Custom Jason Takes Manhattan Figure

For those figure collectors that have been clamoring for a release from Jason Takes Manhattan, here is something of interest. This figure is up for auction on eBay and it’s pretty damn sweet. I love the fact that it comes with JJ’s guitar and Julius’s head. There is some great detail in this figure. Also included is a removable mask and the Hockey league sign from the movie. Great stuff for any collector.






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24 Responses to “ Custom Jason Takes Manhattan Figure ”

  1. That is an awesome figure. This is one my favorite versions of Jason. I don’t remember him using a machete in the movie though.


  3. Somebody put some serious work into that. Nicely done!

  4. I hate part 8, but that is a great figure for sure…nicely done.

  5. Hock looks weird but aside from that, everything looks awesome.

  6. That must have taken ages to make.How could you sell it after putting so much effort into it.Did anyone else think that Jason without his mask on looked like the toxic avenger in this movie(it can’t just be me can it).

  7. I have not played with action figures since. . . . oh shit I can’t remember but this figure makes me wanna get all my tmnt, batman, etc together just so Jason can slash ‘em up.

  8. I’ve seen lots of custom figures, but this one is by far one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. Two thumbs up.

    Love the guitar.

  9. nice figure but horrible face just like in the movie i agree with baz.

  10. nice but i agree with baz worst face ever

  11. I am the current high bidder… Kind of excited about that.

    Not a big fan of part 8, but that figure is magnificent.

  12. what figure or figures is he made out of? nice figure tho

  13. I’m going to go with some of the deluxe wrestling figures, or deluxe marvel figures plus a ton of sculpy or some kind of sculpting mold.

  14. Im the creator of this figure and glad u guys like it im doing 14 different friday figs so look out for that by the way machete aint included and jason only has it in the teaser trailer thanx

  15. I was kind of mad at first that the figure didn’t come with the machete, but then thought about it and realized that he didn’t even use it in the film so it’s all good lol…. Bad azz guitar is included, which is amazing.

  16. very nice job, must have taken a lot of time to get the details on , great work, looking forward to your others youre working on.

  17. I bought One’s Custom first Jason OOAK New Blood on Ebay, it’s got a weed eater that comes with it…and the Jason itself is highly detailed…magnificent work…so who ever wins this on ebay…won’t be disappointed…good luck!!!!

  18. Very well done. I dig it. It would be better if it was less articulated like figures already on the market. But there’s no denying that the pait job and molding is absolutely stellar.

  19. I would love to have gotten the new blood figure. It’s my favorite movie in the series.

  20. That is so well done the detail in the face looks so close to what it looks like. Fucking well done!!!! The movie was the only one that was not good. Great job though!!

  21. Fucking awesome! Excellent work man , just excellent!

  22. Kick ass job!!!

  23. Very good!!! love the detail!!

  24. This sold for, I believe, $46.99 on eBay a few day ago. That is awesome! This just shows that the fans want this figure, like yesterday.

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