Friday The 13th Special On Fangoria Radio

For some of you this might be old hat, but last year Fangoria Radio ran a three hour special dedicated to the original Friday the 13th. Dee Snyder hosted the show, as usual every Friday night, and conducted interviews with Sean Cunningham, Betsy Palmer, Harry Manfredini and Ari Lehman. Alot of the info they talk about has already been posted to the Internet and various publications, but it’s still an entertaining listen for Friday fans.

There are three parts to download (items 27,28 and 29) and you have to download them from iTunes as Fangoria is moving all of their archived radio shows to that format. So, if you have an account on iTunes and want to download a free radio show dedicated to your favorite slasher series, then click on the link below or search Fangoria Radio in iTunes. Enjoy!

 iTunes Fangoria Radio Listing

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