Questions Asked About Camp Blood Postponement

I still get a lot of questions asked about what happened to the 30th Anniversay reunion convention for Friday the 13th that was supposed to take place this past August 13th. It’s hard to sum it all up easily and write back in email form what transpired. So, luckily, Richard Malone at was able to get an interview with John Gray, the promoter of Camp Blood and get his take on the situation.

I know that this is still a sore subject for many, but I hope that since a few weeks have passed now, visitors can be civil and read the information and then leave their thoughts as needed. Below is an excerpt of the interview and at the end of the excerpt is a link to read the entire interview.

Richard Malone: Last week was pretty shitty, wasn’t it?

John Gray : Oh my God! This week is turning it self around quite a bit. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m just trying to get through it and turn something terribly negative into something positive. I’m trying to make sure the fans are pleased. The celebrities are behind me and understand the situation. Just gotta muddle through the crap that this person has created and move forward. Larry (Zerner) just called and he’s an attorney so were trying to see what we can do to this person. I’m clueless on where to go with this guy because he has nothing. I would actually have to spend money to lose money for nothing. Basically the best I could do is get a civil judgment and he would owe me the money for eternity. When somebody has nothing to offer you, they live out of there car, they have a smart phone that they can email and make phone calls with. It’s amazing in this day and age how much havoc you can reek on someone you don’t even know. This guy doesn’t even know me. Other than me blowing him off for years and saying I’m not utilizing your clients because you don’t represent them. I know these people personally. They say you are full of shit. Then he starts going with these aliases, posing as other agents. I feel a fool for even buying into some of the crap. Then the impersonations of him going around calling not only celebrities but my venues canceling the dates. The first call I get is from the legal department from the hotel. They’re like “Hey, you owe us x amount of dollars for canceling” What are you talking about? Everything is good to go and they’re like “No, you called and cancelled the show.” No I didn’t.

Richard Malone: You posted that the first hotel, the Hilton Gardens canceled Camp Blood because they didn’t like the musical acts scheduled for the convention. Then you posted that someone sabotaged you.

John Gray: Well basically I got a letter in the mail saying we’re not having rock concerts here. We’re a Christian oriented facility blah, blah, blah. Come to find out later that this person did have something to do with egging them on. Basically tarnishing my reputation with that particular company. He did facilitate that, but ultimately they made the decision. Honestly, we wanted to move past that very quickly and do the best we could to find a venue within 5 months that would house 5,000-6,000 people. That’s why we split it into two different places. Honestly, this could be a small blessing in disguise that we have it all at the Crown. We have 90,000 square feet of space. We have 500 rooms. Everybody can stay in one place. Think about it, you know 5,000 horror fans in black standing outside to get in. In 110 degree weather, it would have been a total bitch fest. Not saying I wouldn’t have absolutely gone ahead with it because that is what we had committed to and we would have made it work one way or the other. I just want the fans to be pleased and happy. Ultimately I did find out that he facilitated that. I’m not going to comment on the forum about it because people are like “he’s contradicting himself “

I’m going to go forward with things. The show is NOT canceled it’s moved. I have been doing this since 2024. I have never had a convention that has not come through and made the fans extremely happy.

For the full interview, visit the website.

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12 Responses to “ Questions Asked About Camp Blood Postponement ”

  1. He should refund those that can’t make it to the new date. IMO

  2. I’ll still be going in May.

    I’m unimpressed that the guest list on the Camp Blood site hasn’t been updated to remove non-attendees. Lar Park Lincoln confirmed weeks ago that she won’t be attending in May, yet she is still listed as such on the site.

  3. Blimy!

  4. I’m not getting into this again LOL

  5. i’m glad i didn’t plan on going. it’s already been postponed twice; what’s the guarantee it won’t be again? I’m no lawyer but holding on to people’s money who are already out plane fare etc is not right. If people want to go in May, let them, but if they don’t they should be reimbursed.

  6. i meant relocated twice; postponed once.

  7. I’ve read a lot of things in the last weeks about all of this situation.
    Clearly I can speak only for myself (and my gf)and I know that I’ve planned a trip to the USA from Italy FOR this convention during the last year and one week before the vacations all went wrong.
    I don’t care if it’s “postponed”, this is not a serious way to act.
    I’ve lost a lot of money (and of course there’s no refound since the convention is not cancelled…) due to this “change of date”. Maybe for US resident this isn’t a big problem but of course I cannot come in May (living in Europe doesn’t help for this).
    I’m still very “sad” about all of this situation…

  8. The fans should get their money back and more.! if they keep making people wait and wait and build their hopes up!! ggrrr

  9. Seriously, John Gray needs to put on his big girl panties and deal with this! I will def. give him credit for fucking this once in a life time 30 year reunion up. Not, once has he admitted to any wrong doing in any of this. Why would this so called “mystery man” want or have reason to sabotage this Friday event? Richard Malone, should have asked John, why he refuses to refund people their money for the event, oh yeah that’s right,it is the “mystery man’s” faught as well. He must have sent John a email from his car not to do it or he would set his house on fire. I really love Larry Zerner and I really hope if he must get involved with this crook, that he goes into it with a hell of alot of caution. If you find that you have something on the bottom of your shoe and it smells like shit, nine chances out of ten it’s shit!

  10. Kiah – the guy who caused the problems has been identified (check out the Camp Blood forums). I won’t name him here, but he has a history of flaky/unacceptable/threatening behaviour.

    That being said, I think the refund situation sucks. John indicated that fans put out by the postponement “may” receive a “partial refund”. This was weeks ago and there has been no further word on this since. Poor form.

    Some fans (myself included) have lost thousands of dollars due to the postponement. If we are to believe this “by the fans, for the fans” bulls–t, refunds would have been happily provided as soon as the postponement announcement came.

    Also, fans buying tix for the event through the Camp Blood site are being misled, as it is known that not all pictured guests will be attending in May.

    So, while I believe that this outsider is mostly responsible for the postponement, these other organisational flaws don’t fill me with confidence.

  11. We all know who started alot of crap, again his name isn’t needed, but I do not buy into that it’s all his fault, he may have been a dick in things, but there is no way the ol boy made things go this far, the thing that blows me away though is when I was checking out G & G, John doesn’t him or his people talked about, but yet he is in favor of dogging his buddy, who we know about. Why is that? He keeps saying he’s done with him and charges are filed, yet the guy is not in hiding and no one can get him lol. I really do smell a scam, because afterall,money should be available for refunds if desired, the funds are gone, simple as that. I’m not in favor of the whole thing anyways, and I’m on no ones side, but in my mind, the charges are bogus and don’t even exist. Anyone who is that afraid or that badely in need of ridding someone, they would be found,charged and jailed if applicable. None of that has happened, and the last time i checked out G and G, the whole thing is about finding buddy boy and beating him to a pulp, but yet what they don’t understand is that alone is uttering threats and uttering bodily harm which actually carries a bigger charge, and yet with more people involved.
    I just find the whole situation silly and I don’t trust the whole outfit.

  12. This isn’t going to happen! I am shocked Jason Fury even associates witht this guy.

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