Jason Ranked #3 In Horror Icons Top 50


Now, I normally would not mention Jason in any list unless he was #1, however, I wanted everyone to check out this montage of Jason put together for the Top 50 Horror Icons. This list was put together by Jasper who runs The Springwood Slasher Youtube channel. He has created quite the list of villians leading up to Mr. Voorhees. I am sure that everyone can guess who #1 will be!  

I like that the video uses Steve Jablonski’s score for a good portion of the time. I think it’s cool that the newer music is used as it really does fit the video used for the montage. Check out his channel and enjoy all of his videos. I had a fun time doing so myself. Would you rank anyone higher than Jason??

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11 Responses to “ Jason Ranked #3 In Horror Icons Top 50 ”

  1. That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well done, and with the perfect ending.

  3. 1:01 in the video. In part 7 that part has always bugged me i honestly believe that wouldnt kill you. Sure you would be hurt badly but not dead. its just always bugged me. take part 4 for example trish jumps out of the window and it looks to me trish is higher up and she just gets up and walks off.

  4. JV at #3? Blasphemy! lol

    Still, cool montage vid. Good stuff. :)

  5. I’m also guessing #2 will be Freddy Krueger and #1 will be Dracula.

    AND – he counts Aylmer from Henenlotter’s Brain Damage, but not Belial from the Basket Case trilogy? WTF!?

  6. cool montage. Good kills, but should be number 1!!

  7. haha..nice vid. Jason should be number 1, by far

  8. Jablonsky’s score is alright….Still think he should’ve mixed a little old with the new, like the trailers led you to believe.

  9. Great montage. Freddy beating out Jason as a Horror Icon is simply wrong. I mean it all started with him being a child molester for un-gods’ sake…he sucks. And he’s just so frakin’ yap yap yap all the time.

    Although 3 of the movies in the franchise were good :)

  10. Sorry but jason should be NO 1!!!
    Good video tho!!

  11. Really cool video, love that guy’s channel.

    BUt indeed, i would like to see jason on nr 1.even though that creepy guy from poltergeist is a good choice too..

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