Kaiyodo Introduces Barn Scene Jason From Part 3

Now this is getting cooler everytime more news comes in about this figure. Last week we broke news that is pretty exciting for those fans that are figure collectors as Kaiyodo looks to be releasing a new Jason figure soon. Today, a new image was released showing Jason and other goodies related to the figure.

The new figure is indeed representing Jason from Part 3. However, the best part about this figure is that is comes with a barn scene base/diorama and includes all of the choice weapons that Jason uses in the barn during the film. If you look closely at the picture, you will see that Jason is holding the instrument that is used to bludgeon Ali after he discovers the rest of the gang dead.

Other instruments include axe, pitch fork, pick axe, shovel, saw and machete. There’s also something laying behind Jason’s head and something else in the upper part of the image. Maybe someone can figure out what it is and if it’s part of the set? When we find out more information, it will be posted here. Thanks again to Lester Romero for pointing out this information to us!

Source: Cybergundam Blog

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10 Responses to “ Kaiyodo Introduces Barn Scene Jason From Part 3 ”

  1. Awesome! I’m definately getting this.
    It looks like he comes with 2 heads, most likely one with the axe cut. Also looks like a removable mask, and some interchangeable hands. I believe the other items are a victims body parts.
    The picture is kinda hard to see, but I gotta say this. That hockey mask looks way better than any other Jason figure in that scale. I’m so glad they are doing a part 3 design.

  2. The classic Jason look…and the look i would love to see him return to in the next Friday flick…put it out in 2024…making it 30 yrs after Part 3…

  3. It looks like it comes with alternate head and extra mask, possibly like the CoF pt III so you can stick the axe in his head?

  4. It looks like Ali’s arm without his hand attached. You can see an extra hand in the upright corner. But, then again, that is a white hand, huh? I dunno.

  5. Looks like an interchangeable bloody hand behind Jason’s head. Awesome figure. I need a sell date!

  6. When is this figure available? How much? Is it from an official toy-line company? Finally, Just where does the log-saw play into Jason’s implements of weaponry in part 3? Unless this is what he used off-screen to slice Shelley’s throat, I don’t think it was used…

  7. The available date for purchase has been mentioned as this October. The figure is from a Japanese toy company called Kaiyodo. They are a huge to company and are very goof at what they do. When more information comes available, we will defninitely let everyone know!

  8. This is definately a must have for me!

  9. That will be a great addition to my part III collection. As much I miss the the old site-this one is great. Thanks for keeping it going!

  10. I want it.

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