Freddy vs. Jason Posters Around The World

I have been trying to collect as much of these posters as I can find. Below are posters that I have found from different countries around the world. I think they all look pretty good, but the Japanese poster font really stands out. If any of the fans have posters from Freddy vs Jason that are not listed here, send me an email and I will post them up on the blog here. What’s your favorite poster among the ones that are listed?









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8 Responses to “ Freddy vs. Jason Posters Around The World ”

  1. Cool pictures! The first poster is the best though. It looks like it’s from China.

  2. I like the Japanese one.

  3. the only friday poster i am missing in my room (Freddy VS Jason) I think the best friday poster is part VI and the Final Chapter the worst has to be JASON GOES TO HELL I have the bloody I love New York One from part VIII I love the Welcome To Crystal Lake one from the new one

  4. I like the first poster.

  5. Nope, the first one’s not Chinese. It’s Hangul (Korean).

  6. Japan’s appears to be darker and has given a more horror look….

  7. yup, first one is Korean. and Tailand is actually spelled Thailand :)

  8. Thanks for the help with the posters everyone. Thailand without the “h”, what was I thinking? :)

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