Pair Of Jasons Added To Famous Monsters Con

It has been some time since we last updated our visitors on the Convention Circuit and today realized that the Famous Monsters convention is fast approaching. Also, the last time we checked in, only Vincent Guastaferro from ‘Jason Lives’ was going to attend. Now, Kane Hodder and Warrington Gillette are joining the festivities. Famous Monsters is taking place this weekend, July 9th through July 11th in Indianapolis, IN.

To get your tickets visit their website for more information.

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10 Responses to “ Pair Of Jasons Added To Famous Monsters Con ”

  1. God wish i could go there, love too meet Kane! I pay the price for being british!

  2. Ah, I feel for you. I know that Friday stars appear more often in the US, but I do know that they also appear at conventions in the UK as well. I need to put a list together of those for our UK visitors!

  3. Its cool Kane and Vinny will be there. As for Gillette, if Hes still going to lie about playing the hooded Jason, He should just stay home. I was watching the bonus disc from the boxset the other night, and I noticed when Warrington talks about scenes He didnt do, and apparently going to stunt school (B.S). You can tell Hes lying. He looks really nervous, almost like Hes going to sweat. He should be proud of the scene He actually did. He got about as much screentime as Ari Lehman did in part 1. And the Jason unmasked scene jumping through the window is undeniabley the best scene in the movie. The rest is all Steve Dash.

  4. to me kane is annoying and takes the part waaayyy to seriously, he keeps acting like HE created jason, no you didn’t you just played him 4 times, not as great i might add

  5. I agree with both JD Demented and Strruckworld:

    I’m pretty much tired of Kane acting all of the time as of he seemingly “owns” the character, and I have nothing against him personally but after the first five installments, the films aren’t even THAT good by retro Slasher film standards. Although I like some arts & aspects of them, or else of ocurse I wouldn’t be here now would I? Heh heh. ;)

    But indeed, he does need to dial it down a bit and just talk about the four he was in (which of course sadly as we all know, weren’t that good in the final cut, although I think Part VIII with another two million and a slightly better scrit and shooting time and with the MPAA being much less hard as they used to be on genre stuff by the late ’80s, chould have been so much better).

    And now that Warrington several years finally broke-down and admited that he has lied to the media whenever contacted over the last two and a half decades, and so I hope he is harassed on a regular basis, as he pretty much desurves that. And aside from the opening foot shots (was an extra aparently, said scabboy from and the Vicky killing with the butcher knife (was a stand-in as Steve Dash hadn’t yet been hired to the project by stunt cordinator Cliff Cudney), he was indeed all Mr. Dash pretty much up there. So I would rather always heard audio & visual interviews with Mr. Dash. To be Mr. Gillette is just a glorified extra like Tony Moron from Carpenter’s first almighty Halloween: Someone ANYONE chould have done that. Please, at genre film convensions, please do not (and this goes to anyone) give that liar Warrington any of your money. I know it helps that I don’t give a shit about Autographs to begin with, but if anyone, ask him why he lied so many years. Also, asked him why did he get so nervous that he pissed himself (according to Cliff Cudney now) after his 4th try at the stunt he first shot.

  6. Angie and I will be at the show Friday and Saturday night to see our friends Kane,Ari and Warrington, so bashing aside, if anyone is going and would like to say hey, look for me.I am never hard to find!!
    Hope to see some of you there!!!

  7. Correction….Ari will be at Fright Night, not Famous bad.

  8. who is this vinny guy, he isnt the guy who played jason for the triple beheadins of the paint ballers is he?

  9. wow im retarded he is the deputy, i didnt recognize him ouch, someone should take my fan badge away!

  10. Nah, your okay jjv! Hell we ALL get things wrong form time-to-time, including our very own favorite long running genre film franchise. ;) Nothing at all to worry about my good man.

    And the original, alternate Jason in Tom McLaughlin’s Part VI from ‘86 was the film’s stunt cordinator Dan Bradley. But he was replaced after his first two days of shooting some of the film’s few day time sequences with the corporate, whiny mid ’80s-era Yuppie weekend competative Paintball “War Gamers”. Because as the first dailies came in, the Paramount exacts took a look over the rough cut footage and ultimately didn’t like with all due respect his much more huskier and well-set apperance, as well as his stance and the energy they felt he lacked during the first few shot kills.

    And so an L.A. call went out to C.J. Graham as we all know for him to fly himself down to Atlanta and then to rural Covington, Georgia a few miles away and the rest is history. He owned a Hollywood night club around that time and the REEL EFX crew that helped Savini on The Final Chapter were doin’ a Halloween seasonal thing with magic and gory fun times around the Halloween time of ‘84, and he played Jason in a skit, and they remembered him from back then. Hope I helped some! :D I e-mailed jasonsfury a few weeks back now about something I found on YouTube that I think a lot of old school Paramount-era Jason/Friday fans are gonna eat up if he chooses to show case it here! :)

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