. Damm dude, You should open up a Jason museum. All you need is the backdrop from Ari Lehman’s First Jason concerts. You have like everything Jason, Im jealous. But anyway, thats an awesome mask. I was thinking what You said about the skin overlapping the mask. I remember reading Fangoria before the movie came out. And they said Jasons look was a combination of the head from part 2 (a larger than life malformed head) and the body from part 7 (theres a shot during the Jason/Steven Freeman battle where You see Jasons spine). And they also said that Hes been wearing the mask so long that its grown on to His face. If You remember in Jason X, Adrienne had to literally cut the hockey mask off in the examining room. And I agree that the skin is overlapping, part of what made Jason look so badass in JGTH (for like 15 mins). Im taking it the damage on the left eyehole is when Steven punches Him in the face repeatedly. Beautiful mask.

  3. Nice man I used the same one on my JGTH life-sized featured here. I got another life-sized JGTH on the way in the future. Looks great.

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