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I don’t know how many of you are really big fans of Matchbox cars, but as a boy I was an avid collector of them and I was just thinking today that since companies like Matchbox and Hot Wheels make special editions, I just wondered if they would have anything that involved the Friday the 13th series and while searching today I found this at Amazon.com today. I am surely thinking about getting one of these bad boys to add to my collection.

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8 Responses to “ Jason Matchbox car collectable ”

  1. i had one i had the freddy one too

  2. i do beleave their is a leatherface one i cant be sure

  3. Picked it up years ago. Also have the freddyone. Wonder if their worth anything?

  4. They also have the old Movie Maniacs Jason figure. I wish I’d gotten two of those so I could’ve opened one.

    Jason playing cards?!?

  5. got one of these, cool collectible

  6. I can’t get that scene out of my head from Jason Lives. The one with Darren saying “Drive forward. He’ll move. Nobody wants to die.” Seriously, that’s what Jason would have done if Lizbeth hadn’t stopped the car. “That really scared the shit out of him.”

  7. I have Jason, Freddy and Leatherface. They are three of my favorite items in my horror room.

  8. I have all three as well…as for the original Movie Maniacs figure- two were issued. The first one had Jason covered with blood…the second had much less “spatter”….I bought two of the bloody ones when they came out. I love the older F13 merchandise…my favorite are the Jason & Victime “squirt balls” from the 1980s…I bought a bunch when they came out…they were little balls that could squirt water like a squirt gun…I still have two in their packages somewhere in a box.

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