Become A Victim Of Jason Voorhees

Standee display in various theaters NOW! Insert-your-own-head to become Jason’s next victim! More at

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6 Responses to “ Become A Victim Of Jason Voorhees ”

  1. I gotta go down to my local theatre and slip someone a $20 bill so they can “look the other way” as I take that sign home….. haha I wish!

  2. This is really cool! :-)

  3. Lol…that’s fantastic!!! i highly doubt my girlfriend will stick her head for a shot. Jason gives her nightmares.

  4. That’s a really cool idea. Who wouldn’t want to be Jason’s next victim. ;) I really like this.

  5. Alrigh5! Finally someone out there is having some fun with the multiplex standee’s here in North America. Beyond cool. ;) I hope some of the multiplexes here in Shreveport get’em.

  6. cool i’m going to go ther in a few weeks an take a picture

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